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Screw New Year Resolutions, I’m Setting a One-Word Intention for 2019 Instead

Last year, I made a decision to start a one-word intention for 2018. In December 2017, I decided to set one word that’ll carry me throughout the year: increase. I decided to increase my confidence, business, focus, and self-love. This year, I’ve realized how much I stuck to my word of increase.

I’ve increased my confidence in myself as a girlboss enough to quit my full-time job in April. I’ve increased my business revenue for Shanna Tyler LLC all because I decided to focus and get clear on what I’m delivering. I’ve also increased so much self-love in myself, and you know what, it’s wild to see how much I’ve grown.

That’s why I’m saying screw new year resolutions, setting one word for 2019 is the way to go.

The beauty of setting a one-word intention is that it is easy to remember, apply, and follow through on in the new year. Giving yourself one word will be a game changer, believe me. You’ll be able to think of that word whenever you’re following through on a goal that applies to it. It’ll be such a good feeling, boo!

When I set the word “increase” as my one-word intention in 2018, I would think of it throughout the entire year. I thought about it when I looked at my bank account and even when I quit my full-time job. The increase I saw in 2018 was applied and followed through so much easier than any resolution I’ve ever seen.

I wrote down that I wanted to increase my revenue for Shanna Tyler LLC. I did it. I wrote down that I wanted to increase my confidence in my social media and brand partnerships. I did it. I wrote down that I wanted to increase my self-love in my decisions with romantic partners. I did it. I increased so much this year and now it’s time to align.

We all have words that can carry us throughout every single year. It might take time for us to come up with them, it might come up right away. But our years will be even more fulfilling with an intention that we can apply and commit to.

This year, my one-word intention is alignment, and it can be applied to my business, yoga career, and personal life. You have an opportunity this year to set a one-word intention that can be used throughout every and each situation in your life that you’re looking to improve. It’s completely up to you and your heart!

I’ve decided I need to align more with my mission, vision, and values as a personal brand and business. This year has been so amazing! I’ve worked with amazing brands like Well + Good, Blink Fitness and RITUALS. I’ve been able to finally launch the Shanna Tyler LLC biz I’ve had in mind for a while! However, I’m now looking to get even more laser focused. That laser focus brings about the word of “alignment.”

I will be launching the courses I’ve had in my mind for a while now and finally align with my vision of being a resource for the entrepreneurial woman who is kicking off her biz. I will be getting back to teaching yoga, which is something I did on and off last year but so excited to get back to! I’m also aligning with my values of finding a great partner in 2019, whether it happens or not. My standards are gonna be high AF!

When we’re starting off a new year, a word will allow us to apply it to any area of our life that we’re looking for it to apply. We can use it to guide our decisions before we say yes and how we will make the choices in many areas of our life. This is why we can all benefit from setting a one-word intention.   Well, let’s do this!

I invite you to set a one-word intention for yourself instead of a resolution with this free worksheet below. I’ve created a worksheet just for you this year. You can fill this out as a PDF or write down your answers in your journal. There are three in-depth questions after you download that’ll encourage you to keep this going!

Are you ready for 2019? Are you ready to set your one-word intention for 2019? Download Your One-Word Intention Worksheet for 2019. 

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    1. Kim Guernsey says:

      I’ve been thinking of a one word theme and immediately thought of “expression “. I just signed up for your worksheet too, to really make sure this is the intention I want to set for 2018.

      • Shanna Tyler says:

        I love this Kim!! Expression is such a wonderful word to integrate into your 2019. There was a little delay in the delivery of the worksheets but you should have it in your inbox right now! Cannot wait to hear more about your expression journey in 2019!!

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