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How To Set Your Personal Goals for 2021 (Even With the Uncertainty)

We’ve gotten through 2020, boo. If we know anything from the past year is that it was uncertain AF. In March 2020, we heard about a virus that may have us in our homes for a while. Little did we know that we’d be in Jan 2020 with a new strain, in midst of a global civil rights movement, and all the damn things.

Are you feeling wary of setting goals in 2021? Are you feeling confused on how to set them in the midst of so much uncertainty? Who knows what 2021 will look like?! Yah gurl is here for you if you’re struggling with goal setting for yourself in 2021.

In this blog post, I’m going to share a mixture of how to set goals at this time, plus my own goals. I’ve decided to fully focus on what I can control despite what happens in my external environment. And that’s the key, boo. Alright let’s get to it.

P.S. I am so happy to be back to blogging in 2021. I’ve missed this blog beyond words (pun-intended) so yah gurl will be delivering you these again on a weekly basis on Saturdays!

Focus on what you can control in spite of the external environment. If 2020 has taught as anything, it’s that what happens outside of us can affect us. In the matter of a few days, our lives were changed. No more coffee shops, no more IRL events, no more workout classes. These shifts meant we truly had to use our own discipline and control what we can.

I’ve made it a personal goal to actually focus on what I can control — my business, my body, and my personal relationships in 2021. In the setting of these goals, I’ve decided to make them dependent on internal strategy vs. external opportunity. For example, I’ve set a goal of physical movement every single day. The details of this goal mean it can look like outdoor walks, indoor strength-training, boutique studios (if/when they fully open again for 2021). However, I’ve lost attachment to what the external environment looks like. It’s up to me to make it happen.

When we decide to focus on ourselves instead of what’s outside of our control, that’s when we create the self-discipline no matter what the external is. This year, 2021, may be very uncertain but we can still keep certain that our goals can be hit with the way we goal set.

Know that flexibility and adaptability are going to be key this year. It’s reality that we still are going to need to keep our minds open to change. 2021 is not known to any of us, thus, we still need to be open to the way we hit goals to evolve as our external evolves as well.

To keep it really real, I’m not a very adaptable person. 2020 was a real challenge for me as we shifted to a new routine of working more at-home and shifting our routines including movement and networking. My goals also needed to be changed since I focused solely on a society that wasn’t in the middle of a pandemic. It was tough to adapt, it happened slowly but surely. 2021 is teaching me to be open to my goals (like movement) shifting as external shifts. This means saying “I’m dedicated to moving my body throughout this year whether it’s in a gym, my living room, an indoor bike. Yet I’m always decided.”

When you struggle with change, it’s going to be important to keep in mind that 2021 is guaranteed to evolve in a way that you don’t know. Owning it, being aware of it, and fostering an attitude of flexibility is going to be important. Let your goals have an element of adaptability with no expectation of what the external will look like.

Join a formal or informal community that holds you accountable to your goals. Last but not least, a community is always going to support in keeping you on track. In 2021, we can hold ourselves accountable with like-minded peers who also are dealing with the uncertainiy. We need to remember in this: we are not alone.

In the toughest parts of 2020 and dealing with the flexibility needed, I relied like wild on my support system: family members and close friends. However, I began to realize I also needed a community of like-minded entrepreneurs in similar phases of their biz with me too. In 2021, I’m making it a point to stay in touch with my informal mastermind and reach out to connect with more people just like me. Knowing I’m not alone and that people support me can be enough at times, boo. My informal mastermind and I meet once a month to discuss our actions, plans, and also vent in a healthy, constructive way with room for feedback. That’s what I recommend for you.

You will benefit so much from a like-minded community in 2021 to help keep you on your goals. I encourage you to DM that person you look up to, comment on that post to join a book club, email that coach that is hosting a mastermind you want in on, or even start one of your own with monthly calls. Your goals and eventual triumphs feel even better when you can celebrate even more, boo!

We can accomplish our goals in 2021 with focus, adaptability, and community. Cheers to yet another year, boo! Let’s get it (no matter how uncertain it may seem!).

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