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I Know Exactly Why You’re Not Sticking To Your Routine and What You Can Do About It

Are you someone who likes routine? I’m one of those routine people. I preach routine from the mountain tops to my friends and tell all my clients about the importance of setting routines. To keep it really real. I wasn’t always about the routine life. 

I used to wonder why I wasn’t sticking to my routines, like working out at the gym, eating healthy meals, and waking up at the same time every day. Then I realized why through trial and error. So today, I want to share exactly why you’re not sticking to your routine. Because yah girl has been through it too!

To stick to a routine, it helps to schedule it at the most convenient, available time on your calendar. Second to your bed, Your calendar is one of the most sacred places in your life. When you schedule something in your calendar, it makes it more likely to actually happen.

When I first wanted to regularly practice yoga, I gave myself the goal of practicing yoga at home every day. I had it in my head that it’d magically happen – that I’d miraculously find the time. Guess who never practiced? So I tried a different technique.

Out of frustration for not hitting my goal of a regular home practice, I opened up my calendar and looked realistically at my days. At the time, I was still working a 9-5 so it wasn’t realistic for me to practice throughout the day. So I put down YOGA on my calendar at 7PM EST every night. It was the most convenient, available time on my calendar. It was right before bed and an hour after I ate dinner. Once I scheduled it, it happened! I stuck to my practice every damn day while it was on my calendar!

We only stick to routines when we schedule it. When we make a routine happen at a convenient time on our calendar, no excuses can be made and it eventually sticks. What can we schedule today? What can we make happen? Our routines will happen with the first step of adding them to our calendar.

One of the best ways to stick to a routine is to tell someone about it, or even recruit them to the same routine as you. You are more likely to stick to a routine when you are held accountable. Accountability is the remedy for sticking to a routine. You can ask someone to check in on you or to ask you how it’s going every so often. However, the biggest benefit is when you are on the same routine with someone else!

Before I started getting serious about yoga, I knew I wanted to prioritize my health. I was uncomfortable with my body, had a hard time going up the stairs, and felt insecure about the strength I no longer had. In 2015, I knew I wanted to put my health first but didn’t know where to start, and quite frankly, I was scared as hell to go on the journey myself. So I did what any millennial did in 2015, I wrote a Facebook post about it.

I wrote that I needed to get fit and wanted to prioritize my health. A friend of a friend responded that she was going to a kickboxing studio that she loved that wasn’t too far away. I messaged her, scheduled a kickboxing date with her, then before I knew it, I was a member at the studio for months. I had her as a friend to text if she was coming to classes and when I needed motivation. I’d see her on days I scheduled and it was the best to stick to my routine with having her along the fitness ride with me!

We are way more likely to stick to a routine when we have someone who holds us accountable and joins the journey with us. It’s our human nature to be motivated when there’s someone else involved and committed with us. We can text them when we’re feeling down and celebrate our wins with them when we’re sticking to our routines. There’s nothing like sharing our journey with another person!

The most important way to stick to a routine is to remind yourself of WHY you’re doing it in the first place. When you’re feeling down and want to quit, your WHY will keep you on the path. It’s so important to keep the reason why you’re sticking to a routine on your mind. It’ll keep you motivated when you don’t want to go on any longer. Trust, I know this one.

I used to hate budgeting. I dreaded opening up my budget every two weeks when I scheduled it. Even when I decided to join The Financial Gym, I still didn’t want to open up my budget. That Google Drive was one of the most hated spreadsheets I’ve ever created in my life. I started reading Your Money or Your Life by Vicki Robin and learning that the WHY of our budgets are so important to keep in mind.

So I made the first page of my budget spreadsheet a list of reasons why I created a budget. Some of the reasons include “Pay Off My Credit Card Debt” and “Move Back to Brooklyn.” Now as soon as I open my budget, it shows me exactly why I have a budget in the first place. My goals won’t be reached without balancing my finances and staying clear about where my money is going. Now that I have my WHY as a constant reminder, my attitude is more positive in budgeting. I remind myself of my WHY and it helps me stick to it every two weeks (with an even better attitude!).

How we’re going to stick to our routine is by reminding ourselves of our WHY. One of the best ways we can remind ourselves is writing it down before we start the routine. To stay on our fitness routines, we can write a post-it note on our mirror. To stay on our budget routines, we can write a list of reasons in our spreadsheets. The list goes on.

On the topic of routines, I want to share that it had a hard time starting this blog post, but I kept my WHY in mind for this Sunday Soulday. I didn’t start it on Saturday like usual, I woke up earlier today just to sit and write today’s newsletter because I know how important it is to share moments like these. I’ll be sharing even more on today’s Sunday Soulday newsletter! 

If you aren’t familiar with my newsletter, it’s a very personal note of my week, an inspiring note to you, a list of all my favorites, and exciting updates coming up. I love writing this and I want to invite you to subscribe if you’re not already! Below you can fill out your information, boo. I can’t wait to chat with you on Sundays!

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