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HAY! I'm Shanna.

Your life coach, yoga teacher, girlboss, and professional smiler based in the NYC area. I love connecting with kick-ass women and sharing my story too! Hear more about me here!

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As a side-hustler, I had a thing or two to share about organizing your passions. As a full-time entrepreneur for over a month, I’ve now got three things to share about organizing your passions. It’s definitely not easy to admit to yourself that you need to organize. But it’s the way to get shit done. […]

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Today’s post is a birthday post!! My 27th birthday was this past Friday, June 1st. And I must say, a huge thank you to everyone for all the love. It was amazing to receive every comment, message, email, text, and call. You all are the absolute best! There’s so much to be grateful for. I’ve had so […]

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Money is a touch AF topic, isn’t it? For the longest, I didn’t talk about money outloud. I didn’t even want to open the app to my bank account. I felt so afraid of money and wouldn’t talk about dollars just like how The Harry Potter Wizarding World never said the name Voldemort. I finally […]

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As some of you already may know, I started the blog in June 2016, which also included starting @shannatyler_ as a fitness, yoga, and self-love Instagram account. Before I knew it, I began so many amazing relationships, partnerships, and ambassadorships just from being who I was. It blew my mind. Throughout my two years on […]

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Yesterday, May 5th, was National Fitness Day founded by a dear friend, Kim. I volunteered to help with her social media and she reached out with an offer to do a takeover of her Instagram during the event at Yotel Times Square. It was a beautiful event and one that I met with many women who I’ve collaborated with and encouraged in the past in their passions. I cannot help but reflect on where I was two years ago… I was not the same person.

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A few years ago, I used to watch in jealousy when other people got opportunities. I thought those opportunities were supposed to mine. That contract? Mine. That sponsorship? Mine. That relationship? Mine. However, I began to realize my thoughts were all wrong. I wasn’t getting the opportunities that people had not because they were supposed to be mine. I didn’t get those opportunities because I didn’t manifest them.

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