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What To Do When Your Biz is Hindering Your Mental Health

Well, my friend, it’s May (in the voice of Justin Timberlake). It’s the month of us finally getting the spring feels, and most importantly, it’s mental health awareness month. My major depressive diagnosis in 2014 made this month even more significant for me. 

It’s the month we bring more awareness to mental health and break the stigma of mental illness. In honor of this month, I’d like to talk about entrepreneurship and mental health. I feel it’s a topic we touch lightly upon, but don’t dig in on. So this month, yah girl is getting really real on what to do when you find your biz is hindering your mental health. I know it all too well.

Identify the areas of your biz that are hindering your mental health the most. Your mind is the most important functioning part of your business. With that, your mental health is going to impact all areas of your business. When you’re finding your mental health is suffering, you first need to know all the areas of your business. 

Last month, I began to hit a wall of burnout and finding that my business was starting to truly impact my mental health. I decided to sit down and have an honest conversation with myself on the area/s of my business that caused me stress. The number one factor was my damn email. Every single morning of my emails led to more stress and anxiety. It led to me working in my business and not on it anymore. Identifying this area of my biz made me look toward solutions vs. feelings. 

When we identify what about our biz is affecting our mental health, we can take a step back to getting toward solutions. Whether it’s our daily tasks or special projects, we can look at what’s hindering us and find out what we can do to alleviate those areas. 

Alleviate those areas by either partnering, outsourcing, decreasing, rearranging, or cutting it out. You’re going to hit a point where you need to make a decision on those identified areas that are affecting your mental health. Those areas that are causing you anxiety, stress, and pulling you away from your personal life and/or not allowing you to scale. 

When I identified the email inbox anxiety, I decided to outsource to a virtual assistant. Now that I have one starting tomorrow, I’m already feeling relieved at having a separate area for all of my inquiries and being able to funnel what comes into my own email. This will allow me time to finally chill at night without scrambling and looking at my email. This’ll also make it easier for me to get in quicker contact with my coaching clients since general inquiries will be in a general inbox. I decided to outsource my emails but there’s so many different routes we can do! 

When we need alleviate areas of stress in our biz, we have so many options that we an take sometime to think outside the box on! Tired of hosting events? Take a break or find a partner! Exhausted by writing so many blog posts? Decrease how many you write or find an intern for your biz who is studying journalism! There’s so many options here for us in our biz that we can help in our mental health when we get stressed and burnt out! 

Invest in a source of mental health support with a therapist and/or mastermind. Responsibilities aren’t the only things that you might need help in with your biz. There’s also the mental health portion of dealing with imposter syndrome of having your own biz, social anxiety of being the face of a business, and/or shame of talking about what you do with others. That’s when you need something a little bit more than alleviating, you need maintenance.

When I hit my first year of biz last month in April, I realized how friggin exhausted I was energetically. I give give give to others, and in return, I don’t give give give to myself. That’s when I decided to try a new form of therapy that I’ll definitely share soon, as well as seeking a mastermind of like-minded women who are full-time biz owners. I’m now joining Facebook groups, trying new forms of therapy, and investing more time and money into my mental health! 

We need to take care of our mental health just as much as our business growth. While we can try as hard as we can to push through, our mental health matters. According to the National Institute of Mental Health, almost one in five U.S. adults live with mental illness. That means that we’re more than likely having our own mental health journeys alongside our businesses journeys.

How do you take care of yourself admit your business journey? How do you care for your mental health? Comment below, boo! This month of Mental Health Awareness, I’d like to encourage you today more than ever to identify, alleviate, and invest! 

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