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OH HAY! I'm Shanna.

A wellness blogger, side hustler, and community founder based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass folks and sharing my really real story. Learn more about me!

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The Oh Hay Podcast is a destination for mission-driven entrepreneurs to go from confused to curated. Yah gurl shares brand & biz tips, as well as community chats. Ditch the DIY in your brand, it's time for C2C! Have a brand or want a brand? Listen below for tips, boo!

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“I am not flexible.” That’s the first thing I thought when I started practicing yoga. I hear the same exact words very often from my students as a yoga teacher.  Flexibility and yoga seem to be synonymous now. From Instagram to Yoga Journal, so many images are circulating of yoga practitioners touching their toes, doing […]

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Yoga is a bonding activity when we practice with others. I strongly believe it is because of the community-building that it supports.  Beginners and even advanced practitioners can see yoga as a solo activity. Some of us find yoga on YouTube or via an app, making it easier to practice in the comfort of our […]

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According to this 2016 Yoga Journal study, about 34 million Americans practice yoga. That’s a lot of yogis.  How many people from this group engage in yoga challenges? No idea! A study has not been done yet on it. But they are huge on Instagram.  From beginners to advanced yogis, many are participating in these challenges. […]

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Being a yogi can get expensive when we want to deck ourselves in the latest styles. That’s why I am pleased to announce the YogaClub Box to all the yogis reading 🙂  Yours truly is now a YogaClub ambassador and have been trying out their box of goodies. The verdict is below!  What is YogaClub? Essentially, YogaClub makes […]

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The hashtag #yogaeverydamnday has over 8 million posts on Instagram. Why?  Because it’s so inspiring to see yogis who show up to their mats and practice everyday. It takes such discipline to carve out time for anything, even yoga.  Despite what we may think, it is possible to roll out our mats and practice asanas, […]

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Namaste. I am seated in Easy Pose in front my fellow Teacher Trainers. My head is spinning, my face is grinning, and my forehead must be shining. That was it. The end of my first 60 minute yoga class, that also happened to be my final. I remember it like it was yesterday, wait… it was yesterday.  […]

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