Work With Me


Are you ready to Get It Done, Boo?

Let’s get really real, I know who you are and why you’re here. 

You want to build confidence and drop the mic when you tell your friends + family what you do

You want to share your story online but struggle with content for your social media and blog posts

You want to pitch yourself but not exactly sure what unique offering you have that makes you stand out

Well, it’s time to get it done and build your brand identity to take you to the next level, boo! 

In thirty minutes, we can talk through your challenges and how I can best support plus all the opportunities that you have in your brand + biz! 

As my own personal brand for three years, I’ve been able to work with brands like Talk Space, Blink Fitness, Neutrogena, and more all because I mastered my brand identity.

 I’ve gotten referrals from friends + family due to my confidence in sharing what I do as a brand + biz coach. 

Most importantly, my confidence has skyrocketed since building a firm brand identity, which leads to more sales and opportunities

If you’re ready to take your brand to the next level, book your call and hear more about my Get It Done Program! 

What Clients Have To Say About Me, Boo!

Shanna’s services are a worthy investment and my business would not be where it is today had it not been for Shanna’s guidance! She was exactly what I was looking for in a business coach- knowledgeable, supportive, and ready to push you to the next level in the best way possible. The modules were exactly what I needed to get clear on my business-  mission statement, ideal clients, a website, etc. Shanna tackles it all! I went from having no website or following to launching a website, having people reach out to ME for programs, and building up a clientele. I knew what I was capable of and I believed in my programming- but Shanna gave me the foundation to make those dreams and beliefs a reality! I am so thankful. She is a brilliant cheerleader, person, and business coach!
– Jess Bonilla, Wellness + Soul Coach for Soul Well Balanced

I found Shanna during a time where I was completely unorganized and unconfident with my brand. I didn’t think I had what it took to pull off building my own fitness company from the ground up. I found Shanna during a time where I was completely unorganized and unconfident with my brand. Shanna helped me remember why I started. She helped me tie my “why” into my mission and vision in a clear and concise way and rid myself of the outside noise and distractions that were actually not benefiting myself or my company. She helped me realize I had all the tools I needed to get where I wanted to be. Shanna is the best cheerleader and support system I have had during my entrepreneurial journey and I needed that so much. But don’t get it twisted….she will put you to WORK! She challenged me in ways I wouldn’t have thought to challenge myself and she helped me learn things about myself I didn’t even know I had…..and she gave me a lot of homework!! 

– Janae Keller, Founder of Go Vively

What Do You Have to Gain in this call?

Before you go, I want to reflect on the reason you’re here. I’m opening up these 30 minutes not for myself, but for you. 

If you’ve been wanting to work on your brand, get more organized, build confidence, and share what you do without any shame. 

This is for you! I believe in you, boo! I do! Talk to you soon!