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Here’s Why It’s So Important to Collaborate in your Career

I’m so excited for today’s Sunday Soulday post. I’m literally so pumped that I barely could wait until today to hit “Publish”! Collaborating is currently one of my favorite topics to talk about recently with my entrepreneurial friends and in Self Soul Sport discussions.

Let’s be honest, collaboration has been a huge buzzword lately in many industries. “Let’s collaborate!” “Let’s work together!” But we never talk about why it’s important for us. We have yet to scratch the surface of what all the benefits are.

So I really wanted to dig right in on why collaboration is so important for us, specifically professionally. From the creative burtterflies, sweat junkies, and tech whizzes, this post will have us all realizing why it’s important we collaborate in our careers. And as always, I use myself as the example. Alright, let’s get to it!

Your collaboration with others in your industry will bring about more professional growth. When we’re willing to collaborating with others, we will grow more than we think. We’ll be exposed to more patterns and styles of working that we can learn from.

In my time collaborating with others, I’ve seen the benefits first-hand. My first collaboration with another fellow blogger/influencer was Melanie for her Girlboss Squad series. I was so surprised, humbled, and a tad bit intimidated since I was so new to the wellness/yoga industry. When I showed up for the photoshoot, I was floored. I learned so much in just a short hour with with Melanie.

Melanie planned our outfits to be matched and play off each other visually. Her then-boyfriend, now-fiance shot the pictures and it shows me how important it was to have a photographer you have a great rapport with. Melanie planned each shot and came prepared with inspiration for the shoot, showing me partner poses to see which ones would be best. Her professionalism, warmth, and ease to work with astounded me and gave me so many lessons on how to show up to future photoshoots and keep content in mind.

Believe me, you can learn from collaborating with others too! Whether it’s a partner photoshoot or an podcast interview, you’ll be able to see how others in your industry work. You’ll gather so many good nuggets that you never even though of before!

Being collaborative will bring you further not only professionally, but relationally in your industry. The best friendships we can have are the ones where the person totally understands exactly what we’re going through. Professionally, there’s such a benefit to building relationships with those in the same industry as us.

Another collaboration I’ve done is with Caitie Corradino, the amazing founder of F.I.T.4ALL, co-host of the F.I.T.spo Podcast, and fellow fitness instructor based in NYC. When she asked me to be on her podcast, I was just as astounded as I was when Melanie reached out! In September 2017, Caitie wanted interview me about my personal fitness journey and the Self Soul Sport community when it was still in its infancy. Guess what? I learned so much from Caitie too!

What I learned from Caitie is having the flexibility and ability to be a host. But most importantly, I realized she was someone I wanted to keep around too! Just like Melanie, Caitie is someone I can meet up with for coffee, share wins with, and invite to workout. Overtime I see Caitie, my smile grows wider. I can truly say that she’s on my team and available for a chat!

Having collaborative relationships will open more professional doors for you than a competitive one. Last but not least, our reputations speak before any conversations we have! No matter what industry we’re in, it’s important the uphold the best reputation that we can. A collaborative reputation will lead to collaborative relationships that lead to professional doors.

I couldn’t ever mention collaboration without mentioning my two gals, Cass and Diana. Cass aka @thewellnessrookie and I we’re Instagram friends for almost a year until we finally met in person when she visited last summer. Coincidentally, she was coming the weekend I was teaching yoga at Athleta, so invited her and her photographer friend to my class. Little did I know I’d meet my new photographer!

Cass introduced Diana and I at the yoga event, then we became Instagram friends. At the same time, my photographer I worked with was leaving for graduate school, then I reached out to Diana for a photoshoot for my birthday in June 2017. After that, we’ve been collaborating, working together. Diana works on almost all of my photography on my website and social media. She refers people to my coaching practice, helped me find an accountant, an is one of the biggest supporters of my business.

Am I preaching to the choir? Do you feel me?! You can meet literally one person and they can have so much impact on your relationships and doors that open. No matter what, you can’t deny that’s some awesome shit above!

How are you thinking about collaborative relationships now in your career? Are there any ways you can be more collaborative? Are there any ways you can reach out to others in your industry to work together? Let’s break the stigma that we put compete. There’s enough clientele, money, and achievement to go around, ya’ll!

PSSST… below are some links from the awesome collaborations I’ve had with the ladies mentioned above. And guess what? There’s more to come! 
Girlboss Squad: Meet Shanna (Headstands and Heels) 

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