Get It Done Program:

Build Your Really Real Brand + Make It A Biz

Does this sound familiar, gurl?

You're ready to gain clarity in what the heck you're doing and how to make what you love an offering for others. It's also so important for you to grow any biz with authenticity, integrity, and community. But you're looking for the right steps to take your journey...

oh hay, i get it!!

My name is Shanna Tyler, a life + biz coach for some really kickass, entrepreneurs. I speak the language because I am one myself! 

In June 2016, I started my Shanna Tyler Blog and Instagram. At the time, I was also working a full-time job I loved but wasn’t passionate about.

I knew I wanted to be free to live out my true passion of connecting, empowering, and inspiring other multi-passionate folks like myself.

For two years, I side-hustled and worked on getting super clear on my personal brand + making it a biz. Not until I invested in a coach did I finally gain confidence in my brand and could quit full time job in April 2018.

Today, I’m that coach for entrepreneurial women to build their brand + make it a biz.  If you’re looking for a coaching program and you’re an entrepreneur, look no further than the The Get it Done Program.

This is for you if...

  • You're ready to make the investment of your time, money, and energy to really work on your personal brand + biz
  • You're wanting a kickass community of ladies to go through the process with and have on your team
  • You're serious about wanting a coach who will cheer you on, steer you on the journey, and keep it really real with you

This is not for you if...

  • You're on the fence and not totally sure if you're ready to invest in yourself, freedom, and brand + biz
  • You're not looking to expand your network with amazing bosses who are going to uplift and challenge you
  • You don't like being coached, supported, or able to have someone keep it really real with you


This 8-week coaching program is to build clarity, establish freedom, and foster community for the side hustler or full-time entrepreneur in her brand + biz.

Here's what you'll get

  • 6 weekly virtual calls - Gather with fellow awesome, passionate folks who are looking to build their brand + make it a biz so that you can be cheered, supported, and held accountable! Please note: group not available until fall* only 1:1 clients in summer for these sessions!
  • 2 laser focused sessions - Meet with me (Shanna!) as a life + biz coach to first start with your mindset plan and end with an ongoing brand + biz strategy so that you can get personalized clarity and expertise in your biz!
  • 1 awesome brand + biz workbook - Fill out a brand + biz clarifying, head-scratching, and eye-opening workbook so that you can get a really real brand foundation, monetization strategy, and communication template!
  • 1 private community - Stay connected with your fellow peers and me beyond the group coaching calls so that you can be encouraged and answered with any questions you may have. Also, engage with each other as insta-friends on any IG posts throughout the program!

program overview

Module 1: Lay Your Foundation + Get Super Clear

Session 1: Kick Off Your Attitude with Shanna – Start off this program with the right attitude with Shanna. You’ll get ready for the work in this program with creating routines, using tools, and prioritizing resources that’ll have you ready to build a brand + make it a profitable biz! 

Session 2: Get Super Clear On Your Brand – Know what your brand is all about from the ground up. From your mission statement to your values, you’ll build the clarity you need to effectively start making an impact + coins! 

Module 2: Make Your Impact + Sell It To Your Client

Session 3: Create A Lasting Impact On Your Client – Find out the most important question asked in any brand and know exactly how to answer it. Not only that, you’ll know exactly who your client is. This’ll be the most critical work to make the coins you want! 

Session 4: Make Your Coins From The Impact – Plan out your income goal, income streams, and how you can get on track to monetary success in creating your impact! 

Module 3: Tell Your Story on IG + Convert It From Your Blog

Session 5: Master The Art of Telling Your Story on IG – Become confident with sharing your story on IG and learn exactly the growth + engagement techniques that have worked for Shanna in her 2+ years on the platform! 

Session 6: Start and Stick To Your Client-Attracting Blog – Keep up with a blog schedule and learn how to convert your readers to clients. You’ll be encouraged and inspired to stay on the blogging journey! 

Module 4: Get Your Brand + Biz Out There To Your Community

Session 7: Network and Pitch Your Ass Off (The Right Way!) – Talk about your brand in a straight-forward and clear way that’ll convert your prospective clients and respective brands. You’ll even leave with a kick-ass elevator pitch template for every single outing! 

