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The Most Common Belief I Work Against with my Girlboss Clients

Do you remember the last time you said “I’m not ready?” for an idea you’ve had? The last time I said that was in April. I officially announced that I was open for taking girlboss consultations and building my coaching practice for entrepreneurial, passionate women on this very Instagram post. Afterwards, my initial thought was OH SHIT, AM I READY?! My second thought was HELL YEAH, LET’S GO.

It took me a long time to arrive to that amount of confidence in myself to begin consulting. It took me a long time to see that I had worth as a business woman. It took me a long time to realize that I was beyond ready to work with clients. I had this idea for months and never did it until April. Was I ready when I had the idea? Yes. But I limited myself.

As a fellow girlboss, I know what it’s like to limit yourself. Now in my role as a consultant and coach for entreprenurial women, I see what the most common limiting belief is that holds us all back from living fully in our girlboss-ery.

The most common limiting belief that I work with is “I’m not ready yet”. Have you ever told yourself, “I can do this once I do X” or “I can start this once I achieve X”? If you have, you’re not alone. You saying you’re not ready yet is most likely what the next girlboss is saying right next to you too.

I’ve said I wasn’t ready many times before I decided it was all B.S. A great example is this very website! I created my own website on Squarespace in June 2016. I knew I needed to upgrade the blog after a year of having it. I told myself I wasn’t ready to switch up the website for a year, knowing it needed to be done. There were functions I couldn’t do anymore like integrating a podcast, adding a website for Self Soul Sport, and much more.

I strongly believe that my “not being ready” to switch up the website cost me a lot of opportunities. Not until May 2018 did I finally decide to hire a website designer. Since that decision, I’ve gotten way more inquiries from brands, sponsors, organizations, and clients. I was limiting myself based my own lack of confidence. Once I aligned with what I had to offer, guess what?! I finally stopped limiting myself.

We say we aren’t ready yet because we’re putting ourself on a limit. We’re limiting what we love when we say “I’m not ready.” The reality is… you’re ready as soon as that idea comes into your mind.

You’re ready the moment the idea comes to you — it’s up to being confident in yourself. The moment an idea comes into your mind, you’re ready. It wouldn’t be there if you weren’t. Your idea is waiting for you to be confident in yourself.

I distinctly remember when I sat with my community coordinator at Athleta Flatiron when I was an ambassador. We were talking about my hosting events and what I would do for my very first month. The idea quickly came to me to host meet ups with women who followed the Self Soul Sport lifestyle — the ladies I knew via Instagram who supported the journey of loving self, nurturing soul, and living sport. Let me tell you, I wasn’t confident at all.

I remember thinking that it would be a bust. It would be just me sitting by myself, drinking tea, and waiting for ladies who would never come. However, I decided to be confident and bring the idea to my community coordinator. What happened is history! What happened was a first event, second event, and next month, we’re having our largest event at Lululemon Hub titled Girl Talk NYC. (You’re deff invited if you’d like to come!!).

We’re ready for that awesome idea that comes in our heads. It’s up to us to be confident in ourselves enough to just go through it. What happens will astound us, but we have to decide that we’re ready first move forward first.

You’re wasting your own time by saying that you’re not ready. This one is gonna hit you hard! You’re going to be challenged in my story that follows. This next few paragraphs is for you to really digest and think about!

Quitting my full-time job was a wild decision in April. I tackled the “Am I ready?” question for months before I actually did it. The day I decided to quit was the day I decided to stop wasting time. I decided to stop wasting time working for someone else’s dream. I decided to stop wasting time saying the same shit over and over that I wasn’t ready. I decided to stop wasting time that I couldn’t do it.

If I hadn’t decided I was ready in April, I fully believe I would’ve never been ready. I would’ve woke up with kids, a partner, more responsibilities, and more risks, still saying I’m not ready. I would’ve woke up retired, with grandkids, with a 401k saying that I wish I would’ve went for it.  That’s why I had to decide I was ready to work myself in April.

When we decide we’re ready, the universe will align with us. When we decide we’re ready, the passion will thrive for us. When we decide we’re ready, the world will watch us. We’re wasting the little time we do have on this earth by saying we’re not ready.

What can you decide to be ready for today? Is it to start working on that article? Is it to start planning for that event? Is it to start building for that dream? My challenge for you today is to decide you’re ready and make the moves you need!

I’ve been working with so many girl bosses against the idea they’re not ready and what happens after our chat? They get closer to realizing they are and continuing moving forward with that thing that’s calling their name! That’s what I want for you!!

So what’s that thing you’re going to do?! Comment below to hold yourself accountable on your journey!


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