C2C 101: Confused to Curated in 4 weeks

Create an Established Brand & Cultivate an Invested Community

does this sound like you?

  • You struggle to create a clear brand identity that resonates with others, even yourself
  • You have a tough time continually showing up, staying consistent, and attracting your people
  • You feel icky when it's time to ask your community to invest in what you have to offer
  • You worry that you'll never gain the confidence and income to fully live your dream

oh hay, I get it!

My name is Shanna Tyler, a brand coach and expert storyteller. I’m going to keep it really real with you..

In June 2016, I started an Instagram page with no strategy, no direction, and no clue what I wanted it to become. I was confused

Four years later… 

I’ve created an Instagram feed that attracts brands like Well + Good, SELF Magazine, mindbodygreen, Blink Fitness, Teavana, and more. 

I’ve chatted about my journey on endless podcasts, created my own community with priceless events, and coached my brand strategy to countless entrepreneurs. I’ve curated a brand that I absolutely love and make coin from. 

I’m living proof that you can create an established brand and cultivate a community who is ready to invest in all you offer! I’m here to share exactly how it can be done in my program…


a month-long Group coaching program With the 4Cs
To create your established brand and cultivate your invested community


You'll become super clear that you are a kickass brand and nail your ideal client. You’ll build a solid foundation that makes your brand established and recognized!


You'll build consistency in your brand content and messaging that’ll attract your ideal client before you even start sharing what you have to offer with them!


You'll learn how to tell your brand story, use brand colors and create viral content with Shanna and a graphic designer. You'll leave with more creative ways to reach your people!


You'll gain knowledge on how to cultivate a community who is invested in all you have to offer. You'll master converting followers to fans ready to give you likes & dollars!

program doors virtually close on friday, july 17th

Ready for C2C 101? Fill out your application below. Limited spots are available! 

let's figure out if c2c 101 is the right fit for you..

This is for you if...

  • You’re looking to figure out what your brand is and how to communicate it
  • You lack a consistent, clear brand posting schedule for your Instagram
  • You struggle with connecting your community to all you have to offer

This is not for you if...

  • You’ve already figured out your brand identity and messaging.
  • You have a solid consistent brand posting schedule at your fingertips.
  • You already have engaged followers who opt in to all you do!

c2c 101 curriculum:

Week 1: Establish Your Clear Brand

After this week, you’ll be clearer than ever before about what your brand is, who your brand is for, and what your brand represents.

Week 2: Build Your Consistent Schedule

You’re going to leave this week establishing a consistent brand posting schedule that’ll have people running to what you offer! 

Week 3: Tap Into Your Creativity

Be ready for this one, it’ll leave you with countless creative ideas that’ll connect you with your audience and have them ready to invest! 

Week 4: Build A Solid Community (Who Opts In!)

After this week, you’re going to leave confident in selling to your people, leaving behind that icky feeling. 

program goodies

Brand Fundamentals Worksheet

Identify all your brand elements, write them down on this sheet, and watch the magic happen as you become clearer than ever!

C2C Social Calendar

Know exactly when and what to post with this calendar. With this calendar, you'll have a clear idea of what you're sharing every single post day with less stress!

community engagement guide

Keep this guide for whenever you're looking for new ways to connect and engage with your community. You'll have 25+ ways at your fingertips!

sas Strategy Sheet

Encourage your followers to opt-in to whatever you have to offer with this crafted sales strategy sheet from Shanna. It outlines her SAS method. Believe us, it works!

why did i create c2c 101?

  • I believe that we all deserve to feel empowered in our brands and making money from them
  • I know how difficult it is to have confidence in your brand when you're not clear on it yet
  • I see the way my coaching has made mindset and confidence shifts in my clients to move forward with their brands and manifest the possibility of living their dreams
  • I love working with wellness entrepreneurs just as committed to make a difference in people's lives as I am

Program investment

This C2C 101 4-week program is priced at $497. I believe in making this "mini" C2C bootcamp affordable and accessible for all my wellness entrepreneurs!

c2c 101 faqs

This is a 4 week program with weekly group coaching calls and action steps after each call, boo! 

This is for the wellness entrepreneur who isn’t clear on their brand, wants to be consistent on IG, and needs direction on how to sell. 

They’re all done on Zoom, one of the best options out there for connecting people! 

I strongly recommend making each call, but life happens! All group calls are recorded and sent after every session. So you can keep up via those recordings!  

I’m offering this program at an attainable rate for all my entrepreneurs. It is a total of $497!

I recommend not being late! If you have accessed this page, that means it’s before the doors close before 7/17. You’re here for a reason apply for you, boo! 

what my clients say about me:

“I had been working on my blog and transitioned into making it a brand that showed the fullness of how I was evolving. I was unsure of how to share on social media in a way that felt authentic. That’s why I enrolled in Shanna’s program.  Her tools and tips were so helpful, I still reference them when I write content today. The best thing i learned was that growing a business doesn’t have to be hard. When we have the right tools, it’s so much easier to get it done. Shanna’s personality is such a joy and I felt she truly wanted to see me win. I highly recommend her as a coach.”


“Shanna has been pivotal in this next chapter of my life. I came to Shanna uncertain of what exactly I wanted to do with my next entrepreneurial venture and really feeling lost & all over the place. In just a few sessions, Shanna asked extremely thought provoking questions which not only helped me clearly define my next career move but inspired me, motivated me, and helped me see that I can do anything I put my mind too. If you are looking for someone to help guide you to clarity for your business, while also laughing & having fun, Shanna is your girl!”


“I looked forward to every session we had and working with her has brought back the joy and goosebumps I felt when I first came up with the idea for my company. My brand awareness has increased by far and is definitely gaining more momentum! I’ve doubled my revenue, I have been offered several opportunities, and gained new clients. I can’t wait to see where I will be in another three months thanks to her help. Shanna was truly my guiding light and I know for sure we are going to work together in the future some day.”


“Meeting with Shanna helped to catapult my business forward. As a life coach and therapist, I was struggling to navigate the social media world. Shane helped me to clearly define my target market and apply it to my social media. I also felt a strong connection with Shanna and could tell she had my best interest in mind which is SO important in a working relationship. Shanna has been a crucial support for me as I have started my entrepreneurial journey and I am so grateful to know her!”


it's up to you now

I know you can build the clarity in your brand, cultivate creativity in your messaging, and engage your community. It’s up to you now on whether you’re going to say yes to yourself! Apply below for your opportunity. It won’t last forever!

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