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I Discovered These Mindset Shifts to Get More Confident & Attract More Money as a Girlboss

How do you talk to yourself, boo? Do you say there is more than enough? Are you willing to learn and grow? Do you focus on the bright side?

After quitting my full-time job in April, I’ve discovered that my mindset needed work. Though I already was working on my mindset shifts, it was more important to do it because my income relied on it. In reflecting on how I’ve been able to get more confident and attract more success than ever, I discovered the three mindset shifts I’ve adopted.

These mindset shifts will not be new, but they will demonstrated for you in my life. I know that you’ll gain some value from either one or all three of these shifts. As a girlboss, you’re in your head every single day. Whether it’s on starting that new project or amping up your income, the mind is a powerful tool that can either attract or repel what we really want.

Ok, you ready for me to share my discoveries through my own damn journey, as always?! Let’s get to it!

I discovered the growth mindset was important in getting more girlboss confidence. The growth mindset is the willingness to learn. Your willingness to learn will get you in a great position to being confident. Learning new skills and rocking at them will get you

When I quit my full-time job in April, my confidence momentarily hit an all-time low. I realized I didn’t have it all figured out with making sure I could make a livable income and especially in building skills to market myself. I knew I had to change something fast because I couldn’t survive even a year with my mindset of insecurity. Then I began to start learning as much as I could. I networked with other girl bosses and eventually learned new skills, with one being the most beneficial.

Pitching myself is one key skill I’ve learned that has made my confidence skyrocket. From listening to Julie Solomon’s The Influencer Podcast and bringing myself to complete many of her recommended templates, I’ve developed my confidence in myself from learning how to sell myself. Today, I am the most confident I’ve ever been since learning how to pitch. I send emails to brands letting them know they want me and don’t know it yet. I negotiate deals to make them more beneficial to my portfolio and wallet. I’m the most confident I’ve ever been as a result of learning and adopting a growth mindset.

We are consistently going to be challenged as girl bosses. As a result, we need to learn a few things. We need to listen to others who have been through it before, complete exercises that benefit us, and learn from the best in our industries. The more we learn, the more confidence we grow.

I discovered the abundance mindset was necessary in attracting more money. The abundance mindset is knowing there is more than enough in the universe. Your ability to shift your perspective into having enough vs. not having enough will completely change your life, especially your relationship with money and how you attract it into your life.

Not too long ago, I used to hate money and think I never had enough. I would dread looking at my bank account and even feared my pay days. I knew something needed to change with the clench in my chest every time I swiped the card at a restaurant. It opened my eyes and made me commit to my financial health.

The top two resources for me have been The Financial Gym and reading Your Money or Your Life. The two sources have helped me in switching from a scarcity mindset to an abundance mindset. Today, I look at my bank account and mentally see more money. I talk about money openly with my financial trainer and arrange my budget with no fear of a swipe anymore. I write in my gratitude journal that I’m grateful for all of the money coming to myself (without putting any limit on amount).

If we want more money, we need to know that the money is coming to us. We need to mentally see our money and be grateful for the money before it becomes into our account. This shift has given me more money than I dreamed of in working as my own boss. Facts!

I discovered the positive mindset was key for both confidence in the business and money in the bank. The positive mindset is literally looking at the bright side of shit. Everything can be crumbling around you, your relationship, your bank account, your, but if you focus on the positive, the universe will attract more good shit to you.

Let me testify girl! My mind has been in the gutter for years before being a girlboss. I used to say some nasty things to myself like “I’ll never make more money” or “I’m always going to need to work a full-time job.” Planning to quit my full-time job forced me to switch that conversation around. But I didn’t go from Negative Nancy to Positive Polly by myself.

Hiring a career coach/mentor was the most worthwhile investment I made in shifting to a positive mindset. For five amazing months, she worked with me and supported me in realizing how much value I add to my community, audience, and following. She made me realize the crap I was telling myself was simply not true. Though I don’t work with her today, I realize that her work with me and supporting me to answer questions of who I am and how do I add value to others was important in showing me that I’m actually a bad-ass bih, okur!?!

We cannot look at things negatively and expect a positive result. It just won’t happen; the universe won’t let it. What we need to do is switch the conversation with ourselves. We got this, we own this, we’re confident, and we’re attracting all the damn money!! YUS!!

What mindset shifts are you committing to and attracting to your life?I invite you to ask yourself these questions honestly. Are you staying in the positive or negative? Are you living in scarcity or abundance? Are you growing or stagnating? Comment below with any revelations or shares. Let’s encourage one another!

I discovered the growth, abundance, and positive mindset has made me more confident as a girlboss and attract more money as a professional. I’ve noticed that my life has been completely transformed by the resources along the way like podcasts, books, and a coach/mentor.

Please know that If you’re struggling with your mindset as a girlboss and you’re feeling stuck, I want you to know that I’m here for you. I have created free guides like Get It Done: Six Steps to Becoming Your Most Productive Self and Get it Done: Five Steps to Creating an Awesome Network (launching tomorrow, Mon 10/15 in my Instagram and in the next blog post on 10/21!).

All my ladies already in my Sunday Soulday Newsletter and reading this right now, you have this coming hot very soon in your inbox!

Lastly, I am offering 1:1 life coaching with a free discovery call to you that can be booked here if you want to work on your mindset and finally get these goals done and live your best girlboss life. At the end of the day, I’m here for you boo!

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