Session 8: Present Your Brand to Shanna + Share It To The Community – Leave the program with a private 1:1 session with Shanna who’ll leave you with a personalized brand + biz strategy to move forward with after the program. Not only that, you’ll leave with encouragement from your peers when sharing your full brand + biz work! 

Program Investment

I’m offering this program at an attainable rate for all my entrepreneurs and designed to get you to a really real brand + profitable biz. Schedule your call with me to see if we’re a good fit, and that includes financially! 


Ig bio worksheet

Create an Instagram bio that'll have visitors hit the "Follow" button and followers visit your link option. This worksheet will get that bio together!

ig social calendar

Know exactly when and what to post with this calendar. With this calendar, you'll have a clear idea of what you're sharing every single post day with less stress!

how-to blog guide

Get your blog strategy together with a how-to guide on headlines, posts, and next steps to convert your readers to loyal fans on your newsletter/email list!

program deadline

The doors to this program are always open throughout the year and below is when you finally have a chance to apply for the next round. Are you ready to apply for my clarity, freedom, and accountability?! 

why did i create this program?

  • I believe that we all deserve to live a life full of passion and action with clarity, freedom, and empowerment.
  • I know that it's difficult to build a brand without first laying a solid foundation and building confidence in what you do.
  • I see that we as women are struggling to find our freedom in living a life that we want to wake up to, but also support ourselves financially.
  • I love that I can create a program that empowers each and every entrepreneur on the same journey toward building a brand + making it a profitable biz.

my promise to you

I know that this program will work because it's every single thing I've done in my biz. I know that you'll leave this program being even more encouraged and inspired to move forward in your brand + biz. Apply for your spot below to move forward!

P.S. This program is either in a group or 1:1 capacity!

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a 8-week intensive coaching program! Each week is a coaching call and believe me, at the end, you’ll have a clear brand, offering strategy, IG strategy, and communication strategy! 

This is for the side-hustlers who have a kickass brand/biz idea and want all the clarity in building it out. This also is for the full-time entrepreneurs who are looking to get more clarity in what they’ve created and make (more) money at it! 

They’re all done on Zoom, one of the best options out there for connecting people. These’ll be video calls over the Zoom platform. 

I strongly recommend making each call, but life happens! All group calls are recorded and sent after every session. So you can keep up via those recordings! If 1:1, we’ll handle the rescheduling privately. 

I’m offering this program at an attainable rate for all my entrepreneurs and designed to get you to a really real brand + making it a biz. Schedule your call with me to see if we’re a good fit, and that includes financially! 

Oh, you’re not too late! If this page is still up, that means you’re still able sign up for another round that’s coming up. Applications are always open and available! 

“Shanna has been pivotal in this next chapter of my life. I came to Shanna uncertain of what exactly I wanted to do with my next entrepreneurial venture and really feeling lost & all over the place. In just a few sessions, Shanna asked extremely thought provoking questions which not only helped me clearly define my next career move but inspired me, motivated me, and helped me see that I can do anything I put my mind too. If you are looking for someone to help guide you to clarity for your business, while also laughing & having fun, Shanna is your girl!”


“Shanna is a highly empathetic solution driven life coach that is in touch with the obstacles that women face while trying to live their dreams. She’s so great at helping you realize the small steps you can do to make the seemingly unattainable a reality. I highly recommend her, especially if you’re trying to make a career transition!”


“Meeting with Shanna helped to catapult my business forward. As a life coach and therapist, I was struggling to navigate the social media world. Shane helped me to clearly define my target market and apply it to my social media. I also felt a strong connection with Shanna and could tell she had my best interest in mind which is SO important in a working relationship. Shanna has been a crucial support for me as I have started my entrepreneurial journey and I am so grateful to know her!”


it's up to you now

I know you can build the clarity in your brand, feel the freedom in your biz, and experience the empowerment in your community. It’s up to you now on whether you’re going to say yes to yourself! Apply below for your opportunity. It won’t last forever!

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