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Five Must-Have Items Every Girlboss Needs in Her Life

This has been on the busiest weeks of my entrepreneurial life. I’ve traveled back to NYC from ATL. I’ve returned to finishing up event plans. I’ve committed to my life coaching practice growth. There’s a lot that happens in a week, and there’s a lot that I need to carry as a girlboss.

In this post, we’re gonna get real practical. This is all about the five must-have items that I realized every girlboss should have, especially after this week. From the electronics to the resources, I share and link what’s super necessary for you to have as a girlboss! Let’s get to it!

A smartphone with app storage and a quality camera. Gurl, if you can afford it, invest in a  smart phone. I’m an Apple iPhone gal myself, ever since the first one. But I’ve been hearing good things about the Google Pixel smartphones. Either way, a smartphone will be a smart investment for two key reasons: the app storage and quality camera.

I’ve never met a girlboss who didn’t love apps. Whether it was a scheduling or carpooling app, it’s so helpful to have. A few of my favorite apps are: Uber and Lyft for car sharing, Planonly for Instagram planning, Digit for saving, Freshbooks for invoicing, and The Moment for tracking my phone usage.

I’ve also never met a girlboss who didn’t love a good camera. Even if you don’t consider yourself an Instagram influencer, a camera is important for events, travels, and. I personally love my iPhone camera and a trick I use is cleaning off the front of the camera before each photo. However, I’ve been drawn to the Google Pixel phone after taking a pic of a fellow girlboss. That camera is bomb!

A detailed planner that’s organized by hour and keeps you inspired during the week. I’m a firm believer that if you’re failing to plan, you’re planning to fail. Every girlboss I’ve met that has it fully together has a planner she whips out during our coffee dates.

I discovered the importance of planners when I was side-hustling. Between working the 9-5 job to teaching yoga class beforehand to hosting events on the weekends, I needed to keep it all in one written place. I first used the Moleskine Weekly Planner, which was broken down by hour and it was super helpful. No more did I only had a few boxes, but I could organize by hour. But I needed more.

About a year ago, I was gifted the Passion Planner and my whole girlboss life changed. Not only was my day broken down by hours, but it had sections for personal to-do lists, professional to-do lists, weekly inspirational quotes, and customized themes for every day. To this day, I still use this exact planner right here. This isn’t sponsored, this is out of love for your girlboss, hectic life.

By the way, download my Get It Done: Your Six Steps to Becoming Your Most Productive Self, if you haven’t yet. I break down many other ways that I’ve become more productive, which includes with planners!

A few inspirational books and podcasts to keep you encouraged on your girlboss journey. There’s nothing like a good book, boo. There’s also nothing like a good podcast, gurl. Adding these two resources together will keep you on your journey inspired AF.

For as long as I could remember, I’ve been a reader. My very first book as a girlboss was Sophia Amoruso’s #GIRLBOSS. A few other personal favorites are You Are a Badass at Making Money by Jen Sincero and Get Your Sh*t Together by Sarah Knight. Please note: these books are all written by Badass, kickass women killing it.

To be honest, it took me longer to like podcasts but I’ve found use for them on commutes to and from jobs. I usually gravitate toward ones that are 10-30 minutes long. My top favorite podcast ever is The Goal Digger Podcast by Jenna Kutcher. My personal favorites for finances are Journey To Launch by Jamila Souffrant and Millennial Money Podcast by Shannah Compton Game. Lastly, my favorites for marketing are The Influencer Podcast by Julie Solomon and BizChix Podcast by Natalie Eckdahl. Have at ‘em, ladies!!

A handy laptop that isn’t heavy AF and can be taken anywhere. I’ve realized that for every girlboss, their laptop is their lifeline. Whenever I cowork with fellow girlbosses, we whip out our laptops at a cafe and get right to work. It’s just a rite of passage to make this investment.

I’ve been a MacBook Air fan for years now. I only had to purchase it once in 2015 and it still works like a gem to this day. I’m even typing the blog on it right now. It has easy keyboard, amazing storage, and light enough to carry all over New York City’s avenues.

If you’re not an Apple fan like me, I also recommend the ASUS Chromebook Flip. This was an involuntary laptop for me when I was in my previous full-time job. I was even quite mad that I didn’t have a MacBook but this laptop grew on me. It’s significantly smaller than the MacBook Air, can be switched into a tablet, and. The only con is that it doesn’t allow you to save documents to the desktop. Otherwise, this was a dream and would be an excellent choice!

Last but not least, a quality bag with compartments and straps. Let’s be real, being a girlboss means you’re most likely commuting and taking your ass all over your city. It’s necessary to have a bag to pack all the things we’ve chatted about above.

A few personal favorite of mine is the Lo & Sons Hanover Backpack. This is guaranteed with all the compartments that you need to live your best girlboss life. I’ve experienced and owned it in the past. It was a wonderful bag and I’m thinking about investing in it again!

Currently, I’m wearing the VS PINK Collegiate Backpack that was a necessary purchase after my other backpack broke as soon as I tried to leave the house (will not name the brand, but it wasn’t the Lo & Sons!).  So far, I’m loving it and it reminds me of my college days with all the damn hidden compartments.

Woof, we got through it! These are the five must-have items that every girlboss needs in her life. Do you own all of these or some of these? Are you looking to invest in them? I’m telling you, these are the holy grail!

Comment below if you agree or want to add any other items to this list! I believe we all got some gems to share for each other in this girlboss life!

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