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How I’m Celebrating Black History Month as a Black Fempreneur

Every February I think of my identity as a black woman. As a new entrepreneur, I’m also thinking of additional ways I can contribute. I especially am thinking what I can do to celebrate as a life + biz coach, host for The Self Soul Sport Podcast, and a community founder of Self Soul Sport®.

So today, for the first blog of February, I want to share the ways that I plan to celebrate Black History Month as a black fempreneur. Not only will I commit to these in February, but also with the rest of this year and for the entirety of my career. Let’s get to them!

I’m supporting other black women in their journeys, from coaching sessions to mentor offerings. As a life coach, I’ve been thinking of how I can contribute on a broader scale. More than 50% of my individual coaching clients are black women now, and I’m living for it! I get to support black women in their journeys of personal branding and business planning. But there’s another offering I want to bring to the table.

This year, I’m planning to offer a year-long mentorship program for a newly graduated black woman who is looking to start her own biz. It’s been on my mind for a while to be a mentor, especially to a new graduate. This idea comes from my own experiences.

When I graduated from undergrad, I needed guidance and support from someone outside of my circle. I needed someone I looked up to and could chat with about the direction I could take from having a BA in Fashion Merchandising and realizing that it wasn’t for me. What do I do next? I didn’t have anyone to chat with. So I am building this out for Summer 2019 and excited to offer this. If anyone already is interested, please reach out! However, I’m going to plan this one out in the coming months!

I’m fostering really real conversations on The Self Soul Sport Podcast with topics like race in wellness and black entrepreneurialism. I have been a host of The Self Soul Sport Podcast for a year now! I cannot believe it. While it’s still in such the baby phase, I know that there are directions I want to go with it, especially on the topic of race.

Now that we’re in Season 3, I’m having more honest conversations on my identity as a black woman and having guests on who can speak to their experiences as well. I have an amazing topic of being black in the wellness space coming up that you’re not going to want to miss! In my podcast, I’ve realized that I can get even more real with sharing more on race.

In all aspects of my biz, I want to be sure to also celebrate black history on the podcast. Through the voice that I have as a black woman, I know I can use it to uplift and encourage other black women to living in their black girl magic and share real truths to those who aren’t black women but will like to be informed.

I’m dedicating more time to sharing, collaborating, and supporting other black-owned businesses. There is power in social media and I’ve seen it first hand in my business. From Instagram, I’ve been able to get so many clients from the #lifecoach hashtag and my personal platform. That’s why I’ve decided to use my platform to not only elevate myself, but others as well.

While I always support all women, I’m making it conscious effort to also make sure I’m supporting my black ladies. Through sharing their businesses, collaborating with their brands, and supporting their businesses with my wallet, I’m now making it a huge point to give all I can to my fellow black entrepreneurs who are getting it done!

Though I’ve celebrated my black ladies at all times, I have made a pledge to myself this year to make this even more of a priority. Stay tuned on my Instagram too because I have a fun project lined up called #GetItBlackGurl that was shot by Wini who is an amazing queen!

At the end of the day, I’m celebrating Black History Month by staying more vigilant in my efforts to uplift and support my fellow black KWEENS and KINGS. There’s nothing like this month that can serve as a reminder that there’s still work to do within our communities and we can be contributing factors within them.

Anyone else celebrating Black History Month?! Or have suggestions for me?! I always love hearing from you all!!

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  1. Susan says:

    I love your energy. Ambition. How you shared your fears of publishing your ebook and how wrong they were. I love your commitment to other black women and wanting to be intentional and mentor a new grad.
    I am a 47 year old Mexican American (born in the states)and I just wish I was more aware of myself, my fears , my dreams when I was your age (assuming your younger than me : ) I am now on a journey of identifying my dreams and facing my fears and wondering what that will look like. I would like to start a business but I have so many doubts about and questions about financial retirement plans, income variability (versus a regular income check), and health insurance are the top theee big fears/questions about having my own business.
    Anyway, I just want to say, you go girl!!!

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Thanks so much for your comment, Susan! I really appreciate your words, as well as your bravery in sharing your experiences! I’m 27 and really on this journey just like yourself! I wish you nothing but the best in your navigation of those fears/questions in your biz. Sometimes the answers are there and we can lean into those answers, no matter how scary they may be! You GO Susan, right back! Sending you love + light!

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