The Self Soul Sport Podcast is a destination for women to share their stories of loving themselves, nurturing their souls, and living their sports. 

Hosted by Shanna Tyler, life + biz coach for entrepreneurial women and founder of the Self Soul Sport® community, Shanna shares her own personal life journey with coffee chats, along with interviews with other girl bosses who are living the Self Soul Sport lifestyle. 

Be ready to keep it really real. 

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  • S3 E8: [Encore Episode] Following Passions with Diana
    This episode, Shanna decided to replay the amazing previous episode with Diana Davis. As the very first interview of the podcast, Shanna and Diana kick it off right.  Press Play: if you haven't listened to this episode with Diana, NYC Photographer and Girlboss of Diana Davis Creative!  Press Play: if you listened to this episode […]
  • S3 E7: Why Qutting My Full-Time Job was the BEST Decision I've made
    This episode is as really real as they get. Shanna talks all about her entrepreneurship journey and why quitting her full-time job was the BEST decision she ever made.  In April 2018, Shanna decided to leave her FT job. In this episode, airing on February 2019, she reflects on the the three best benefits of […]
  • S3 E6: Getting Really Real on Race in the Wellness Space with Charlene
    In this episode, Shanna continues her conversation on being black in the wellness space with none other than Charlene Izere. Who is Charlene?  Public health specialist now fitness coach, Charlene Izere turns fitness into an accessible lifestyle for busy female entrepreneurs. Founder of the BossFit Method, she guides her “BossFit Tribe” through exercise theory, practical […]
  • S3 E5: My Unfiltered Experience as a Black Social Media Influencer in the Wellness Space
    Shanna delivers some unfiltered, raw details about her experience as a black social media influencer. This episode doesn't disappoint! From her citing of stats from The Atlantic and Forbes, she also informs listeners on her decisions on working with brands from marketing, pricing, and attending events. Shanna keeps it 100 with how she says yes, […]
  • S3 E4: Living an Ayurvedic Lifestyle with Laure
    In this interview, Shanna discusses the Ayurvedic Lifestyle with Laure Carter. They both discuss the beauty of this lifestyle in many areas of your life, including your body, sleep, and much more.  As an Ayurvedic Diet + Lifestyle Coach and Plant Based Chef, Laure loves helping women have a healthier relationship with foods and their […]
  • S3 E3: The Importance of Non-Negotiables in Your Lifestyle and What I DO NOT Negotiate
    This episode gets really real, as always, with Shanna. This time it's on the importance of setting non-negotiables in your lifestyle and what Shanna will NOT negotiate in her life.  You're gonna wanna listen to this one! Yah gurl Shanna provides a fresh perspective on non-negotiables and why they create loving relationships, as well as […]
  • S3 E2: Starting off Fresh in Movement + Meditation with Kait
    To kick off the first interview of Season 3, Shanna talks to the one and only Kait Hurley.  A digital entrepreneur, teacher, and founder of the Move + meditate Method, Kait helps students cultivate a stronger, more resilient body and mind with the KAIT app and her online streaming platform at  In this really […]
  • S3 E1: I Don't Start My Year with Resolutions, I Do THIS Instead
    Shanna explains how she starts off every new year. She says "F*ck it!" to resolutions and decides to start off 2019 with a one-word intention. In this episode, be prepared for a really real talk with Shanna on setting goals, aligning with your goals, and reasoning to choose a word for the year.  FREE Worksheet […]
  • S2 E15: Pursuing Business, Fitness, and Faith with Pegah
    This is the last coffee chat of Season 2 and this episode will not disappoint! It's an episode with Pegah Olfat. Who is Pegah? She is the CEO & founder of PEGACTIVE: FITNESS + FAITH, a company that focuses on all things health -- physically, mentally & spiritually. Pegah has been able build a business on […]
  • S2 E14: One of The Biggest Reasons I'm Opening Up About My Faith TODAY
    This is the final coffee chat of Season 2 and Shanna takes it home with a really real topic that she never shared on the podcast: FAITH. She shares her history behind faith, what faith she identifies with, and how it's impacted her from 2016 to today.
  • S2 E13: Impacting Lives Through KonMari with Lisa
    In this episode, Shanna continues her conversation about KonMari with Lisa. Who is Lisa? Lisa is a KonMari Certified Consultant, decluttering & organizing expert and lover of all things productivity and minimalism. She spends her time helping people in the NYC area organizing and decluttering their homes according to the KonMari Method. She believes that having […]
  • S2 E12: How The KonMari Method Completely Changed My Life and Business
    The KonMari Method is said to be life-changing and it certainly was for host, Shanna Tyler. Shanna digs in on what led her toward The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and how she has positively affected by the method this book shares in her business, even with the podcast! Tune in […]
  • S2 E11: Committing to a Healthier Lifestyle with Ariel
    Are you ready? Shanna gets really real with Ariel Belgrave on committing to a healthier lifestyle. Who is Ariel? She is a certified health coach, trainer, and founder of Gym Hooky, a wellness brand helping busy women SLAY their wellness goals - without stepping a foot in the gym. She also works at Facebook as […]
  • S2 E10: A Sample Coaching Call with Ilanna
    It's a special episode with Shanna coaching one of her podcast listeners and community members, Ilanna. Ilanna is a finance corporate lady by day and a fitness inspiration by early morning and all the time in between. Shanna digs in with Ilanna on her goals to become a personal trainer and eventually have her own […]
  • S2 E9: Five Questions to Ask When You're Not Feeling Good Enough
    Boo, this episode gets really real, really fast with Shanna. She dives in right away on not feeling enough and the five questions she asks herself when she's in that place. Be ready, you're going to leave this episode encouraged and inspired to know how badass you are. And guess what? You are good enough! 
  • S2 E8: Building a Personal Brand with Melanie Torres
    Okay, this episode with Shanna chatting with Melanie Torres of Headstands and Heels is the real deal. Melanie chats all about building a personal brand and gives tips for every girlboss dreaming of cultivating her own name. Who is Melanie? Melanie is a wellness blogger, yoga teacher (RYT 200), dog mama, marketing strategist and colorful content […]
  • S2 E7: Coffee Chat - 5 Key Ways I've Build My Own Personal Brand
    In this coffee chat, Shanna gets real about the 5 ways she's built her Shanna Tyler LLC brand. From creating a mission statement to networking her ass off, she recommends how you can make a brand yourself. And guess what? She blows your mind as soon as she starts talking about branding! 
  • S2 E6: My Yucky Competitive Mindset and What Made Me Change
    In 2016, Shanna had a yucky competitive mindset that kept her from growing professionally and mentally. In this episode, she keeps it all the way real on how she changed to a collaborative one. It involves an email that changed it all for her and how she decided to rise above. 
  • S2 E5: Getting Real about Girlbossin' with Dulce
    In this episode, Shanna invites Dulce Toscano, founder of byDulce and co-founder of #SheNetworksBoise, to talk all about her girlbossin' journey. From traveling to NYC to building her own business by mistake, Dulce keeps it really real on the hardships and rewards of being your own boss. You don't want to miss this chat with […]
  • S2 E4: Coffee Chat - The Four Realities of Being Your Own Boss
    In this episode, Shanna gets really real about being your own boss. After side-hustling for two years and being her own boss for under 1 year, Shanna shares her insight to encourage and inspire any aspiring entrepreneurs. With her straight-forward approach, she'll have you feeling what it's like to being a girlboss.