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My Top Three Tips for Organizing Your Side Hustle or Full-Time Passion

As a side-hustler, I had a thing or two to share about organizing your passions. As a full-time entrepreneur for over a month, I’ve now got three things to share about organizing your passions. It’s definitely not easy to admit to yourself that you need to organize. But it’s the way to get shit done.

I’m writing this post on Wednesday, March 23rd on my front porch after I decided to disconnect from Instagram and any distractions. This time today, I will be in ATL enjoying the 21 Ninety Summit with a friend of mine! Let me tell you, this hasn’t always been the case.

I’ve had to learn the hard way to organize after procrastinating for days, hitting deadlines in hours, and being unmotivated at the time of working on it but still generating content, posts, and materials that I wanted to serve others with.

But I’ve officially decided to organize myself and I’ve been seeing great results from it! It makes me way more liberated and free in sharing my message. So today, I wanted to share my top three tips with you as a side hustler, freelancer, and/or entrepreneur! Let’s get to ‘em!

Categorize each day for each function of your side hustle or passion. Each one of our days has a purpose and can look different depending on our deadlines. We could have a Thursday weekly meeting or a Monday post date. No matter what type of days we have, we can organize each day to streamline our focus.

My biggest weakness to organizing my passions was my hot-mess daily schedule. On one day, I would work on a blog post, a newsletter, an Instagram post, a coaching assignment, and a Self Soul Sport post. Bouncing from task to task was not only hindering my creative process, but it also was frustrating AF to turn on different parts of my passions.

A few months ago, I decided to make each day a focused theme. Mondays are miscleanous days for  fun, new projects. Tuesdays and Wednesdays are for Shanna Tyler blog posts/newsletters. Thursdays are for Self Soul Sport. Fridays are for coaching clients. Saturdays are for yoga. Sundays are days off. YES! Once I started organizing my day for each role within my passions, I became way more productive.

It’s now your turn to categorize each day. Your ability to shift the focus onto one part of your business a day will allow you to become way more organized, focused, and inspired. Believe me, I learned the hard way for you.

Automate and implement reliable systems into your passion or side hustle. If we don’t need to be physically present for a task, there are ways we can make it happen automatically. Not everything has to be manual in our passion or side-hustle. There are systems we can put in place that will help us organize our days even more.

After I began categorizing my days, I was realizing that they weren’t fully categorized because I still needed to manually do a lot of tasks.  I needed to hit the “publish” button on my blog posts and plan out my visual content for my Instagram. I needed to schedule coaching/consulting calls manually and look at my calendar to tic-tac toe how someone would fit in the day. Then, I began to explore other ways I could go about these tasks.

I now publish blog posts ahead of time and plan out their launch times. I gather the blog post URL from WordPress and write the Sunday Soulday newsletter ahead of time so that it sends without my need to go into Mailchimp. I use Planoly to schedule and visualize my Instagram feed, but I still like write my captions/stories daily (shout out to Melanie for this tip!). I also use a scheduling software called Acuity Scheduling and send it directly to clients so that I don’t have to answer each email and figure it out automatically.

Your ability to automate will allow you more room to create. It will give you the freedom you need to focus more deeply on the other tasks of your side hustle or full-time passion. There is power in automating as much as we can in your passions. Let me tell you, relying on these systems for automation has helped my whole process and will definitely help yours!

Prioritize your rest and when you need breaks so that creativity can still spark. The beauty of categorizing and automating is that it will allow time for wiggle room in our schedules. Once we decide that we are ready to be more organized, we can then prioritize ourselves in the meantime.

I struggled with taking breaks and scheduling rests for a long time. I didn’t want to because I knew it would be detrimental. The day of every task, I would have to plan ahead of time and some days I just didn’t feel like it or the creativity didn’t hit me. I was pressured and overwhelmed with so many tasks at once!

Starting the organizational tips above really allowed me to take breaks. I now sleep on Sundays for the blog posts and only write the Instagram captions the day of (that’s one non-negotiable. I love to write IG captions on the same day so much!). I now don’t feel any rush with writing blog posts and can focus on writing quality versus the quantity of time that I have before it is launched. I now can leisurely connect my newsletter and blog post together within a decent amount of time.

Your passion’s organization will lead to your passion’s creation. Organizing is a great way to relieve any stress connected to the functions of your business that you can categorize, automate, and implement. It’s all about your strategy!

How can you organize your side hustle or full time passion? Will you be using any of these tips that I’ve shared? Or are you already using these steps? Or freestyle! Maybe you have some more you’d like to suggest!
Share with me if this sparked any ideas for you! I always love to hear from you all on these topics!

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