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HAY! I'm Shanna.

A life + biz coach, podcast host, and community founder based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass women and sharing my really real story. Learn more about me!

More About Me

self soul sport podcast

The Self Soul Sport Podcast is a destination to talk about loving self, nurturing soul, and living sport. I keep it really real with my coffee chats and interviews with girlbosses. This is a podcast that you want to miss, boo! Check out more about it and tune in! 

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I am writing today’s blog post in mid-February right before Valentine’s Day. My single AF self is sipping tea on a Sunday morning and typing this with a Valentine’s Day theme in mind. While I haven’t yet mastered romantic relationships, I have gotten a firm handle on platonic relationships. It wasn’t always that way. A little […]

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Every February I think of my identity as a black woman. As a new entrepreneur, I’m also thinking of additional ways I can contribute. I especially am thinking what I can do to celebrate as a life + biz coach, host for The Self Soul Sport Podcast, and a community founder of Self Soul Sport®. […]

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Have you ever wanted to be more productive in reaching your goals? I definitely did as a side hustler for two years. Time was something that felt so hard to come by last year. I was working a 9-5, running a blog, building an Instagram, hosting community events, and aspiring to start teaching yoga. It wasn’t easy […]

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Are you someone who likes routine? I’m one of those routine people. I preach routine from the mountain tops to my friends and tell all my clients about the importance of setting routines. To keep it really real. I wasn’t always about the routine life.  I used to wonder why I wasn’t sticking to my […]

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I’ve had a love/hate relationship with being single. Since I was in high school, I fell under the trap of feeling like I needed a partner. I got questions like “Do you have a boyfriend?” and “When are you going to bring a boyfriend to Thanksgiving dinner?” Now as a twenty-something girlboss, I don’t feel […]

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Wow, 2018 has been quite the year!! I’ve done so many things and made so many strides as an entrepreneur. Between quitting my full-time job and deciding to be a life coach, I’ve finally found a grove in my entrepreneurial journey.  However, I had a hard lesson I needed to learn this year. Your girl […]

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