Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Passion? Are You Dreaming Of Living Your Passion? Are you Seeking Support in Your Passion?

I’m Your Girl.

You feel stuck in your current work and life situation. You want to finally move forward with your passion, and you feel like something is holding you back. You want to live a life filled with passion and be the badass woman you know you are. 
I know you so well because I was right there. 
I'm here to tell you that you can get it done, follow your passion, and even get money from it!

Support: I'll be your cheerleader, confidant, and walking with you throughout your entire passion journey toward your goals. 
Accountability: I'll keep it really real with you at all times and hold you to every single one of your identified goals. 
Clarity: I'll always be a non-judgmental soundboard on all of your ideas so that you can clear up what's getting you stuck. 

So here’s all the ways I can support you...

Take a step toward your passion below!  


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Brand + Biz Strategy Call

Apply for a free brand + biz strategy call. We'll go everything from what your passion is and how I can support you as a coach.  Click below to get started so that we can chat! 

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The Coaching Process

After our discovery call, we decide if we're a good fit. If we're both aligned, you first receive a welcome packet and we schedule a 1 hour long strategy session to identify goals, set intentions, and make agreements. Then, the really real work happens in hour long coaching calls via Skype with the time we set with one another! 

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The 2 Session Package

This package comes with 2 one-hour Skype sessions a month. In these sessions, we'll be digging in on your identified goals that you create on our first strategy session. 

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The 3 Session Package

Are you ready to commit to a regular coaching agreement? This package comes with 3 one-hour Skype sessions a month. In these sessions, you'll be working on your goals consistently with only one week off.

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The 4 Session Package

Want in on a secret? This package is the best I have to offer! It includes the following: 4 weekly one-hour Skype sessions, and unlimited access to me. You're bound to get so much done with this package, gurl! 

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