Are You Feeling Stuck In Your Passion? Are You Dreaming Of Living Your Passion? Are you Looking for Support in Reaching Your Goals? 
I’m Your Girl.

As a previous side-hustler, I know the plethora of questions and concerns that come with taking the leap and moving forward in your passions. This is why I am the right coach for you, girl!

By the end of each session, you’ll be inspired to move forward in your vision of a passionate life. You’ll be encouraged to take that leap. Hell, you’ll even quit that full-time job or place that’s a pain in the ass eventually after our coaching! You’re gonna make strides so…

Are you ready? We’ve got so many ways to work together through sessions, check-ins, tools, and resources that only I will share with you. Why? Cause I believe in you! You got this — yup you! You’re on this website and coaching tab for a reason.

So here’s all the ways I can support you.


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30 Min Discovery Call - Free

Be ready to dig in with me for 30 mins! What are you looking for? What are your passion goals? How can I support you? Our phone chat will be focused on all these questions and see if we’re a good fit for each other!  

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The 2 Session Package - $375

This package comes with 2 one-hour Skype sessions a month. In these sessions, we'll be digging in on your identified goals that you create on our first session.

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The 3 Session Package - $500

Are you ready to commit to a regular coaching agreement? This package comes with 3 one-hour Skype sessions a month. In these sessions, you'll be working on your goals consistently with only one week off! 

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The 4 Session Package - $600

Want in on a secret? This package is the best I have to offer! It includes the following: 4 weekly one-hour Skype sessions, and unlimited access to me! You're bound to get so much done with this package! 

Let's work together!

Client Testimonial - Priceless

"Shanna is a highly empathetic solution driven life coach that is in touch with the obstacles that women face while trying to live their dreams. She’s so great at helping you realize the small steps you can do to make the seemingly unattainable a reality. I highly recommend her, especially if you’re trying to make a career transition!"

- Michelle M.