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What I’ve Finally Learned as an Entrepreneur as I Enter a New Year

Wow, 2018 has been quite the year!! I’ve done so many things and made so many strides as an entrepreneur. Between quitting my full-time job and deciding to be a life coach, I’ve finally found a grove in my entrepreneurial journey. 

However, I had a hard lesson I needed to learn this year. Your girl never ever took a break. From dusk to dawn, I would work on planning out my social media, scheduling all of my coaching/consulting clients, attending networking events with girl bosses, hosting events for Self Soul Sport, and much more. 

I consistently experienced burnout in 2018 and I learned the most important lesson of the year. Below, I share what that lesson is, how I’ve added it to my routine, and a free resource for you to get going with this learning for the new year. Let’s get to talking, boo! 

After experiencing burnout many times in 2018, I’ve finally learned that I needed to start taking more breaks. In your entrepreneurial journey, you’re going to think more is better. You’re going to want to pull in more hours, more clients, and more projects. While those are all important, it’s also important to integrate more breaks.

When quitting my full-time job in April, I went all the way into my journey. My last day at my FT job was on a Friday, and I decided that the coming Monday I was going to dive headfirst into my biz plans. I joined my foundation training at Institute for Life Coach Training and I planned so many projects to keep me busy throughout my new schedule. It was an awesome idea to keep myself busy, yet I forgot about one major thing: taking a break!

Every single day I was doing something for my coaching biz, community, podcast, and much more. One week, I remember being so friggin tired and exhausted without anything left to give. I was hosting an event that day and had to show up or there would be NO event. I cried that day and on my way to that event. I realized I hadn’t had a break… in a very long time. I never scheduled at least one or two days for myself. I never schedule time to connect with family and friends. I never even scheduled time to buffer after waking up and before going to sleep. I needed change after that huge burnout before my event, and many times after when I couldn’t show up for blog posts, instagram stories, and all parts of my biz.

We are going to be tempted in this journey. We’re going to think we need to pull in those 12 hour days and those sleepless nights. But they don’t serve us, they work against us. We’ll learn the hard way (from a burnout) that we need to regularly schedule in breaks into our busy schedules.

Taking regular breaks in my routine have allowed me to be more present, consistent, and content as an entrepreneur. Your ability to be the best entrepreneur you can be relies on your ability to take breaks. This is something I learned in my journey and I’ve seen such positive results from in implementing!

After my multiple burnouts, including the day of that event, I started realistically looking at my daily calendar. I didn’t have ONE day that I planned for myself. So I decided it had to change. I wrote out every single day of the week and brainstormed what I can make daily tasks/routines in my biz. After writing down tasks like lead generation, blog/newsletter, and social media planning, I made it a point to also write down FUN and DAY OFF. Once those were written down, I made them a part of my days: Wednesdays and Fridays.

My weekly breaks are now having a day off on Wednesdays with only scheduling fun photoshoots with my girlboss friend, then Fridays are days for podcast, but the latter part is for FUN with family/friends and much more. Then I integrate daily breaks, like a 3pm iced matcha if I’m home for the day and a morning routine of gratitude journaling/meditation. Before bed, I’m also reading a short chapter of an inspirational book (I’ve been slacking on this one but starting it back up again tonight!).

We are going to need to sit down and strategize our breaks. Mental breaks are just as necessary for our entrepreneurial journey as our business tasks. We’ll be tempted when we schedule them, but it’s so important to make them a priority, especially going into the new year!

I have now learned that I must continue taking breaks in 2019 to make this year even bigger and better! Let me tell you, I’ve learned this lesson the hard way. I felt so burnt out before I even started to really implement these breaks. So I’ve finally learned to take this seriously and make this a non-negotiable learning to take into the new year. I also have something that I wanted to share with you if you resonate with needing to take a break into 2019!!

Download my Get It Done: Take a Break, Boo Worksheet to help in taking breaks in your busy, girlboss life. I’m excited for you to have this free, downloadable worksheet to plan your own break. Are you ready to take a  break, boo? Get your free guide, fill out each section, and let breaks be your gift to yourself on a consistent basis!


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  1. Cheryl says:

    You are very fortunate to lead a full, busy life. Although I imagine that a full life must be overwhelming at times, living an empty life with no purpose is devastating. Kudos on overcoming your challenges, and accomplishing your goals, throughout the past year. I wish you continued success and happiness. Thank you.

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Thank you so much, Cheryl. And I feel very fortunate very day. It does get overwhelming at times, but feels so rewarding vs. living with no purpose. I wish you all the success as well! Happy New Year! – ST

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