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Self Soul Sport Gets Real about Collaboration vs. Competition


Le pain Quotidien

65 Bleeker Street, New York, NY 10012

New York, NY, US, 10012

Oh boy, this month’s discussion is going to get really real. Collaboration vs. competition is a struggle that we see and feel all over. From Instagram to SoulCycle and being located in one of the most hustle-oriented cities in the world, competition is real.


What makes Self Soul Sport different from most communities is that we operate and are founded on a principle of collaboration. Uplifting one another, supporting one another, and encouraging one another is what we do. But let’s be real, the green monster of jealousy does come up. We can find ourselves competing with people other than ourselves quite often.


Talking about collaborating versus competing is likely going to bring about feels uncomfortable discussions. The beauty of this Self Soul Sport community is that we talk about the topics that are relevant to us and that come up in our everyday lives. It includes topics that we do’t openly discuss in other settings.


Like last month’s event about money, wooooo! Did feelings come up or what?! But we cried, laughed, processed, celebrated, and reflected afterward. Below are the discussion questions for this month:


  • What are your feelings on collaboration vs. competition? Share one example of each. 
  • How is your soul affected when you operate in a state of competitions vs. collaboration? 
  • Do you like to collaborate with others in workouts or would you rather compete? 


Huge thanks to Le Pain Quoitidien for hosting us! I absolutely love this Bleecker Street location, and I absolutely love eating their food. So it was natural that I would harrass them to be the second restuarant for our SSS event!


Huge thanks to our sponsor this month! I’m currently in talks with two of the most fabulous, collaborative co-founders I’ve ever met. They’re members of this community and cannot wait to share more about them!


New to Self Soul Sport events? Prepare to feel all the feels and share your heart away. This community of women will inspire and encourage you to love yourself, nurture your soul, and live your sport. They’ll welcome you with open arms and cheer you on while we all do this crazy life thing.


Dress code? Wear leggings, jeans, or a tutu. All that matters is that you’re ready to get really real and share your story in a safe space with some awesome girlbosses.


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