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Here’s Exactly Why I’ve Stopped Calling Myself Lucky, And You Should Too

Before I quit my full-time job in April 2018, I believed in such a thing as luck paired with hard work. I thought that people who were in successful positions were just in the right place and the right time. I thought that those winners in life were the ones that had that special something that got them where they are today.

I didn’t realize that luck has nothing to do with success until I started working for myself. That’s when I stopped calling myself and other entrepreneurs lucky. The hours of dedication I put into what I do every day really has nothing to do with luck. The days and nights I see fellow entrepreneurs put in show me that chance has nothing to do with the success they find themselves in years later.

This Saint Patrick’s Day, I want to share my view on luck: to be lucky ain’t got shit to do with your career or life trajectory. Let’s talk all about why, boo.

The very definition of luck is proof that it doesn’t describe the commitment to what you do. Luck is “success or failure apparently brought by chance rather than through one’s own actions.” When we read this definition, it’s clear that luck is dictated by the chance that one has and based on possibility and/or accident.

I used to say “I’m so lucky” for the opportunities that I got with this blog and brand. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t because of luck. It was because of my very actions. Calling myself lucky didn’t really describe all the things I do. The days I put in planning content for the blog, the photoshoots I invest in for posting on the Instagram feed, the events I took time to planning with people for my community… Those activities didn’t have shit to do with luck and where my career was taking me.

When you call yourself lucky, you’re literally saying that your actions haven’t gotten to where you are. Luck doesn’t mean that you’re dedicated or committed, it quite literally means that you have your success based on an accident. Whether you’re describing yourself as lucky in getting a new job or having an awesome relationship, you’re telling yourself that your commitment didn’t get you anywhere.

Calling yourself lucky downplays the hard work that’s done to get to where you currently are. We make our accomplishments seem less important than they are when we say we’re “lucky.” We’ll eventually begin giving little weight to all of what we do because of our idea that luck got us there.

I caught myself when I started calling myself lucky after I quit my full-time job in April. Whenever I got a massive opportunity, I called myself lucky. Up until the the speaking engagement with Well + Good, I changed the internal conversation. I realized on the call, I didn’t get the gig because of chance. The recruiter gave me a list of reasons why I was chosen then it finally hit me. I didn’t receive opportunities because of some accident or chance, I got them because I was consistent, valuable, and worthy of speaking on a panel. Basically, yah girl works hard.

I want to invite you to think of the last time you called yourself lucky. Perhaps it was when you got something really kickass like that gold medal or that pay raise, then I want you to think of all the ways you actually earned it. Was it the fact that you wake up early before work to work out? Is the reason because you bring your valuable skill to the job? I’m here to encourage you that you got to where you are not just because of luck, boo.

It’s time to start using these words instead to describe ourselves like worthy, successful, and blessed. Using words that are more empowering will get us even more pumped about all the way we do. What words will you use and call yourself? Comment below with them. Cause guess what? What you got ain’t luck!

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