Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Current Job? Are You Itching For That Entrepreneurial Lifestyle? Are You Dreaming Of Living Your Passion? Are You Ready To Finally Live Your Passion?

I’m Your Girl.

As a previous side-hustler, I know the plethora of questions and concerns that come with taking the leap and moving forward in your passions. This is why I am the right coach for you, girl!

By the end of each session, you’ll be inspired to move forward in your vision of a passionate life. You’ll be encouraged to take that leap. Hell, you’ll even quit that full-time job or place that’s a pain in the ass eventually after our coaching! You’re gonna make strides so…

Are you ready? We’ve got so many ways to work together through sessions, check-ins, tools, and resources that only I will share with you. Why? Cause I believe in you! You got this — yup you! You’re on this website and coaching tab for a reason.

So here’s all the ways I can support you.


30 Min Discovery Call - Free

Be ready to dig in with me for 30 mins! What are you looking for? What are your passion goals? How can I support you? Our chat will be focused on all these questions and see if we’re a good fit for each other!  


1 Hour Coaching Session - $125​

This is a one-off session for us to work together! You’re looking for support and for encouragement? By now, you know I’m your girl. At the end of this session, you’ll have more clarity on your passion, more direction on your goals, and more accountability on your next steps! 

Let's Do this Hour!

1 Month Coaching Package - $400

Oh yea, we have a month together! I hope you’re ready to work together. This package includes 4 Skype sessions. We’ll be working together on your goals, and I’ll be supporting you along the way. A month can make a huge difference on moving closer toward your passion! 

Let's Do A Month!

3 Month Coaching Package - $1150

Woot, this is three months! We’re gonna get some shit done together, woman! This package includes 4 Skype sessions per month and unlimited access to me. Yup, you’ll get to see my face and hit me up on your email whenever you have a question. I’ll even answer you in less than 24 hours, guaranteed!

Let's Do Three months!

6 Month Coaching Package - $3000​

So, you’re really ready huh, girl?! Yes, this is like the Hummer of all the Coaching Packages. You’re gonna be changed for sure. What does this package include? You’ll get 4 Skype sessions per month, unlimited email and text. Then you’ll get free access to any of my Self Soul Sport events if you’re located in NYC or when you come visit! 

Let's Go All The Way!