It's Time To Go From Confused to Curated

Are you ready to take your Instagram to the next level

Are you having a tough time creating valuable content on the regular, targeting + attracting your ideal client on Instagram, and knowing how to curate a feed with the colors, pictures, and captions that are totally YOU

If you’re ready to go from confused to curated, you’re in the right place, boo! 

I’ve created something for you: a 4-week online, self-study course, Confused To Curated: Create Your Dream Instagram Feed and Convert Ghost Followers to Engaged Fans (aka C2C).

In this course, you’ll learn my very own CARE method that’ll have you developing your brand voice, nailing your message on IG, curating your feed, and much more! 

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    Allow Me To Introduce Myself


    How rude of me not to introduce myself right?! YIKES! 

    My name is Shanna Tyler, life + biz coach for entrepreneurs and branding expert for building an identity + gaining confidence online. I love what I do and the amazing, frigging clients I get to work with, from side hustlers to full-time entrepreneurs, I support in Instagram Strategy. 

    How did I get here? Well, I was confused on Instagram myself when I first started on the platform three years ago. I didn’t know how to build relationships, organize my photos, or any of that fancy shit. 

    Then I started sharing my really real story. Then I started using all of the functions of Instagram. Within a year, I started getting invited to exclusive events, meeting amazing people who were just like me, hosting community events on a regular basis. Within two years, I started getting paid to work with major brands like Rituals, Nuetrogena, Sundown Naturals, Well + Good, and more! 

    I started answering so many questions on how to stand out on Instagram, share your story, get a curated feed, and become as consistent as I was! Then decided this has to be a damn course. 

    This course is a 4-step method that I’ve taken through my own self, my own clients, and now I want to share it with you. This is going to get LIT up in the IG and helping you go from CONFUSED to CURATED. Join this friggin waitlist cause launch week is coming end of June!

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