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HAY! I'm Shanna.

A wellness blogger, side hustler, and community founder based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass folks and sharing my really real story. Learn more about me!

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self soul sport podcast

The Self Soul Sport Podcast is a destination to talk about loving self, nurturing soul, and living sport. I keep it really real with my coffee chats and interviews with girlbosses. This is a podcast that you want to miss, boo! Check out more about it and tune in! 

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My smile has not always existed; I literally got it from my mama. Her smile is known by everyone who comes in contact with her.  Within time, it became mine too. How did I get my mother’s smile? The amazing life lessons I have learned from her have turned me into the smiler that I am […]

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We all have busy lives that we must attend to. We all have commitments, appointments, assignments, employments, and the list goes on. We tend to forget to spread love. Love has many definitions, yet the one chosen today is a “friendly form of address.” We address others in either a warm, friendly way or a cold, […]

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Has anyone ever had a day they just couldn’t stop smiling? I have.  I left a SoulCycle class on Thursday AM and left with a smile on my face that just couldn’t go away.  I was overwhelmed with so much gratitude for the fact I could afford to attend a class.  I had a body […]

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