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The Five Best Ways to Invest in Your Own Damn Self

Invest. What comes up for you when you hear or read that word? For me, it was a word that I thought only included money. Recently, I’ve learned I was wrong. Investment is not only with money, but it’s an investment can also be made with your time, energy, and soul.

In attending a summit in Atlanta this past weekend, I really invested in myself. Not only in purchasing the ticket, but turning on my vacation mode in my email and scheduling time to be present for each workshop. What happened is I left ATL with more clarity on my business and ability to move forward.

It all started with me investing in my damn self. And you can too! I’ll share the five best ways to invest in yourself. Let’s start this list!

A good book – We tend to think that investing in ourselves must cost thousands, if not hundreds, of dollars. But some of our smartest investments are in the $20 spent for a book with words that will inspire and encourage us.

I became a reader by force. When I was little, my mom made me choose a book from catalogues, read the entire book, highlight words I didn’t understand, look them up in the dictionary, and then summarize each chapter of the book. At the time, I hated that she had me do that shit.

Today, I see that she was having me invest in my future. Today, I see that she was setting me up to invest in myself later in life. One of the top ways I invest in myself is by taking time to read books that will lead to critical thinking and personal growth. Investing in going my knowledge and feeding my soul within the pages of a book is one of my best ways in investing in myself.

If you do anything after this read, I encourage you to find a book that you need to read. Whether it’s a fiction book to keep your spirits lifted or a self-help book to keep your lightbulb flashed, a book is a worthwhile investment in your own damn self.

An industry conference – A conference can be a tad pricier than a book, ranging from $100 all the way to a $1,000+ ticket price, not including possible airfare and hotel stay. But, if it can be afforded or invested in, it’s such a gift to ourselves to hear from industry professionals and meet fellow industry professionals.

As mentioned earlier, I went to Atlanta for Summit21 presented by 21 Ninety. This was the first big trip I’ve ever had to invest in. My parents were kind enough to help me with it financially (it helped that I usually don’t go to big conferences like this). It was a two-day immersion into workshops geared toward black entrepreneurial women.

Let me tell you, I learned so much throughout those two days and met so many amazing women that I plan on collaborating with in the future. Each workshop gave me insight I need in my business, from investing to scaling. The fireside chats featured big names, including Angela Rye, who inspires the shit outta me! Each conversation gave me confirmation I needed that I’m on the right track and good company with amazing women. When I came back to NYC I felt ready to tackle so many of the projects I’ve been sleeping on.

You have many opportunities in life to attend conferences to learn and grow within your industry. Whether you’re a creative professional or corporate boss, you can benefit from hearing others in your industry tell their stories and share their triumphs!

A yoga retreat – How many of us can get use getting out of our immediate locations for a bit? Whether it’s just the house or the country, we can all benefit from a retreat away from our everyday lives.

Okay, I’m going to be honest because I always am with you. I still haven’t been on a retreat, not in NYC nor in another country. Yet, I cannot disregard the benefits that I hear from many of friends that go to yoga retreats. Deepening your yoga practice and being able to disconnect from your usual distractions are the top benefits I hear.

Currently, I’m in the process of securing a yoga retreat and training in Bali. It’s a thrilling, yet terrifying investment. I’ll have to face fears of flying in an airplane and being out of the country (I have yet to travel outside of the U.S.). But at the end of the day, I know it’s worth the investment of my money, time, and effort.

Are you open to a yoga retreat? If so, you can reach out to yoga teachers you’re familiar with to see if they’re offering any or know of any through their ow contacts. You’ll leave the yoga retreat with a deeper practice, clearer mind, and much more.

A talk therapist – As a society, we can still experience stigma surrounding mental health, but let’s talk about it on this post. Therapy is an investment of not only money but of emotion. Investing in a therapist will not only be a beautiful and worthwhile cost, but it will be one that is so necessary in our journey.

I’ve grown up with therapy. I had a therapist in elementary school, high school, college, and after college when I experienced my major breakdown and finally got diagnosed with major depressive disorder.  Throughout that time, I was always covered by my mom’s insurance, up until I turned 26. Then, the investment came.

Seeing a therapist has allowed me to continue working on emotions and feelings tied to my experiences in elementary school all the way to the feelings I have as a budding entrepreneur. The ability to talk to someone who is a trained professional and trusted soundboard is a true gift. Though it does get pricey at times, I’ve been able to find affordable pricing with online clinics, such as Maven Clinic.

You might be reading this with a therapist already or struggling to find a therapist due to pricing. I’ll tell you there are affordable options in your area. I do know of many sliding scale clinics in NYC and if anyone is interested, please feel free to comment below or email me at shanna@shannatyler.com. Your mental health is worth the time and investment!

A coaching program – Last but not least, our education and our knowledge doesn’t only need to be invested in going back to a graduate school or formal institution. We can join coaching programs that allow us to invest back into our growth as a professional.

My largest investment in myself was in Marie Forleo’s B-School. Watching each video and completing each worksheet really allowed me to excel further in my passions of teaching yoga and empowering women. It led to more clarity to who my ideal customer was, what my mission was, and where I was going to offer my services in the wide industry.

B-school itself made me value group coaching programs enough to offer one of my own soon. I’m now in the process of creating the Get It Done Program, specifically for entrepreneurial women to get shit done within their passion. The first series will be focused on productivity with customized goal setting, group coaching calls, and a Facebook networking group. It’s gonna be lit AF! So excited!

Are you interested in coaching programs? You are in luck! There are so many being offered now, including B-school and my own! You will also be shocked at how many coaching programs there are with the magic of Google search. If you’re interested in hearing more information about the Get It Done Program, subscribe to my newsletter here!

How do you plan on investing in your own damn self? Do any of these ways speak to you or do you have a few more worthwhile investments you’d like to add? We’re all ears! Comment below!


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