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What The Pandemic and BLM Movement Have Taught Me About My Biggest Dreams

Big emotion can cause big change, my friend. Since March, I’ve been experiencing some big emotion due to the pandemic and now due to the Black Lives Matter movement. The pandemic has shown me that our day-to-day lifestyle is one we take for granted. One day things can be “normal” and the other day we ca have a “new normal.” The Black Lives Matter movement has shown me that my voice as a black woman is important and the expertise I have can impact so many black and brown lives. 

My big emotion from the pandemic and BLM has been fear. Fear that I’m not living in purpose. Fear that I’m sitting on my biggest dreams. Fear that a long life is not a guarantee. Life is short, and life is fragile. This fear has shown me that it’s up to me, you, and us to move forward with our lives and take chances, even on our biggest dreams.

Before I talk more about my dreams – I wonder if you’ve experienced big emotion in this time too? Is it that same fear that awakens the dormant dreams you haven’t listened to? That thing that’s been tugging on your heart for years but you always say you’ll get to it? I’ve found that these societal and cultural shifts have done so for me, my friends, and family members. I’d love to share how my personal dreams have been awakened by the pandemic and BLM movement. 

The pandemic and BLM movement have both shown me that the time is now to move forward with your dreams. Over the past few months, I’ve seen the biggest personalities in my neighborhood pass away from COVID-19. I’ve also seen people that are my skin color dying from COVID-19 at a disproportionate rate; not only that, but people my skin color are increasingly being killed at the hands of police officers. As a black woman and a big personality, I’ve never felt more motivated to move forward with my dreams.

If you’re new to my blog, you may not know this yet, but I’ll share it with you – I’m a big dreamer. I dream of creating a diverse, global community of women that can keep it really real with one another in events. I dream of being a well-known authority in the branding and content curating space.  I dream of hosting a podcast that is widely recognized for really real topics and takeaways for ambitious women. I halted those dreams for months until now.

We are collectively in a time that shows us time is limited. We’re watching deaths from the pandemic and of black persons. We are seeing that time isn’t guaranteed and dreams aren’t either, unless you move forward with them. These times have led to a wake up call more than anything I’ve personally ever seen. And it’s time for us to wake up, or stay asleep.

This time has taught me it’s up to me what legacy I leave when I transition from this earth. This pandemic and BLM have shown me that one day I’m going to die. It’s morbid to say but I feel like we’re already keeping it really real with one another. The legacy that I leave when I transition from this earth is up to me. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to pass away without going fully toward my dreams. 

When I started seeing the number of deaths increase due to the pandemic and the rise of black people suffering from police brutality, I thought differently about life and death. Now please don’t raise the alarm – stay with me here! But this time has gotten really real for me. I’ve been thinking more about the legacy I want to leave behind. And I knew that I would never see my dreams come true with my current actions. I started to put my dreams back into motion this month.

Our legacy is up to us and what we do with the time we have on this earth. If anything, the pandemic and BLM can show us that our actions are important. What we do will stay with us for generations to come. What do we want to be known as? What do we want leave behind? What do dream/s do we want to launch toward? It’s entirely up to you, me, and us.

I’m now moving forward more than ever toward my dreams even amidst the pandemic and BLM. This month I started with a birthday on June 1st and had a real honest look at my dreams. I wasn’t any closer to my big dreams, and that was a problem. My 29th birthday matched with these societal and cultural shifts had me making moves. 

As I write this today, it was over a year since I really invested time in my blog. I always said that I can start it tomorrow, or next year, or in the next five years. But the time is now. As I write this today, it was over a year since I really hosted really real conversations between women. I always said that no one cared or that I just didn’t have the time. I’m hosting my second event of the year in two weeks. As I write this today, it was over a year that I coached women on branding and believing in their voice. I always said that I can do this some other time. It can wait. I’m investing my time in a program to start coaching again.

What will you do to move forward with your dreams? It’s in this time in big emotion that can lead to big change. It’s up to you what you do. Feel free to leave what this time has taught you below. Have you done anything that you’ve always wanted to do? Hobbies, dreams? The time is now. 

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