Learn How to Build an Established Brand and Cultviate an Engaged Community

does this sound like you?

  • You find it a challenge to stay motivated and focused to get your brand work done
  • You struggle to create a clear brand identity that resonates with others, even yourself
  • You have a tough time continually showing up, staying consistent, and attracting all the opportunities you deserve
  • You are sick and tired of seeing other people in your industry get ahead but you
  • You worry that you'll never gain the confidence and income to fully live your dream

oh hay, I get it!

My name is Shanna Tyler, a brand coach, expert storyteller, and community founder. I’m going to keep it really real with you..

In June 2016, I started my brand on Instagram with no strategy, no direction, and no income. I knew it could be something but I had no idea what it was. I was confused

Four years later… 

I’ve created an established brand and cultivated that I absolutely love and make coin from. My brand has a strategy that attracts clients and opportunities, a direction that makes it easy to show up on Instagram, and an income that supports the freedom I want in my life. 

I’ve chatted about my journey on endless podcasts, worked with brands like Well + Good, created my own community with priceless events, and coached my brand strategy to countless entrepreneurs. I’ve curated a brand that I absolutely love and make coin from. 

But it took a lot of work to get there. I’m here to share exactly how it can be done in my program… 

Imagine if...

  • You woke up every day motivated and focused on the work you have on your schedule
  • You have a clear brand identity that fires you up and attracts all your ideal clients
  • You show up continually, consistently and confident for your people online and offline
  • You feel excited to watch other people win cause you're in your own amazing lane
  • You gain the confidence and eventually the income to fully live your dream life

I'd like to Introduce You To...

C2C 1.0: a 12 Week Program to learn how to build an established brand AND CULTIVATE AN ENGAGED community!

You'll Have Access To:
Weekly Online Videos
1x Week Coaching Calls
1x Week Facebook Live Q&As
1x Homework Assignments
1 C2C Companion (Your Peer)
And Most Of All..
The Signature CURATE Curriculum:


You'll first clarify the person behind the brand - you. This module will focus on your own personal development, which is pivotal for your brand success in C2C and beyond. You'll leave with a stronger mindset that'll take you far!


You'll then work on understanding how you want to serve and the ideal client you have for your brand, boo. You need to know who you're speaking to in order to refine the brand. You'll leave with a solid idea of who you're talking to!


Understanding your people leads to refining your brand. This module will have you work on your brand identity and confident in how you stand apart from the competition. You'll leave with the confidence that you are unique!


Your unique self will then begin attract your people on Instagram. You'll work on how to create content on Instagram that is authentic, vulnerable, and F-U-N for you. You'll leave with a concise strategy that'll make it easy to show up on IG!


You'll need to not only use IG, but start telling people about your story both online and online! This module makes it easier for you to author, record, and pitch your brand story! You'll leave knowing how to sell what you do, boo!


You cannot leave the C2C course without talking about money, honey. This module is all about community-building and selling without the icky feeling. You'll leave with trust that you can sell and serve at the same time!

let's figure out if c2c 1.0 is the right fit for you..

This is for you if...

  • You are sick and tired of DIYing your brand, you want an expert to guide you along the way
  • You lack a consistent, clear brand posting schedule for your Instagram so you consume instead of create
  • You worry about connecting your community to all you have to offer because you feel salesy
  • You have a long-time brand vision and haven't been focused & consistent enough to execute
  • You struggle with confidently answering "What do you do?" when asked about your brand & biz

This is not for you if...

  • You still want to DIY your brand without an expert supporting you throughout the way
  • You are A-ok with consuming awesome content and not creating more of your own for your brand
  • You want to stay quiet about your offering and not share all the awesome-ness you provide
  • You like staying in the dream and not making it a reality with focus and consistency
  • You plan to avoid the question "What do you do?" or continue staying meek about what you offer

program doors virtually close ON FRIDAY, JANUARY 15TH

Ready for C2C 1.0? Fill out your application below. Limited spots are available! 

