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HAY! I'm Shanna.

Your life coach, yoga teacher, girlboss, and professional smiler based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass women and sharing my story too! Hear more about me here!

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Are you addicted to your phone? Do you experience that rush when you’re not around your phone and you hear it buzz or ring? You’re not alone. I’m with you and many others are. Studies like this one have confirmed that we’re getting to the point of experiencing anxiety when we aren’t able to look […]

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How do you talk to yourself, boo? Do you say there is more than enough? Are you willing to learn and grow? Do you focus on the bright side? After quitting my full-time job in April, I’ve discovered that my mindset needed work. Though I already was working on my mindset shifts, it was more […]

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Excuses are real. They’re those little statements that we say as soon as we get a good idea. They keep us from pursuing that dream we’ve always had. They’ll steal us from our joy and living our most passionate life. I know excuses all too well. Before I started the blog, I suffered excuse and […]

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Since I started blogging in 2016, I’ve seen the wellness industry have a strong impact on us as women. Brands and companies are now aligning with political statements and monumental issues. Leaders and influencers are now talking with less apology on the role of women from the kitchen to the yoga studio. One of the […]

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Gratitude is a buzzword lately. We talk about being grateful, but we’re in need of more tips and techniques. Let’s get really real, it’s hard to integrate gratitude into our lives, especially when we’re in a shitty mood. I didn’t build a solid gratitude practice until the end of 2017. I thought saying “thank you” […]

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Let’s hop right into this blog post, boo. I’m going to share three habits that I personally use to network like a damn badass. I’ve been complimented many times on my ability to kick off genuine friendships and awesome connections with people in many industries. It’s beyond flattering and humbling to hear — but I […]

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