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HAY! I'm Shanna.

Your life coach, yoga teacher, girlboss, and professional smiler based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass women and sharing my story too! Hear more about me here!

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Have you ever felt like an imposter? Have you ever felt like you didn’t belong in a group because they were so much better than you? Have you ever felt like you didn’t deserve an opportunity because you felt you weren’t that good for it yet?  This is imposter syndrome, boo. I know these questions […]

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I started listening to podcasts in 2015. I remember being in awe that I could take advice from industry experts and apply it to my life in only 30 to 45 minutes, max. Not to mention, all of it was free.99!  I don’t remember my very first podcast that I listened to but I remember […]

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We’ve talked about money many times on here before, girl.  We’ve chatted about the mindset shift I made to attract more money  and why it’s important to talk about money outloud. But we’ve never chatted about financial freedom and my journey toward it. Financial freedom is the ability to make choices and decisions without stress […]

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I’m at the computer typing my little hands away. I’m writing a birthday card for my dad. That’s my love language. I make little poems, write little stories, and make funny pictures after I print them for my family. When I was a little Shanna, I loved to write fictional stories, As I grew older, […]

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We all go through tough times. When the going gets tough, there is power in positive affirmation. Affirmations help us throughout our toughest times by helping us to overcome and challenge all those nasty thoughts we’re facing in our minds. I’m a firm believer that when it gets tough for us in any area of our […]

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This has been on the busiest weeks of my entrepreneurial life. I’ve traveled back to NYC from ATL. I’ve returned to finishing up event plans. I’ve committed to my life coaching practice growth. There’s a lot that happens in a week, and there’s a lot that I need to carry as a girlboss. In this […]

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