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One Resource That Has Made Me 10x More Productive in Reaching my Goals

Have you ever wanted to be more productive in reaching your goals? I definitely did as a side hustler for two years. Time was something that felt so hard to come by last year. I was working a 9-5, running a blog, building an Instagram, hosting community events, and aspiring to start teaching yoga. It wasn’t easy to maintain productivity in all those areas of my life and biz.

At the end of 2016, I was gifted one resource that changed it all. It was the Passion Planner. Once I started using this planner, my productivity greatly increased. I was able to make shit happen quicker and move forward faster. Not only that, but I was able to approach productivity in a whole new mindset and get even more smarter practices in my life and biz. I’d love to share how this one resource has been so instrumental for me!

And please note, boo: this post is in no way sponsored. This is a post truly from the heart! Okay now, let’s get to the juicy stuff on the Passion Planner!

The Passion Planner shows how to set SMART goals and make realistic timelines for those goals getting done. To make your goals a reality, it’s important that they are SMART, which stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely. You can always have goals, however it makes you even more productive in reaching them when they are strategically organized and outlined. The Passion Planner helps you do that!

In December 2016, I was gifted the Passion Planner from a brand that I was working with. They wrote something along the lines of “We hope this planner helps you accomplish even more in 2017!”. I figured it’d be like every other planner going straight to the days, weeks, and nothing else. But I was shocked when I flipped to the very first page. There was what they called A Passion Roadmap.

When completing my Passion Roadmap, I set down a wishlist of my 3 Month, One Year, 3 Year, and Lifetime Goals. Afterward, I prioritized them, and set my first Passion Plan for them which was an outline of all the tasks I would have to do for my goal and make a date on when I wanted to achieve it by. This exercise took less than 30 minutes to complete, but made an impact that’ll last a lifetime.

We all have goals. How often do we write them down in a planner and create steps for them? The way we’re able to achieve our goals is by outlining their steps and setting timelines for them. In this planner, we’re able to do just that and break down our daily lives to do so.

Each block of time has a strategic purpose to reach toward goals with the use of the Passion Planner. Being productive is not about being busy, it’s about being purposeful in that busyness. When filling up your time, you must keep in mind how they’ll be helpful in reaching your goals. With the Passion Planner, you’re able to create to-do lists, spaces of possibility, and most importantly, set blocks of time for work.

In January 2017, I began using my Passion Planner every single week. It was different with this planner because I had a concrete purpose when outlining my time. I set deadlined goals such as securing a yoga position, creating a content strategy for my social media, and finding a graphic designer to fully update my website. With these goals all set in mind for the first three months of 2017, I became more purposeful on how I allotted my time.

Each hour, I began to dedicate to either my full-time job, lunch hour, early mornings, and late nights. I became more purposeful with my days off and setting time to search job postings on fitness websites, look up social media content strategies, and fielding the internet for a graphic designer. And you know what? Within three months, I accomplished each of those goals in my life!! Why? Because I made sure I used my time effectively!

When we are strategic with our time, we can conquer any goal that we have. It’s then a matter of sticking to it and making sure we get it done. One of the best ways is when we write it down in a planner that we open up every single day. Seeing our goals and how we can realistically achieve them helps us reach them. The Passion Planner makes our goals reachable and will make the impact of a lifetime.

After a year of using the Passion Planner, there is a clear benefit in becoming even more productive in each task to reach your goals. After you accomplish your three month goals, you’ll be even more ready to smash those year goals. When you have a resource like the Passion Planner having you be even more productive with your time, you’ll notice the changes you’ve made after a full year of using it. It’ll be a really real transformation for you!

In January 2018, I’m sitting here and looking at my old Passion Planner. It actually makes tear up when reading all of my goals outlined. The biggest lifetime goal was being my own boss. Today, I can say that if it wasn’t for continuing the use of my Passion Planner after seeing the benefits after just three months, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I’ve been 10x more productive in reaching my goals with this planner.

When setting a block of time, I keep my outlined goals in mind and the timeline I’ve set for them. I’m more streamlined with my time and make hour blocks on my Passion Planner to make sure I’m getting shit done and moving forward. Not only that, I also think of time much differently now than ever more. I think of time as an opportunity to make shit happen for my goals. I don’t play around with my time, I don’t waste my time, and I make sure my time has a meaning and purpose. Each task that I set, I’m able to be even more productive with now.

We all have resources that can help us in reaching goals. This Passion is one that can definitely help us do so. From our short term to long term goals, we can make them happen with being more strategic about time, setting realistic timelines, and using a SMART method. Not only that, but I have even more to share for all of us in this journey toward getting shit done and moving forward.

On Friday, February 1st, I’m launching my e-book, Get It Done: Move Forward with the Sh*t you Want. This really real e-book is a resource for all the entrepreneurial, passionate women who want to get shit done. In it, I added a section of all of my favorite resources and how I use them (including the Passion Planner). Join my newsletter below to be the first to know when this e-book is live and even more details along the way!


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