My Story

Hey, may I share my story with you? It begins in a dark place. After I graduated with my undergraduate degree, I felt lost. I had no passion in my career and jumped from job to job searching for my purpose. Not only that, I eventually was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and hospitalized in an inpatient facility. 
Once I was discharged, I decided to share my story and empower women just like me. Today, I support entrepreneurial, multi-passionate women to get unstuck and live their passions. If you’re reading this and trying to figure it all out, I understand you and this journey more than you know…
In 2016, I decided to launch my Shanna Tyler blog with categories like yoga, mental health, and lifestyle. It’s now led to many amazing collaborations with big names like Blink Fitness and SELF Magazine. 
In 2017, I became registered as a 200 Hour Yoga Teacher and founded a community of women. I officially founded Self Soul Sport in June 2017 with the first NYC event being a brunch with three basic questions: How do you love self? How do you nurture soul? How do you live sport?
In 2018, I launched The Self Soul Sport Podcast, where I share my own personal journey of entrepreneurship with morning coffee chats, along with interviews with other girl bosses who share their stories of loving self, nurturing soul, and living sport. It gets really real.
Most importantly, in 2018, I began life coaching and biz consulting. Through my 1:1 coaching services and biz consulting, I started to provide individual support for entrepreneurial women to get unstuck and live their passions. 
Today, I get to live a life filled with all my passions for life coaching, biz consulting, yoga teaching and community building. Before you leave this page, I invite you to my Sunday Soulday Newsletter that I send to girlbosses with a really real personal note from me along with weekly resources that I’m loving podcasts, articles, and much more!