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The Oh Hay Podcast is a destination for mission-driven entrepreneurs to go from confused to curated. Yah gurl shares brand & biz tips, as well as community chats. Ditch the DIY in your brand, it's time for C2C! Have a brand or want a brand? Listen below for tips, boo!

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Overcoming Burnout And Being The Best Entrepreneur You Can Be with Diana Davis

Burnout. It’s one of the realest topics we can ever have as entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and employees. I’ve experienced in all three ends so I decided to have an honest talk about it with someone I know deals with it too.

In this episode of The Self Soul Sport Podcast, I interview Diana Davis, my dear friend and awesome photographer. We get to the nitty gritty of burnout, keep it really real, and chat honestly about entrepreneurship.

I dig all the way in the Diana on the B-word: burnout. Diana keeps it honest on how she handles it, what she does to manage it, and when she has experienced it (even now!)

I ask Diana how she’s grown so much over the past year since her first interview on the podcast. As a friend, I’ve seen her growth from being shy about entrepreneurship to owning her business and taking it to an amazing financial level!

I get really real on plans Diana has for the future to manage her burnout. It may involve an airplane and getting away from the city! What amazing vulnerability she has on what her next steps are.

Listen to this episode to finally hear some real talk on entrepreneurship and burnout. Diana doesn’t spare any details, words, and insights on her experience being her own boss for almost two years!

Also, if looking for us — we can be found on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or Spotify! WOOT! Can’t wait to keep it really real with you next week!

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