The Self Soul Sport Podcast is a destination for women to share their personal stories of loving themselves, nurturing their souls, and living their sports. Hosted by Shanna Tyler, life coach and yoga teacher, Shanna shares her own personal life journey with morning coffee chats, along with in-depth interviews with other girl bosses who are living the Self Soul Sport lifestyle.

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Show notes:

  • Overcoming social anxiety
  • Asking for help when needed
  • Using Instagram as a platform


Show notes:

  • Be unapologetically passionate
  • Take all the risks and make all the victories
  • Expect the unexpected and embrace the unknown
  • Live, thrive, and strive in life


Show notes:

  • Bringing fitness to your friends and family
  • Loving what you do every single day 
  • Being a woman of color in fitness


Show notes:

  • Leading a cause
  • Founding a non-profit
  • Being a kind and humble leader


Show notes:

  • Shanna discusses the three emotional and physical steps of following the heart:
    • Sacrifice
    • Fear
    • Courage


Show notes:

  • Pivoting and changing careers
  • Cultivating the career you want
  • Saying “fuck em” to the haters!
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  • S2 E6: My Yucky Competitive Mindset and What Made Me Change
    In 2016, Shanna had a yucky competitive mindset that kept her from growing professionally and mentally. In this episode, she keeps it all the way real on how she changed to a collaborative one. It involves an email that changed it all for her and how she decided to rise above. 
  • S2 E5: Getting Real about Girlbossin' with Dulce
    In this episode, Shanna invites Dulce Toscano, founder of byDulce and co-founder of #SheNetworksBoise, to talk all about her girlbossin' journey. From traveling to NYC to building her own business by mistake, Dulce keeps it really real on the hardships and rewards of being your own boss. You don't want to miss this chat with […]
  • S2 E4: Coffee Chat - The Four Realities of Being Your Own Boss
    In this episode, Shanna gets really real about being your own boss. After side-hustling for two years and being her own boss for under 1 year, Shanna shares her insight to encourage and inspire any aspiring entrepreneurs. With her straight-forward approach, she'll have you feeling what it's like to being a girlboss. 
  • S2 E3: Why I Am a Life Coach PLUS A Sample Discovery Call with Micole
    Shanna digs all the way in on why she decided to be a life coach in this episode. Not only that, she's sharing an exclusive sample coaching call with Micole, one of her Self Soul Sport ladies and members who come to many events. Shanna works with Micole to get unstuck and clarify one of […]
  • S2 E2: Tackling Perfectionism with Chelsea
    This episode we talk to Chelsea Connors all about perfectionism. Who is Chelsea? Chelsea is a Therapist and Certified Life Coach, blogger and speaker. After graduating with an MS in Counseling from Johns Hopkins University, she found her passion lies in working with those struggling with anxiety and perfectionism. Chelsea has experience working in diverse settings […]
  • S2 E1: Coffee Chat - Let's Talk All About Perfectionism
    In this very first episode of the second season, Shanna talks all about perfectionism. Her history with it, her relationship with it, and how it even hindered coming out with the next season of this podcast! You want to listen to this episode because it's going to get you thinking all about what perfectionism is […]
  • S1 E19: Overcoming Social Anxiety with Jera
    As the last interview of the first season in The Self Soul Sport Podcast, Shanna dives in to a really real chat with Jera Foster-Fell. Jera was born and raised in New York City and studied Fine Art with graphic design emphasis in Los Angeles in USC. After working at several terrible jobs, ending a […]
  • S1 E18: Coffee Chat - Live Yo Life
    This is the last coffee chat of the season and Shanna is on fire in this episode! She shares the four core principles of living yo life. Shanna makes a life-changing announcement in her journey and that will change the course of her own career. She relates it to one of the principles and aims […]
  • S1 E17: Just Being Fit with Bre
    This interview will have you with the feels of girl power, especially as a woman of color. In this episode, Shanna interviews Bre Leach. Who is Bre? Bre is the owner, personal trainer, and content creator for the Just B’n Fit brand. Born and raised in Raleigh, North Carolina, Bre is currently growing her brand […]
  • S1 E16: Leading a Cause with Caitie
    Shanna's interview with Caitie will leave you inspired to finding and leading a cause that resonates with you. Who is Caitie? Caitie Corradino is a community fitness instructor, eating disorders recovery coach, Master's candidate at NYU, and the founder of a non-profit, F.I.T. 4 All. The many hats that Caitie wears all connect to her […]
  • S1 E15: Coffee Chat - Follow Your Heart
    In this short solo episode, Shanna breaks it down about following your heart. She discusses the three emotional and physical steps in the journey of doing so.
  • S1 E14: Cultivating Careers with Kayla
    In this interview episode, Shanna chats with one of her favorites in the NYC metro area. Who is Kayla? Kayla Kleinman is a pint-sized fitness junkie, wellness writer and yoga teacher living in NYC. After graduating NYU/Tisch with a BFA in theater, Kayla ditched the theater world to bring her love of performing to group […]
  • S1 E13: Coffee Chat - Deal with FOMO
    This is a coffee chat with Shanna, and she gets really real about FOMO, the fear of missing out. Shanna shares the three core ways that she deals with FOMO in her own life. In turn, she encourages you to do to the same. If you ever deal with FOMO in your life, you want […]
  • S1 E12: Balancing Life with Leslie
    In this interview, you’ll be inspired and encouraged in the balancing act of life. Whether you are a girlboss, dog mom, healer, influencer, or all the above, Leslie’s interview is guaranteed to hit home. Who is Leslie? Leslie is a sonotherapist, Reiki healer, certified health coach and the co-author of Rooted With Love seasonal ebooks. […]
  • S1 E11: Coffee Chat - Set those Boundaries
    In this solo episode, Shanna gets really real about setting those boundaries. She says "set them!" Shanna highlights the four key strategies, which includes saying no and prioritizing your time. You don't want to miss this coffee chat of Shanna sharing how to set boundaries and how she's done so in her own life.
  • S1 E10: Loving Your Body with Lo
    This interview with Lo will inspire you in so many ways with your body relationship. Who is Lo? Lo Payne is an Ohio blogger, podcaster, and educator in the health & wellness industry at The LoDownLiving. Lo's mission & purpose with The LoDownLiving is to share openly about her personal experiences through life to help, […]
  • S1 E9: Coffee Chat - Practice What You Preach
    In this solo episode, Shanna shares her definition of the common saying, "practice what you preach." She outlines three steps in that journey and uses herself as an example along the way. This episode will make you think about your message, craft your message, and live your message.
  • S1 E8: Building Community with Cass
    This interview with Cassidy Wendell will give you all the feels and all the inspo. Who is Cass? She is a wellness blogger, community builder, online educator, and self-dubbed "wellness rookie" from beautiful Bozeman, Montana. Cass's journey began after losing her father to a severe stroke. Shortly after, she began blogging as a way to […]
  • S1 E7: Coffee Chat - Why Self Soul Sport
    In this Coffee Chat, Shanna Tyler talks about the process of founding Self Soul Sport and why. Why Self Soul Sport? Why monthly events? Why this podcast? Why even plan a future? Shanna digs in and gets really real about the reason behind these three words.
  • S1 E6: Screw Being Perfect with Erika
    This episode features Erika Weiss who gets really real about Instagram and her experiences with her own fitness account starting 2014. Who is Erika? Erika is a fitness Influencer and SWEAT Contributor who wants you to know how truly valuable you are. Her goal is to motivate and inspire women to become the absolute best […]