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How I Completely Transformed My Life After Reading This One Book

Some of us read for pleasure. Some of us read for encouragement. Some of us read for transformation. I’ve recently decided to read for the latter.

As many of you reading may know, I’ve recently made the leap to self-employment. I’ve been challenged in many ways as a business woman, yoga teacher, and new coach/consultant. These challenges have led me to adopt transformative life changes to make this journey far more successful and rewarding.

I heard about the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo on Instagram. Many people used the word “transformative” and “life changing” (yup actually mirroring the title!!). The thought of decluttering and tidying scared me for about a year or so that I neglected the book. But last month, I finally decided to dig in to transformation I needed in my space.

In this post, I’d love to share how reading this one book has completely transformed my life. It started with a decision, some preparation, and action. Let’s get into it!

I transformed the moment I decided to buy The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Transformation first begins with a decision. You decide to make a transformation happen in your life when you decide you’re finally ready.

When I decided to click “Add to Cart,” I knew that I was ready for a transformation and all the work it took to get there. I finally made a mental “yes” to decluttering and tidying up my space. I was tired of the clutter and disorganization in my room. It became to consume and distract me from getting work done in my desk.

In the three days before the book arrived, I mentally began to let go of the clutter I had and freed up the space I own. My mental transformation allowed for the physical transformation that happened not too long after.

When we are ready for a transformation, our mind will align before anything manifests in the physical. It’s all about using our noggin to build our reality. That’s when we’re really ready to prepare for our transformation.

My process of reading the book, absorbing the content, and preparing the transformation allowed for the real work to begin. Your process before transformation matters. After the mental, it’s your turn to make the physical work happen before the transformation. Preparation is the key to your transformation.

Once the book arrived on a Saturday, I gave myself a week to read the full book to prepare for all the work that needed to be done. I learned about the KonMari method presented by Marie Kondo. The method is essentially gathering all your belongings in one place (based on category) and only keeping the ones that truly spark joy. By the end, you’ll be discarding many items that have been cluttering your space, and hence, your life.

After reading the entire book, I purchased a huge gallon of garbage bags, clearing my calendar of any/all activities, and listing all of my categories of items that. I also prepared by coming to terms that I would have to let go of mementos from my childhood.

We are going to need to prepare for transformation. Preparing is what will set us up for success in our transformation. Successfully preparing leads to successfully acting and, eventually, successfully transforming.

Once I was physically and emotionally prepared for my transformation, it was time for action. You will be ready to take action when you’re dedicated and prepared. Eventually, it’s necessary for action or there will be no transformation.

Once my full week of reading the book was over, it was time to get to work. In one day, I gathered each category after one another, took each item into my hand, and decided whether or not it sparked joy. The categories went from clothing (tops, bottoms, dresses, hanging clothes/undies/bras), shoes, handbags/totes, jewelry, yoga mats, magazines papers, and lastly, mementos. It took nine to ten hours to go through all of the categories.

Then, I folded and organized my clothing in the KonMari style (in a rectangle and arranged upward). Afterward, I arranged my bookcase in the KonMari style by having all the books standing upright with the spine facing the outside. At the end of that day, I finished with 18 bags to donate and 10 bags of garbage/recycling. My room is now the most beautiful, tidy, and organized I’ve ever seen it.

When we’re ready for our transformation, we decide, prepare, and act. How we transform our lives is dictated by our ability to adhere to those steps. It’s up to us.

After reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, my life has completely transformed. I think clearer in my space, I work harder at my desk, and I act quicker in my needs. I notice I’ve been much happier when I get home. I come to a space that is tidied and organized just for me. I’m surrounding by only items I love and spend less time getting ready in the morning.

Any one else been completely transformed after reading a book? Have you read this one or another one? I’d love to hear from you! This book has transformed me and it’s not the last you’ll hear about how this book has changed my life!

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  1. Melody says:

    YAAAAS. I’ve been wanting to add this book to my stack of books I was supposed to read a long time ago. Now I’m sold. ALSO, your desk chair is poppin’.

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Hahah thanks Melody, boo! I’m so late on this response. EEEK! Still trying to figure out WordPress, smh! And thanks on the desk chair, it’s from Wayfair!! -ST

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