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Here’s The Steps I’m Taking Toward Financial Freedom as an Entrepreneur

We’ve talked about money many times on here before, girl.  We’ve chatted about the mindset shift I made to attract more money  and why it’s important to talk about money outloud. But we’ve never chatted about financial freedom and my journey toward it.

Financial freedom is the ability to make choices and decisions without stress about what’s in your account. It’s when you’re in total control over your finances instead of them controlling your day-to-day life. I’m not there yet as an entrepreneur. I’ve made professional investments and loans that I’m finishing out paying off.

Is anyone else working toward financial freedom? Today, I’m going to get really real about my financial journey and journey toward financial freedom as an entrepreneur. My heart is pounding as I type this introduction to you, but it’s time we break the taboo of chatting about money.

I’m becoming more visible and sharing my expertise of life coaching + biz consulting in Shanna Tyler LLC. Girl, you ever feel salesy when you share your elevator pitch and talk about your services with new people? You’re not alone. I struggled with this too, especially when I finished my foundational training at the Institute for Life Coach Training in May.

I came up with every reason in the book to not share that I’m now a life coach and working toward my credentials (some pretty letters on the back of my name). I thought “Maybe they’ll think I’m being too salesy” or “Maybe they don’t want to hear about my business.” But I got over myself a few months ago and now, I share my business with everyone who will listen!

The steps I’m taking toward my business are huge now. I’m officially registered as a LLC, opened the @shannatylerllc account, created my biz landing page, and added a Facebook page for my services. I’ve also developed a FREE worksheet for girlbosses to create the perfect IG. These steps in my business have allowed me to increase my visibility and the paying clients coming into my life coaching + biz consulting biz. Thus, bringing in more income!

I’m manifesting and accepting opportunities that are financially and energetically in line with my vision. Manifestion is real boo. It just is. Envision a time you got something you’ve been wanting for years. That huge opportunity or that business client. It’s all because you manifested it; you either thought it up, wrote it down, or talked it up. That is what’s been happening in my life.

Last week, I took a break on the blog and newsletter. I needed it. I was in a dark place of questioning what I was doing all of this for. I felt stagnant as a girlboss. I went to my local place of worship and asked for signs that this was right for me. Less than a week later, I was able to manifest three different, high paying opportunities that are in line with my personal brand and business.

Though I manifested them, I needed to accept them. I read those emails in disbelief of what I was reading. My dream brands reaching out to me?! I had the momentary imposter syndrome and sent the “hell yes” email to what I’ve manifested. These high-ticket opportunities are able to pay off significant loans, but not only that, they’re energetically helping me to manifest even more opportunities in may life.

I’m receiving support from a financial trainer, public accountant, and career coach to guide me in my finances. One of the biggest ways to test your ego is saying you need support. Admitting it to yourself is one thing, but actively telling other people you need it is another. A year ago, I realized I needed to swallow my ego with my finances and actively search for the support I needed.

To be financially free in my entrepreneurial journey, I knew I needed professionals who were trained in guiding people toward the steps they needed to propel forward. My financial trainer via The Financial Gym holds me accountable every three weeks via phone on my goals and measures my financial performance in my credit score, credit cards, and banking account.

When I knew I was going to quit my full-time job, I met with a public accountant to figure out what I needed to do. She guided me to becoming a LLC, setting up a separate biz account, and opening my Freshbooks invoicing system. This past week, I’ve also have reached back out to my career coach that I worked with months ago to support me in upleveling my business.

Having these professionals on my team have allowed me to hold myself accountable, become more attractive as a business, and ensure my abiding the law on my financial freedom journey. Last but not least, I’ve also had to do something that I’ve hated for years.

I’m sticking to a budget crafted for my lifestyle and income streams as an entrepreneur. The power of a budget is that it can help you stay on track with your goals and visualize where you’re money is going. There’s nothing like a visual reminder of what you’ve gotta get done financially. And yup, I used to hate budgets.

Let me tell you, the word “budget” used to make me cringe years ago. I would open up my Google Drive every two weeks with an eye roll and a nasty attitude. Once I started with my financial trainer in the Financial Gym in January 2018, I realized how powerful a budget was in my life. In April 2018, I realized that a budget was going to be necessary as an entrepreneur with multiple income streams and many different ventures.

Sticking to my budget today has been a gift. Though I’m not perfect, I’m more organized and streamlined with my money. I know my monthly payments and due dates. I know exactly how much is coming in each week with my invoices and how much I need to put into my savings to reach my goals. Seeing the power of a budget, I realized I wanted to infuse more fun into it.

So I’m hosting a #FallintoYourBudget IG and email challenge from Mon. 12/26 to Sun. 12/2. It’s a 7-day challenge to have more fun and fall more in love to sticking to and working on our budgets. If you’re interested in joining, click right here or enter your email below. I’m so excited for this ya’ll! Are you?!

What steps are you taking toward financial freedom in your life? I’d love to hear from you below. This post wasn’t easy to share, but it was so necessary. I already feel lighter getting all of it out! I know you will too below!

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