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How The Wellness Industry is Making a Strong Impact on Women

Since I started blogging in 2016, I’ve seen the wellness industry have a strong impact on us as women. Brands and companies are now aligning with political statements and monumental issues. Leaders and influencers are now talking with less apology on the role of women from the kitchen to the yoga studio. One of the best ways I believe that the wellness industry is making an impact is with events.

There is such power in gathering like-minded, woke AF women together. We need each other now more than ever. We need to hear how the woman next to us making it happen in her fitness workouts, in her meal plans, and in her business tactics. It’s time for us to get the really real scoop from industry leaders who commit to a physical, mental, and spiritual lifestyle.

All of these reasons are exactly why I’m so excited to be heading to the WELL Summit NYC 2018 on Fri. 10/5 and Sat. 10/6. WELL Summit creates a meeting place for everything you love about wellness: From thought-provoking articles and interviews to first-of-their-kind, weekend-long wellness summits and interactive pop-up festivals.

The WELL Summit is literally one of the highlights of the wellness industry and also makes a huge impact on us as women. I’d love to share how exactly the wellness industry is making this impact, including the WELL Summit.

First and foremost, the wellness industry is now focusing not only what women look like, but how they think, feel, and love. In your wellness journey, you’ll go through more than a physical journey. You’ll think further about how your body feels when you eat foods, your mind when you focus on affirmations, and your heart in your personal callings. Thankfully, your wellness is now looked at as more than a body thing, it’s a whole mind, body, soul thing.

I got really serious about my wellness journey after I was diagnosed with major depression in 2014. As a woman with major depressive disorder, my life doesn’t just revolve around what’s on my plate. I’m very focused on my inner thoughts and self-care practices. In turn, I am all about the wellness industry being more focused on what’s going on with us as women on the inside. Naturally, I’m drawn to anything I see that has that focus.

The main reason I decided to Well Summit was their mission of helping others live a healthy life through education and community. But their definition of health is not only limited to nutrition and fitness, but also mental health, relationships, and mindfulness. With this kind of mission, we as women can connect with a more well-rounded approach to wellness (pun intended!).

What makes us stronger is when we strengthen our ideas of wellness. The industry itself is making a stronger impact on us by allowing us to see that wellness isn’t only what we eat. Our wellness is important in all aspects of our lives, and the industry is tailoring their messaging and offering to women to this holistic approach to wellness.

The wellness industry makes an impact on women by hosting events that gather bloggers, enthusiasts, and leaders in the same room. Have you ever felt the magic in being surrounded by like-minded women? It’s a powerful feeling to be surrounded by those just as dedicated to making changes, learning skills, and building relationships. You’re bound to be strongly impacted by an event that allows you to be surrounded by this wellness magic.

I’ve been to many conferences and events, even hosting my own. I’ve seen how many enriching conversations can be held by women who are all gathered in the same room. I’ve witnessed the magic that occurs when women get to uplift and speak into each other. The wellness industry has understood that it’s necessary not only for the growth of a professional, but the experience of a person. I’ve been to events where I was strongly inspired to get some projects finished and strongly encouraged to build a new friendship.

What I love about the WELL Summit is that it is passionate about gathering like-minded women together. From their wellness foundations and business of wellness tracks, there’s something for everyone who is in a separate track of their wellness journey. If you guessed, I’m in the Business of Wellness track targets for bloggers, influencers, and entrepreneurs. Honestly, this can be a lonely journey at times as a solo entrepreneur, and I’m beyond thrilled to be surrounded by others in the same position as me in figuring it all out and becoming a sponge.

In our wellness journeys, it’s important to know we aren’t alone. The wellness industry, including WELL Summit, is making a strong impact on us as women by simply getting us together in the same room. We can then be inspired, encouraged, and connected with each other on our journeys.

Informational wellness discussions, keynotes, and conversations are being led by strong, entrepreneurial women.
Is there anything more inspiring than seeing a fellow woman who is exactly where you want to be? Whether it’s in her confidence or career, you are guaranteed to be inspired by seeing a fellow woman killing it in the wellness industry. The wellness industry knows that we as women will be impacted beyond belief by these leaders.

Within my life, I’ve been greatly inspired by strong AF women who are doing amazing things. When I get to be in their company, I get encouraged in my own personal journey. When I get to hear their stories, I get impacted in my own business to make changes and be better. I know I mustn’t be alone in that feeling of inspiration after experiencing these ladies.

That said, I’m excited to be heading to WELL Summit on 10/5 and 10/6 to see how the wellness industry is impacting us, and myself. I’ve scheduled my full calendar for the day with sessions like The Art of Healthy Hustle and Digital Marketing Strategies for Your Wellness Business. I get to experience women like Sarah Level of Y7 Studio and Ally Love of Love Squad. I mean…EEEEK!!

All said, the wellness industry is really impressive in its pursuit of making a strong impact on women. Through messaging, event planning, and choosing industry leaders, I’m so proud being a part of this industry. Is there still work to be done? Absolutely! I think we can still make it more about collaboration and really honest discussions in the wellness industry. But I’m beyond thrilled to know that I get to attend an event that will foster the with WELL Summit, as well as be a leader myself.

Okurrr, I gotta ask: are you coming to the WELL Summit? Let me know by commenting below! I’d love to see you 🙂 Are you interested in attending the WELL Summit? Feel free to grab your ticket here and use my code WSSHANNA for $75 OFF your ticket!

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