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7 Effective Ways For the Girlboss To Manage All That Stress

This one is for all my girlbosses who work hard AF and mange it all while being stressed. When I first started side-hustling while working my full-time in 2016, I began experiencing stress from all I was doing. Between hosting events, writing blog posts, and managing brand deadlines on weekends, I began to notice how much I needed constructive ways to manage all the stress I was experiencing. 

Today, I have a list of ways I manage stress that I share with my coaching clients and my girlboss friends. So I want to share these with you, boo! Whenever you feel like it’s all too much, I recommend looking at these seven suggestions to help in managing all that stress that we can experience as girlbosses. Let’s get to them!

Smiling to trick your brain – A smile can surge a happy chemical in your brain, better known as dopamine. It doesn’t even matter if it’s a fake one, you can experience the benefits of smiling, that include reducing stress and increasing happiness. If you don’t believe me, check out this article by NBC News, boo!

When I’m stressed, I like to smile despite it all. Even if it’s fake, I notice how much my brain then feels super happy. I think of the last thing that made me smile, whether it was a joke or a person. The impact it does to my brain is impeccable. I automatically feel more calm. I highly suggest this one if you need a quick on-the-go way to manage stress. Smiling at yourself or a person will do the trick!

Exercising on a consistent basis – Exercise is one of the best ways to manage stress. It cultivates endorphins to your brand, which is another chemical that makes you feel good as hell. Moving your body on a consistent basis will manage your stress over time and keep you all up in the happy feels. Trust me, I know this one too well.

Working out on a consistent basis has done wonders for me. So much so that I’m going for my NASM CPT and made the decision to finally start my study a few weeks ago. I’m a firm believer that exercise has helped me manage stress since I started this whole Shanna Tyler thang. I feel lighter after any workout; it can be pilates, yoga, barre, weightlifting, running, and dancing. I really am all about recommending some form of exercise, at least two or three times a week!

Journaling to let out feelings – A journal is the one space you can let out all the feelings you have. That feeling of stress? It can be written down on a piece of paper in a notebook and kept right within that page. Writing your feeling down will feel like mini-therapy, girlboss!

Though I don’t keep a regular journal anymore, I did this from 2016 to 2017 and it was super helpful. Today, I keep a gratitude journal where I write 10 things I’m grateful for each day. I completely back any form of journaling because it’s been a way I manage all the stress I feel. It allows me an outlet to manage it all and get it all out on paper. I recommend journaling before or after bed (if you’re an early bird or night owl, you can still journal!).

Meditating for peace of mind – Meditation can get you in a whole other mental state. It can have you focus on the present, manage the emotion, and regulate the stress you feel. You’ll be able to gain so much management of stress when you cultivate a meditation practice.

When I first was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and hospitalized in an inpatient client in 2014, there were group meditation classes. Being able to close my eyes, sit with my thoughts, and meditate on a single thing (like a field or a mountain) really kept me so calm. I now meditate for around 5 to 20 minutes a day dependent on how much I need. To find out more about meditation, I invite you to listen to this podcast episode on The Self Soul Sport Podcast with Kait Hurley. We talk all about how we manage our stress and anxiety with meditation playing a huge role!

Visualizing the end goal – If you visualize what it will feel like in the end, you’ll be able to better manage the present. You can take time out of the situation that is causing you stress to sit with your eyes closed and imagine how it would feel when accomplished. You can allow that visualization to keep all that performance stress of you. This is what I personally love to do lately!

When I first was planning the Get It Done Program: Build Your Really Real Brand + Make It A Profitable Biz, I was thinking more about the end goal of having it completed vs. the actual present step-by-step. It made it seem like a huge mountain before me that made me so stressed. Then I started visualizing what it would feel like to finally have the sales page up, to finish the workbooks, to sign on the clients, and to start the program did the stress melt away. Now, I’m excited AF and don’t have an ounce of stress! I suggest visualizing the benefits of the end product whenever you have a huge project coming up!

Breathing through the stress – Deep breaths will get you in a calmer state when you’re experiencing stress. It’s all scientific! When you’re stressed, your “flight or fight” response tends to kick in and your breaths get shallow and sharp. One of the biggest benefits of taking deep breaths is that it kickstarts the nervous system to slow your heart rate, lower blood pressure, and calm your mind! Check out this article if you want to read more boo!

I love to take some deep breaths wherever I am and feeling some type of stressed way! I’ve taken deep breaths on the train, the bus, the car, anywhere I need to. Just yesterday, I experienced such stress in a delayed bus for a photoshoot I was going to. What helped me on that very bus was closing my eyes, and taking deep conscious breaths in through the nose and out through the month. Woo-SAH. I recommend deep breaths anytime and any place you begin to feel the stress!

Talk to a specialist – Last but not least, you can always have a therapist. A therapist will offer you stress management and coping techniques that’ll work for your lifestyle. They’ll also know if you need more management with psychiatric care. Believe me, I have a therapist at all times and it’s done wonders for me.

I have been in therapy regularly since 2014. It helps me manage my stress and know the best way I cope. I also know how it feels to be a girlboss on a budget so I want to share some tips for cost-effective options. You can search on Psychology Today and find therapists in your area, click on their profile to see if they have “Sliding Fee Scales.” Those are for those with lower income and more financial hardship so that you can afford to see them! Another option is online therapy. I recommend either Talk Space or Maven Clinic. Alright, get your therapy, boo!

These are seven effective ways to manage all that stress as a girlboss! Have you tried any of these before or have any that you’re going to start trying? I’m so happy to share this blog post for all my girl bosses. I got this, you got this, we got this!

Leave a comment below if you’re managing your stress and how! I love to hear from ya’ll as I continue to write these blog posts. It helps to know what resonates!

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