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Three Excuses That Stop You From Living Your Passion

Excuses are real. They’re those little statements that we say as soon as we get a good idea. They keep us from pursuing that dream we’ve always had. They’ll steal us from our joy and living our most passionate life.

I know excuses all too well. Before I started the blog, I suffered excuse and excuse. I thought I wouldn’t be successful. I thought I would be only writing to my mama (my biggest fan). I thought my blog would only last for a month.Stopping myself from excuses helped me reach where I am now. I’m not even halfway where I’m dreaming yet, but I know I’m closer than I was without those excuses.Are you suffering from excuses? Are not living your passion? Let’s talk about the three most popular excuses I hear that stop us from living our passion. One or all of them might be a little familiar. I’ll also share my own personal experience on how I moved forward from them.

I need to wait until I gain more experience and/or skill set in my passion. Let’s dig in on this one first. You only get better at your passion when you actually do it. Learning and growing as you go is the only way that you gain more experience and skill. You’re holding yourself back from even starting with this excuse!

When I first started this blog, let me tell you… I thought I needed to wait. I kept telling myself maybe I should wait until I grow my Instagram followers or maybe until I had gained more connections in the fitness space. This excuse could’ve kept me from moving forward, but I decided to start without any experience yet. Two years later, I’m still blogging and evolving.

Check out my very first blog post here. It was a friggin post about planking and word play on the Pleasure Principle by Janet Jackson. I had no idea what I was doing! And you know what, I love to think of that post sometimes. Why? Because it was my first blog ever. I barely wrote anything and the picture linked was from my first photoshoot. From that post, I’ve grown in my delivery, my message, and my experience. My blog posts are now more useful, informational, and passionate on what I want to convey. It’s all because I didn’t wait!

We are going to be tempted not to begin in our passion journeys. We’re going to come up with that excuse that we aren’t “ready” yet because we don’t have a certain degree, certain experience, certain background. That’s just utter BS. We got this because we are passionate about it. Passion cannot be gained, but experience and skill set can. Let’s not let that keep us from starting.

I’m not offering anything different than the competition who share the same passion as me. Just by being you is what you’re offering. Your own unique voice, style, delivery, and message cannot compare with anyone else’s. The moment you focus on the competition, the moment you won’t offer anything unique.

Boo, I’ve got so much to share on this. Starting Shanna Tyler was the first hump, the second hump was not focusing on the competition. I’ve shared all about my competitive streak not too long ago in this post and I’m still so open about that part of my life. I was looking at so many other bloggers and influencers, wondering how they’ve gotten where they were and focusing on their own growth vs. mine. Once I cut that crap out and stayed in my own lane, I started to really shine.

Focusing on what I can uniquely offer to others was what led me to so many partnerships, sponsorships, connections, and relationships. Being myself in the two years of this blog has led to contributing with mindbodygreen, working with amazing brands like Blink Fitness, and waking up everyday to my passion. Being in my own lane has allowed me to know what I offer. I offer entrepreneurial, multi-passionate women a space to feel less lonely, less stuck, and more encouraged and inspired in their journeys. BAM.

We all can offer something unique in every single one of our passions. How can we do that? By realizing our strengths, staying in our lanes, and continuing in our passions. When we decide to offer our unique self, there’s no competition that come against it.

I don’t have the time yet to commit to my passion, so I’ll wait till I do. Girl, you have the time – you’re just coming up with the oldest excuse in the book. Let’s keep it really real with one another. There’s 24 hours in the day. You have around 16-18 hours if you follow the recommended hours of sleep. You can literally fit in 15-30 minutes a day if you really wanted to. So what’s the excuse?

I’m the toughest on this one because I used to say it all the time. That event? I don’t have time. That opportunity? I don’t have time. That sponsorship? I don’t have time. I neglected so many heart callings because I felt I didn’t have time. I realized I found time for Netflixin’ and chillin’ but not for buildin’ and commitin’ to my passion. I had to practice self-love and figure it out.

Once I stopped this time excuse, I realized I had all the time in the world. When I was side-hustling for two years during the blog, I’d fit in time after work and off days. I would network with other bloggers and make time happen that I could connect with other ladies. Time happened when I made it happen. I’m now making time for what’s important to Shanna Tyler and the business as much as I can. Also, I even share productivity tips that have helped me in my Get it Done Guide: Six Steps to Being Your Most Productive Self. Download it here if you haven’t yet! If you’re in my newsletter already, check out the last email from me to get yours!

At the end of the day, the only thing keeping you from living your passion is you. This is a tough love post because I feel like we’ve reached this point in our relationship. If you’ve been reading the blog for a bit, you know that I’m 100% real because it’s the only way to be. As multi passionate as we are, we also are so susceptible to being in our way.

Working with clients, specifically entrepreneurial women, on feeling stuck and living their passions is what I’m all about for this reason. I find that the accountability, support, and love is what we all need in this journey. Without it, we can feel lost and so alone.

Are you struggling with any excuse that is stopping you from living your passion? Any of these resonate? Comment below to share yours. Let’s encourage one another in this passion journey.

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