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5 Signs It’s Time To Start Your Own Brand + Biz As A Side Hustle

I want to get to the point on today’s blog post. Having your own brand + biz as a side hustle isn’t easy, but it’s rewarding as hell. It requires time either before or after your full-time job. It demands lunch-time breaks to be focused. It means that weekends might not always include boozy brunches and Netflix binges. But there are signs that it’s time to start one. 

In our feeds, lives, and relationships, we’re seeing entrepreneurship more than ever. We’re seeing people balance full-time jobs with side hustles, freelancers who are working what they love, and entrepreneurs who are living off of multiple income streams. Whether we aspire to that or not, there are ways to make this happen if that’s our dream.

If you’re dreaming of starting your own brand + biz as a side hustle, you most likely have had these signs and let me tell you, it’s time to start. When you start, you’ll see the benefits of a side hustle, which includes more purpose, more clarity, and more fun in your life. As a side hustler for two and a half years before I finally quit my full-time job a year ago, I know it all too well! Let’s talk about the signs that it’s finally time to say yes to starting your brand + biz as a side hustle. 

If you’re thinking about it. The thought alone is reason enough to get started with it, boo! The thoughts that are spurring on that new product, app, website, or clinic isn’t going to start on it’s own. But reason enough to start is because you’re thinking about it. Have you ever had a thought for an idea years ago? Then, you see someone implement on it. It could’ve, would’ve, should’ve been yours, but you thought about it for so long that it floated to someone else’s mind who decided to execute. 

This is some tough loving right here – don’t let your thoughts for that brand + biz settle anymore. If you have this awesome idea and you’ve been sitting on it for weeks, months, and years, it’ll soon become stagnant and never happen. Execution is the way to go. Start that blog, start that website, start that Instagram, start that certification. It’s time to start!

When you hate having a boss. To be honest, I’ve never met someone who loved having a boss, but I do know people who found it unbearable to have one (I’m one of those people). Besides the typical challenges of being under someone else, there are signs that the entrepreneurial life is calling your name. One of them is definitely this hate of having a boss.

I’ve never liked having a boss, since I had my first job. I challenged authority, power, and the “boss” construct ever since I was a damn camp counselor in middle school. This continued all the way to adulthood. Having a side hustle in 2014 showed me that it’s possible to make my passion something that can sustain me to the point of no longer having a boss. And being my own. If that’s you – if you’ve always felt a boss wasn’t in your cards. That’s a sign to start explore your own side hustle with a brand + biz.

You already have a solid vision. Boo, if you already have a name, tagline, website, customer idea, and friggin business plan. What the heck!? That’s one of the surest signs that it’s time to start your side hustle idea. A vision is the catalyst to really executing what it is you have in your mind to do. With my private clients and group clients in Get It Done Program, I support the most in this stage.

This stage is when you already have a kickass idea, but you’re ready to get started and know what the next steps are for creating a brand + biz. Let me share this with you – you’ll know it’s time to start your brand + biz when you have that vision for it. You can see it, taste, smell it, feel it. All five senses are a part of that brand + biz idea and it’s just time to move forward with executing.

If it’s something you already do. So let’s talk about that passion project you have. That thing that everyone comes to you for, whether it’s proofreading their articles or . You name any unique skill you have, I bet that it can be made into a side income. A sign it’s time to start your brand + biz as a side hustle is when you’re doing something valuable for free and can make it a dang business. 

If it comes naturally to you, it’s a gift that can be a side hustle. I want to encourage you to make that gift.. a side-hustle. Make money off it, enjoy the passion you have as a supplementary income to your full-time job! Why not?! When I made that decision to make my gifts for connection, community, and support a side hustle, I landed toward the life of my dream today!

You’re reading this blog post in its entirety. If you’re a full-time worker wanting a side hustle, I believe you’re getting something out of readingg this. All those signs you have, they’re waiting for you. Iyou’re a full-time entrepreneur reading this blog post, I believe you’re reading this not only out of curiosity, but because you’re planning a pivot with what you currently have. Or maybe you’re just reading this cause you love the blog and no interest in a side hustle at all!

If you’re reading this as a side-hustle or full-time entrepreneur, I want to invite you to apply to my Get It Done Program: Build Your Really Real Brand + Make It A Profitable Biz. It’s an 8-week group coaching program to build clarity, get accountability, and foster community in your journey toward a brand + biz. It’s time to start that brand + biz idea, and I want to be a part of your journey! 

It’s now taking applications and will be for years to come! I’m looking for entrepreneurial, side-hustling ready bosses who are ready to build their brand + biz as soon as May 2019!

For two years, I side-hustled, created a brand, and made it into a profitable biz. I want to support you in doing this on your own! 

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