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The Benefits of Adding More Gratitude Into Your Money, Business and Personal Life

Being grateful makes some amazing things happen in your life. Believe me. I’ve seen how gratitude has given me more opportunities in my business and relationships in my life. I’ve noticed how looking at the glass half-full has changed my ability to problem solve and create more solutions for obstacles like paying off my credit card debt, quitting my full-time job, and pursuing this life coaching career. 

So today, I want to share more with you and how gratitude can have an impact in your life. Before I start, if you haven’t yet, I’d love to invite you to check out this post on ways to build a gratitude practice you can be proud of. Okay, but let’s get to the amazing benefits of adding more gratitude into your life! 

Adding more gratitude into your money adds even more dollar bills into your bank account. Let me tell you, you’re going to be floored at the amount money that comes your way just by saying “I’m grateful for money!” Looking at your bank account with gratitude every day will attract more money into it. I’m proof.

I’ve chatted about this with yah before. I used to avoid looking in my bank account. I’d dread opening my budget. I’d be afraid to talk openly with friends and family. The hate and fear attached to money repelled money from me. Then, I started reading You Are A Badass: How to Make Money and .. I realized I can’t attract something that I hate.

About a year ago, I changed my money mindset and now I say how grateful I am for my money. I’m grateful for when I can spend money, when I receive money, and how it ebbs/flows in my life. This gratitude has allowed me to no longer see negative bank accounts. My gratitude has showed me that I can talk about money without fear anymore, but rather love.

How we talk about money matters, but most important, how we feel about money matters. Being more grateful about the money in our lives will attract even more of it. We can start by saying “I’m grateful for the money in my account and all the money that’s coming in!” We’ll see such results from saying this positive affirmation!

Adding more gratitude into your business brings more opportunities into your email address. You ever just get so scared that you’re not going to get the next opportunity? That your email will be full of crickets from clients, sales, and more? Well, gratitude can change that all for you. Believe me, I know!

When I first started Shanna Tyler LLC and my life coaching practice, I was nervous. I didn’t know how to kick it off and announce my business. I remember when I first started it, I kept it like a dirty secret. But then I got my first client, who was a good friend that I worked out a deal with to coach her in her personal training biz. That’s when I became grateful for how my business can change lives.

I started getting so grateful for my one client. I worked with her and left meetings with her feeling so full of light. I loved working with her, I was grateful for her taking a risk with me even though I didn’t formally announce my coaching. That gratitude led me to a new Instagram for my business (@shannatylerllc) and a new landing page for my services. Now, my email is full of potential leads and discovery calls with amazing women to support them on their entrepreneurial journeys, whether they’re just starting out or looking for support/accountability along the way.

What energy we bring to our business matters. We can be grateful for the small feats just as much as the big ones. Let’s be grateful for our first clients or our only customers, they’re the first step to much more in our lives!

Adding more gratitude into your relationships attracts more amazing AF people into your life. Let’s get really real, when you’re grateful for the amazing people in your life, you are gonna attract more people just like them. As you now know, like attracts like!

I used to attract some shitty people into my life, especially into my dating life. I realized it was because I drove away all the people who were amazing. I didn’t treat them well. I didn’t let them know I appreciated them. I didn’t make them a priority. I chased the people who weren’t any good for me and my sense of self. In my relationships, I’ve become way more appreciative of the people who are awesome.

Currently being grateful for the awesome people in my life helps me love on them better and see how beneficial they are in my life. I compliment them, prioritize them in plans, and make time to uplift them even more now that I’m grateful for them. What I’ve found even more beneficial is that I’ve now attracted even more people to be grateful for naturally in conversations and events because I’m now so much more open to them!

Who we schedule in our calendars and make our priorities will impact our lives. Being more grateful for the amazing people in our lives will mean we will spend more time with them! With their energy around us, we will naturally attract more people just like them, Who are we attracting into our lives currently?

Now that you know the benefits, are you ready to add more gratitude into your life? If you’re reading this today, I invite you to join me on a gratitude challenge where you post one thing you’re grateful for on your IG or story from Monday, December 17th to Saturday, December 22nd.

Sign up below to join me and many others in #GrowinGratitude. An amazing journey to share one thing you’re grateful for each day and add more gratitude in your life!

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