Get It Done: Move Forward With the Sh*t You Want

A Really Real E-Book For Entrepreneurial Women with Productivity Hacks, Mindset Tips, Girlboss Insights, and Much More

Does This Sound Familiar...

You want to better manage your time to get sh*t done in your side-hustle,
You desire more confidence to move forward in your passion,
Or maybe you finally want to finish that project in your biz?

What If You Could...

Implement more systems to better managing your time,
Create more hacks in your life to work on your confidence,
And finally finish that long-time project for your biz!

let me introduce you to...

Get It Done: Move Forward With the Sh*t You Want

This really real e-book is your resource to finally get it done and move forward with what’s holding you back from your side hustle, passion, and/or biz! 

Here's What You'll Get:

  • 5 chapters of productivity tips and mindset hacks
  • 5 to-do lists to complete after each and every chapter
  • 20+ recommendations of programs, systems, and resources for email, productivity, and more
  • 40 pages of nothing but the truth on how to get sh*t done and move forward with sh*t you want

This E-Book Will Have You Getting Sh*t Done

This isn’t a game, boo! If you grab this e-book, you’re going to think about yourself differently, manage time more effectively, and move forward with that project immediately! 

“You need this e-book if you’re a current or aspiring entrepreneur. Period. This e-book has so many great tips and tricks that I’ll be implementing ASAP to move my business along. I’m a newbie at getting my business up and running, but the content in this e-book is on point and so pertinent to level up my entrepreneurial game. Can’t recommend this e-book enough!”

– Kayla Nedza, Holistic Health Coach + Podcast Host of the Wellness Glow Up Podcast

Oh Hay, I'm Shanna Tyler!

I’m a life + biz coach for entrepreneurial women and podcast host of The Self Soul Sport Podcast. Based in NYC, my life is full of subways, girlbosses, and dreams. I believe that you can do it and have it all — from pursuing a life of passion, cultivating a supportive network, and making money doing what you love!

This Get It Done E-Book is my personal baby created for side hustlers and full-time entrepreneurs who are looking to finally get sh*t done and move forward in their passion!

“Shanna’s e-book is an irreplaceable resource of how to step up and organize your life. It’s full of her bad-ass tips of how to harness and cultivate your business as well as kickstart any dream you are wanting to bring to life! I am personally using all the tricks she shares and am feeling more empowered, headstrong, and driven than ever! Highly recommend this e-book, it’s the perfect resource to up your girl boss game!”

– Kathrin Willard, Reiki Energy Healer + Meditative Guide

What Are You Waiting For, Boo?

If you’re here, I believe that this e-book is meant for you. Somehow, someway you were lead to this page and reading these words right now. If you feel you need a resource to get you moving forward, this e-book is it! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Once you enter and submit your payment, an automatic box pops up to download the e-book!
Not gonna lie, this book was made in mind for side-hustlers and entrepreneurs. BUT this has so many time management and productivity tips that can be used across the board, including in a corporate setting!
Each chapter is a life cycle, gurl. What I recommend is starting from the first chapter checklist all the way to the bonus page!

Oh there are some goodies in there for you, boo. I share 20+ resources that’ll have you really moving forward even after you read those 40 pages and complete each chapter’s to-do list!

“I have read dozens of books on productivity and entrepreneurship but nothing spoke to me more than Shanna’s “Get It Done” e-book! The book is written so well and in a way that is very REAL and understanding. It’s packed with knowledge that entrepreneurs ACTUALLY need and can use on a daily basis. Her WCD method is seriously a GAME CHANGER!!! I got this e-book this week and already used her method on short term projects I wanted to finish and applied it to some larger scale projects. This book isn’t just for entrepreneurs, it’s also for working professionals and anyone with some goals to attack.”

– Anicia Anya, Private Chef + Holistic Nutritionist 

Oh You Scrolled All The Way Down Here, Gurl?

I love the fact that you scrolled all the way down here. That means I’m doing something right with this damn page. And you know what? I do something even better in this e-book that I made for yah!

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