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See Why You Need to Talk More About Money Outloud

Money is a touch AF topic, isn’t it? For the longest, I didn’t talk about money outloud. I didn’t even want to open the app to my bank account. I felt so afraid of money and wouldn’t talk about dollars just like how The Harry Potter Wizarding World never said the name Voldemort. I finally decided to cut the shit at the end of 2017.

Today, I am more than ever honest about money. I’ve hosted a Self Soul Sport event on money in March and we’re having a Book Club talking on You are A Badass At Making Money. I’ve now joined the member of The Financial Gym and talk about money twice a month with a financial trainer. 

What is the Financial Gym? It is a gym where you literally work shit out with your money. Those are my words, but The Financial Gym formally describe themselves as a place that “offers 1:1 personal training to achieve your goals—smarter saving, freedom from debt, and enough money for the things you want most out of life.” 

Trust me, I keep it real with y’all. I am in a referral program with them, but I will never ever tell you about something that I don’t 100% believe in. I love to share The Financial Gym as a part of my life and it really is a huge reason why I’m even writing today’s blog post.

Okay, so let me get into these reasons why you need to start talking about your money though! I noticed these three whys in my personal life in the past few months. 

When you talk about money outloud, you reduce the amount of power it holds over you. Let’s say it together: MONEY!!! In saying money outloud, there is a shift that you create. It creates an openness to discussing it and in turn it’ll reduce the amount of power it holds over you.

I used to bottle all my money problems inside, avoid going to the bank to even talk about my money, and refuse to speak about money within my relationships. Money used to hold such a strong power over me that overwhelmed me from even talking about it. I would make sure to avoid any and all conversations that had to do with money, even how much something cost that I purchased, unless I could brag about how cheap it was. Money held so much power in my mind.

Not until I decided to go to the Financial Gym in February 2018 did I realize how much money had power over me. When I had my first meeting with my planner, I cried within five minutes of even talking about how much money was in my name. The idea of even talking about my money with another human being other than my mom (which were usually heated discussions) was overwhelming. The power money held over me was real until I talked about it and released how much power it had over me.

How about you? How often do you talk about money? How often do you avoid the topic so that you don’t even have to think of it? Boo, that means money holds some power over you. Believe me, it did for me too. But when you talk about it, you realize the relationship you have with it!

When you talk about money, you realize the relationship that you’ve cultivated with it. Keeping shit inside just inside healthy. It’s not. Just like in a relationship, when we don’t talk about something, it’s eventually going to go blow up and come out in a nasty way. Money is the same way.

Once I decided to start really talking about money, I realized how shitty of a relationship it had on me. After I dried my tears at the Financial Gym in February and left my very first meeting with my financial trainer, I realized that money and I had a shitty relationship. I hated money. I felt I never would get control over it. I felt it would be so hard to get it. I felt I was horrible at managing it. I hated it.

If I didn’t talk about money that day in February, I wouldn’t have ever realized the crappy relationship I had with it. After that talk I had with my financial trainer, I discovered the thoughts I had. I realized the disdain for money was because I felt I was horrible at saving it. I realized the hate for money was because I felt I was horrible at making it. I realized the lust for money was because I felt I was going to lose it.

Your decision to talk about money will uncover what type of relationship with it. Whether it’s a positive or negative one, you’ll realize it in the way you talk about it. Once you realize your relationship with money, what are you going to do about it though?

When you talk about money and realize the relationship you have with it, you can make decisions on what can propel you forward. You may realize in your conversion about money with others that you need to change your relationship. Maybe you need to be kinder to it and maybe you need to believe that it’s coming your way. It is your choice on how you decide to move forward.

With the knowledge of my shitty relationship with money, I had two choices: continue that shitty relationship or begin to mend it. I chose the latter. I began to mend it with talking more openly about it with my friends who were also side hustlers and entrepreneurs. I began to mend it by engaging in conversations with my family about the ways I was going to invest. I began to mend it with saying all the ways that I was going to make money in the future.

Today, my relationship with money is not perfect, but let me tell you, it’s so much better. I’ve gotten to hosting events, book clubs, and brand deals just because I have now decided to talk about money. One day, I will be at a point of complete freedom with money. I’m still not 100% comfortable in talking about it, but that’s why it’s a money relationship!

What can you do in your life to talk more about money?Whether it’s having a much-needed conversation with your loved one or joining a financial planning agency like The Financial Gym, you can use talking about more outloud. I’ve realized it in my life and it’s done so much in helping me move forward as a woman, professional, and future spouse to whoever the lucky man is!

I leave you today with some inspiration to speaking more about your money, realizing the relationship you have with it, and moving forward with all the information you gather. Comment below if you’re ready to talk more about money outloud!


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