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True Story: I’ve Felt Like an Imposter and Three Ways I’ve Fought It

Have you ever felt like an imposter? Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong in a group because they were so much better than you? Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve an opportunity because you felt you weren’t that good for it yet? 

This is imposter syndrome, boo. I know these questions so well because I’ve been through them myself. Most recently, I’ve been leveling up professionally. This past week, I’ve spoken on one of the largest panels of my life for a dream company, Well + Good. It was such a surreal feeling even receiving the invitation and I felt led to share how I fight imposter syndrome as it arises in our lives. 

I use positive affirmations to fight against the negative self-talk of imposter syndrome.  There’s power in the conversation that you have with yourself. When it’s negative and along the lines of imposter syndrome, it’ll hinder you from seeing your true potential. But when it’s positive, it can allow you to fight against all that negativity.

When I first received an invite to speak at Well + Good’s Wellness Trends Panel, I was ecstatic. I looked at my screen in utter amazement and disbelief. One of my favorite brands and companies in the wellness industry reached out to little ole me! This black girl from Jersey who gets really real on social media invited to speak on Well + Good. EEEE!!

After the initial excitement, I went into imposter syndrome mode. I’m still paying off debt. I’m still needing financial assistance at The Financial Gym. I’m still working on my own financial growth. Who am I to talk about money? But then I realized those answers were why I’m the perfect candidate. I already created this mantra that “I’m a budget-having, money-saving, client-attracting KWEEN.” and this was perfectly in line with how I’m bringing in 2019!

We all have words we say to ourselves, whether positive or negative. Having a go-to affirmation for when doubts creep up is key. Pumping ourselves up with some powerful AF words that we can say when imposter syndrome arises helps us fight against it even better and on autopilot.

I reach out to support systems to uplift me throughout the insecurity of imposter syndrome. You are in need of others in your journey, especially a girlboss, entrepreneurial woman. Having your own support will allow you to reach out to your people and uplifted from them with the exact words you may need to hear.

Ya’ll, I would be nowhere without my support system. From family members to fellow girlbosses, I have a wide range of support. The latter grew with time. Attending events, sending DMs, and scheduling coffee dates got me some awesome girlbosses who rally along with me. I needed them more than ever for this huge opportunity too!

I remember I texted one of my dearest girlboss friends with my insecurity that I was facing above. How in the world was I chosen? Immediately, my friend responded with “Why the hell not you?!” and continued to uplift me. After her string of really real words that told me how ready I was and how awesome I was going to be, that’s when it hit me. I can use positive affirmations, but it also is helpful to have those amazing supportive friends who have your back.

We cannot go about this life journey by ourselves, including when we experience imposter syndrome. Imposter syndrome will have us insecure AF and it will get us in our heads that we will also need an outside perspective from our support systems. Let’s not forget to reach out to our uplifting supports.

I encourage honest conversations with others throughout the isolation of imposter syndrome. At times, you’re going to feel alone in your thoughts. It always helps to know others are with you in feeling imposter syndrome. It normalizes your feelings, thus shows you’re not damn alone!

Not only do I seek support from girlbosses, but I encourage conversations about imposter syndrome. It helps to take the attention of myself and normalize my experience with others. As an extreme extrovert, I love to talk through my feelings and share my experiences. If you’re like me, you know what I mean!

When I made this post about my feeling of imposter syndrome, I was in awe of the honesty I received. The comments and messages I got from it showed that we’re not alone in this. Imposter syndrome isn’t isolated to one person, it’s experienced throughout all industries and professionals. We’ll experience it but once we hear that others have felt like an imposter too, it helps us see we have a whole crew with us in this fight.

Have you experienced imposter syndrome? How have you fought against it? I’d love to hear how you tackle this very popular syndrome too!

And spoiler alert: The Well + Good Panel was amazing and I loved every single moment of it! Once I fought that imposter syndrome and walked in my truth, it ended up being the most amazing way to wrap up 2018 and step into a new year! 

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