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HAY! I'm Shanna.

A wellness blogger, side hustler, and community founder based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass folks and sharing my really real story. Learn more about me!

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self soul sport podcast

The Self Soul Sport Podcast is a destination to talk about loving self, nurturing soul, and living sport. I keep it really real with my coffee chats and interviews with girlbosses. This is a podcast that you want to miss, boo! Check out more about it and tune in! 

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Last year, I said yes to everything. That event? Yes. That meeting? Yes. That class? Yes. That gig? Yes. Guess how I ended up? Burnt out. This year, I’ve been saying no more often. That event? No. That meeting? No. That class? No. That gig? No. Guess how I’m ending up?… 

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Matcha is a 2016 favorite that must carry on into 2017. It is the perfect tea to boost our metabolism, get our antioxidants, and enhance our moods.  But let’s be honest, matcha can be tricky to order and make. Finding the right matcha cafes and right matcha recipes can be tough. That’s why we are talking […]

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How do you feel about tea cleanses? I used to think tea cleanses were a waste of time until I tried out LumiTea’s 30-Day Cleanse. Let’s talk about some benefits of a tea cleanse and why I recommend LumiTea’s cleanse to you guys.  After finishing that cleanse from a month ago, I realized how wonderful it […]

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Today’s Food Friday post is dedicated to a review of the lunch features from previous blog and IG posts. This year has been one to remember in the food department.  2016 has had such its share of awesome new foods to try in our cities, especially in my own New York City. Below are the top […]

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Guys, we have so many brands to choose from when it comes to water. Poland Spring, SmartWater, Dasani, Aquafina, Fiji, the list goes on.  Naturally, it can get pretty overwhelming. But one brand to definitely try is CORE.  Just as a little background, I was contacted to try out their products two weeks ago and […]

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Not all of us enjoy salad. It can be bland, not filling, and just plain boring when we don’t do it right.  Just like anything, there are some ways we can end up enjoying it and maybe even craving it everyday. Below is a quick and easy guide to enjoying salad!  Find inspiration online. The Internet […]

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