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How My Blog and Newsletter Helped Me Through My Major Depressive Disorder (And Still Does)

I’m at the computer typing my little hands away. I’m writing a birthday card for my dad. That’s my love language. I make little poems, write little stories, and make funny pictures after I print them for my family. When I was a little Shanna, I loved to write fictional stories, As I grew older, I loved to publish weekly newsletters in each school I attended and write mandatory papers my peers would complain about.

For me, writing has always been a gift for not only others but for myself. It filled me with joy to present my writing as a present to my family and friends. It also gave me such pride to know that I could make my writing something that could inform and encourage others in my schooling.

As I type this blog, I’m smiling at the thought of you reading and hearing my journey of this very blog and my Sunday Soulday Newsletter. These two have helped me, and continue to help me, through my major depressive disorder.

Once I was diagnosed with major depressive disorder in 2014, I used my blog and newsletter as a way to fight my depression. There’s more to fighting depression than having a therapist, even Psychology Today backs me up on this right here. I was able to fight depression through founding this blog in 2016 with sharing my physical activity journey, confiding in others, and voicing my struggles.

Depression can be very isolating and crippling. Even though I was seeing a therapist and psychiatrist, I still craved more. In 2016, I founded this blog and it instantaneously satisfied my craving. This blog has helped keep me accountable with my physical activity. I would share my workout journey and documenting my yoga life each week. Knowing that other people were rooting for me and on the same fitness journey as me kept me encouraged to stick to it.

Sharing my depression was another way this blog helped me combat my depressive disorder. Depression still is seen as a taboo subject. But I would still occasionally sprinkle in my diagnosis in my posts and newsletters. The response I got each time would amaze me. Women would email me saying they appreciated my honesty and how open I was about my struggle. Simply knowing I was alone helped me so much in fighting my depression. Soon, this platform began to grow to something more.

My blog and newsletter then turned into a way to cultivate more relationships, build more connections, and pivot toward my passions. In 2017, I started to notice a shift in the Shanna Tyler blog and newsletter. My social media started to grow, my blog began to get more views, and my newsletter began to get more subscribers. The benefits of this blog started to increase.

I remember my first virtual friendship from having this blog and newsletter. It was Cassidy Wendell aka @thewellnessrookie_. I’ll never forget how cool and amazing I thought she was (she still is!). She also was so open about her struggle with her own anxiety and grief. I knew I had to become friends with her, at least virtually. I would DM her all the time, commenting on her stories/feed, and then eventually I would ask her questions and confide in her through DM. The confidence that grew from Cass started to spill into other people, including Melanie aka @headstandsandheels_ and Diana @dianadaviscreative. These are still my trusted ladies to date.

Eventually, I gained enough confidence to host my first event with Self Soul Sport and invite other women to network with me. Not only that, but I started being reached out by brands who resonated with and respected my journey of yoga, fitness, and depression. All of these amazing relationships helped me realize my strengths of not only writing, but connecting, empowering, and mentoring other people, especially multi-passionate, entrepreneurial women. I got more and more questions on how to side-hustle like I was with being in a corporate job, hosting events, running a blog, and working with brands. This year, I mentally woke up and acknowledged that my passions could make me money and make me happy at the same time. That’s when I took the leap I never imagined.

Now I can blog and write a newsletter to inspire, encourage, and coach others as an entrepreneurial woman who just so happens to be clinically depressed. In 2016 and some of 2017, this blog was a journal for my life. It slowly shifted in 2017 when I realized how much I inspired and encouraged other women just like me at the time. I began to create content specifically for women just like me in their passion journeys.

In 2018, I shifted my blog to be specifically for you, with sprinkling in my own journey. I know who you are now. You’re passionate AF. You’re working on a side-hustle or working full-time on your passion. You also might be on the cusp of finally taking time for your passion. You’re looking at this post and perhaps you’ve been through your own mental health journey, maybe not depression, but grief, anxiety, stress, loss. You get me and I most definitely get you.

See, I’m a badass, entrepreneurial, multi-passionate woman who has also been through my own shit. This blog and newsletter has helped me through it all and has led me toward my calling of inspiring, encouraging, and coaching women who feel stuck in their journeys and ready to move forward with their passions. This platform has made me the person I am today and I’m forever thankful for it. That’s why I continue to write every single week. That’s why I write my Sunday Soulday newsletter. That’s why I wake up every day and continue on this platform.

I never anticipated what this blog has become today. If you had told me two years, my face would be featured in Blink Fitness and Women’s Health Magazine, I wouldn’t believe it. If you had told me that I would be a contributing writer for mindbodygreen, I would’ve shaken my head. If you had told me, I would be the founder and podcast host for a community of women who keep it really real, I would’ve laughed in your face.

This blog and newsletter has helped me through so much of my depressive disorder and has become my peace whenever I feel myself slipping back into my gray cloud. I’m forever thankful for it and I’ve decided to pay homage to it with this blog. This post is a gift to this blog and to you for reading. We have so much more work to do and so much more is in store. More posts, more products, more freebies, more guides, and more communities are on the way. Just you wait.

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