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HAY! I'm Shanna.

A wellness blogger, side hustler, and community founder based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass folks and sharing my really real story. Learn more about me!

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self soul sport podcast

The Self Soul Sport Podcast is a destination to talk about loving self, nurturing soul, and living sport. I keep it really real with my coffee chats and interviews with girlbosses. This is a podcast that you want to miss, boo! Check out more about it and tune in! 

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I have no idea how to start a brand or if I’m one in general. I’ve got no clue how to make money at doing what I love. I feel so weird selling my offer in the DMs, emails, and all of it. I struggle with connecting with my people and attracting them on the […]

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When I first started regularly blogging again I knew I would eventually want to tackle this topic. Time and time again, I hear from influencers, clients, friends, and family members that they are simply drained. Their energy is depleted. Their calendar is booked. Their time is accounted for with appointments, commitments, and deadlines that are […]

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Big emotion can cause big change, my friend. Since March, I’ve been experiencing some big emotion due to the pandemic and now due to the Black Lives Matter movement. The pandemic has shown me that our day-to-day lifestyle is one we take for granted. One day things can be “normal” and the other day we […]

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As I write today’s first blog post since July 2019, I feel very heavy. It’s now three months in the COVID-19 pandemic and now the murder of George Floyd, a black man, at the hands of white police officer Derek Chauvin. There are a lot of feelings I’ve had over this past week once I […]

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As I’ve been getting ready for vacation, I’ve noticed we talk so much about vacation. Go on it! Enjoy it! Have fun! But we never talk about the how! O In this episode of The Self Soul Sport Podcast, I wanted to get really real on ways to set yourself up to enjoy vacation even […]

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Burnout. It’s one of the realest topics we can ever have as entrepreneurs, side hustlers, and employees. I’ve experienced in all three ends so I decided to have an honest talk about it with someone I know deals with it too. In this episode of The Self Soul Sport Podcast, I interview Diana Davis, my […]

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