Each week unlocks new brand learning to go from confused to curated

Week 1: You Are the Work 

Week 2: Batch Your Schedule

Week 3: Brand Visualization 

Week 4: Know and Ask Your People

Week 5: Brand Identity

Week 6: You Are Unique

Week 7: Your Instagram Strategy

Week 8: Your Brand Creativity

Week 9: Storytelling in Your Brand

Week 10: Record, Pitch, Write for Your Brand

Week 11: Build Your Community Skills

Week 12: Shift Your Community to Clientele


Plan for your next photoshoot

This video gives tips for planning for a photoshoot from yah gurl Shanna.
She'll teach you how to fully mentally and logistically prepare for your next photoshoot!


Want to figure out how people get paid for partnerships? Shanna spills all the tea, shares tips for attracting brands, and gets you way closer to landing a paid partnership!

Account for your cash flow

If you struggle with setting up a biz account for yourself, what accountant to use, and all the money stuff in your biz, you'll definitely want to hear Shanna on this!

negotiate like the boss you are

Ever accept an offer you don't want? Well Shanna ain't here for it! She teaches you the ways to energetically and effectively negotiate for and in your brand!

why did i create c2c 1.0?

  • I believe that we all deserve to feel empowered in our brands and live abundant lives in them
  • I know how difficult it is to have confidence in sharing and even selling your brand when you're not clear on it yet
  • I see the way my coaching has made mindset and confidence shifts in my clients to move forward with their brands and manifest the possibility of living their dreams
  • I love working with wellness entrepreneurs just as committed to make a difference in people's lives as I am: it's such a treat
  • I've breathed, lived, and implemented all of these steps my damn self, and now I get to coach wellness entrepreneurs

Program investment

This C2C Program is an investment made for the future of your brand & biz.
Payment Plans are available for discussion.

c2c 101 faqs

This is a 12 week program. In it, you have weekly online videos, weekly homework assignments, weekly group coaching calls, a Slack group, and much more! 

This is for the wellness entrepreneur who is ready to invest in themself and their brand. They envision more for their brand but don’t know how to get there in implementation. If you consider yourself a professional in the wellness industry, you’re in the right place, boo! 

They’re all done on Zoom, one of the best options out there for connecting people! 

I strongly recommend making each call, but life happens. All group calls are recorded and sent after every session. So you can keep up via those recordings!  

I’m happy to discuss on a 20-minute C2C clarity call right here, and you can also fill out the application which asks for your budget! 

I recommend not being late! If you have accessed this page, that means it’s before the doors close before 8/28. But this program will sell out before this, boo. There are already people in the program. If you’re interested, click any red-orange button! 

what C2Cers say about me:

“Working with Shanna was exactly what I needed and I didn’t know, Her coaching style is SO fun and she boosted my confidence big time! She gave me a framework that held me accountable. I came out with a clear vision, attainable goals, and made 3x my prior income! 

– Maddy Wasserman, Doula & Birth Educator

“Shanna’s energy and creativity made working with her a pure joy! She matched her energy with an amazing C2C curriculum, individualized feedback, and homework assignment suggestions. Because of her feedback, my mission statement and IG bio are crystal clear. And the module on building and maintaining a community made me feel even more committed to show up and serve in my business. Shanna is the real deal – do yourself a favor and work with her now”

– Krystal Reddick, Founder & Self-care Coach

“Investing in Shanna’s program was a no brainer once I saw how brilliant she is with branding. Her positive and encouraging spirit along with her knowledge has been so helpful in finally giving me the clarity I need in my business. I now have clear direction on what my brand represents and how to move forward in my business. 

– Lauren Venosta, Nutritionist & Chef

it's up to you now

I know you can build the clarity in your brand, cultivate creativity in your messaging, and engage your community. You’ve seen the full program curriculum, the weekly breakdown, my personal brand story, and these awesome testimonials above. 

It’s up to you now on whether you’re going to say yes to yourself! Apply below for your opportunity. It won’t last forever!

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