Who, What, Where, When, and How of Self Soul Sport

This is me, Shanna! I’m answering all the questions on Self Soul Sport right here. And I’m excited that you even have them! That means you’re interested, and if you’re interested, then that’s a sign this community is calling your name! Let’s get to these questions.

Who is Self Soul Sport?

Self Soul Sport welcomes every single woman who is living a life of loving herself, nurturing her soul, and living her sport.

It’s the woman who works her 9-5 job, lives her passion every day in her corporate life, and finds the time to workout before the crack of dawn. It’s the woman who lives the freelance life, pursues what she loves every single day, and fits in her workout in between her hectic schedule. It’s the woman who works a full-time job, side-hustles when she gets home from work, and finds time to dedicate to moving her body.

The beautiful part about this community is that it’s not just its founder Shanna Tyler nor limited to NYC where events are held. The Self Soul Sport is every woman out there who lives her Self Soul Sport lifestyle on a daily basis.

What is Self Soul Sport?

Self Soul Sport is a lifestyle and community. Loving self, nurturing soul, and living sport is no easy task, but there is strength in numbers! As women, we can find it difficult to come together, whether it’s with time or that sneaky competition. The Self Soul Sport community makes time and embraces one another in a collaborative spirit! We at SSS have events, podcast episodes, and vibes that get us engaged in really real conversations and feels!

Where can you find Self Soul Sport?

First, you can find Self Soul Sport inside of you (yes I know, it’s cheesy!). You can observe your journey and the ways that you love yourself, nurture your soul, and live your sport. Okay, done with the cheese.

Next, you can find Self Soul Sport on our Instagram page and our Facebook community. Lastly, you can also listen to the Self Soul Sport podcast, and if you’re local to NYC, you can come to our monthly events! 

When can I get involved in Self Soul Sport?

Are you a self-identifying woman? Are you living the Self Soul Sport lifestyle? Then, girl, you’re already involved! You were involved the moment that you decided to do this whole life thang with self-love, soul reflection, and body movement. But let’s get to the How you can get involved!

How can I get involved in Self Soul Sport?

You can get involved in so many different ways! We have our monthly NYC discussion based events, then we have our podcast, then we have our Instagram/Facebook community, the list goes on!