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The Oh Hay Podcast is a destination for mission-driven entrepreneurs to go from confused to curated. Yah gurl shares brand & biz tips, as well as community chats. Ditch the DIY in your brand, it's time for C2C! Have a brand or want a brand? Listen below for tips, boo!

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4 Effective Ways to Start Going From Curated to Curated With Your Brand

I have no idea how to start a brand or if I’m one in general. I’ve got no clue how to make money at doing what I love. I feel so weird selling my offer in the DMs, emails, and all of it. I struggle with connecting with my people and attracting them on the regular.

I’ve said all these things before. As I reflect on the start of Shanna Tyler in June 2016, I literally had no clue that it would become what it is today. I was confused AF about what I wanted it to become, then it began to click. In 2017, I started crafting my brand identity, cultivating a community, tapping into my creativity, and sharing my expertise in branding & storytelling. All of a sudden it clicked for me.

Then I started getting questions from friends and followers on the exact ways I created my Shanna Tyler brand. I realized I took for granted a merchandising degree where I learned about building a business, developing a brand, and connecting with an audience. I eventually decided to start taking on clients in 2018 and formalizing my brand strategy in a tailored group and 1:1 coaching program – the Get It Done Program.

Now, it’s been rebranded to Confused to Curated: Create an Established Brand and Cultivate in an Invested Community. If you’re the slightest bit confused in your branding, I want to share these four key ways to start.

Establish clarity in what your brand is and who it serves. If you don’t know what your brand’s mission, vision, and purpose is plus who the heck you’re talking to, how can you attract your people?  This is some tough love but this is the first step for a reason! A house isn’t a house without a solid foundation – brands need a foundation too. 

I had the realization I needed to come up with a solid foundation when people asked what Shanna Tyler was. I’d say well, I’m a wellness brand that serves a diverse group of people? I decided to stop, drop, and write exactly who Shanna Tyler was and I always come back to it every 6 months for edits! Today’s mission: I keep it really real in my personal brand + profesh biz and encourage wellness entrepreneurs to go from confused to curated in their journeys too!

When you decide to work on your brand, instead of in it, you’ll notice that you can fine tune your mission, vision, and purpose. Find time to sit down and write down exactly what you do, who you serve, and what problem you solve for your clients. That’ll set you up perfectly for what’s next.

Build consistency in showing up to attract your people. Struggling with consistency is a common thang I talk to my clients about. Once you’re clear, it’s time to come up with plans on how you’ll stay consistent. Let’s keep it really real, if you’re not consistent, no one will have it engrained in their minds that your brand exists.

I used to have an irregular brand schedule when I first started. I’d take off on Instagram for weeks, then reappear, then stop again. That’s when I noticed I couldn’t possibly expect people to know when to connect with me and hear from me. People want predictability and consistency from a brand. They not only need clarity on what your brand is and what it represents, but they’re craving to consistently hear your message from you. That starts with a plan, boo!

When you struggle with consistency, ask yourself if you have a clear, consistent plan for scheduling your messaging. Are you using a content calendar? Are you planning out your categories? Are you looking at your audience for what they want? You first need to become consistent with your brand message, then you can creative with how you share your message!

Tap into creative ideas that can connect with your people. When you’re consistent, then you can experiment! Creatively connecting with your people will draw them closer to you and being creative will attract new people your way. Alright, so what do I mean when I say creativity tho?

When I was a little girl, I’d sit at the computer and write stories with full-on plots, characters, and twists. My stories would then become household stapled-together books with clipart pictures and attention-grabbing headlines. I’ve seen that my brand has helped me tap into that little girl. The creativity I used to have then now manifests into storytelling and visually attracting those to Shanna Tyler. Ain’t that something?

You have your own personal story that you can tell and find how to creatively share it through quotes, narratives, and more. Tapping into that creativity will only attract more and more of the right people to you and your brand. Why? Because your brand is nothing without you and what you uniquely bring.

Cultivate a community who invests in all that you do (and join one too!). Last but not least, a community is needed for a brand. People have to know, like, trust you in order to be invested in what you do. With all those ways above, you’re even closer to cultivating a community. I’d love to share what I realized after clearing up my brand identity and nurturing a community of people just like me.

I wanted nothing more than to help them on their brand journeys, to support them to live their dreams, and share that it’s possible to make money doing what you love. Because they were me, and I was them. When you tailor an offer that you’re truly invested in, it shines and become a part of you so much so that your community is already invested in you before you offer it.

I believe that you are here, reading all the way to the end for reason. Not to get all woo-woo, but I’m all about helping people start and if you want to go from confused to curated… join a community like the one I’m cultivating! I invite you to apply to C2C 101: Confused to Curated in 4 Weeks. This start to branding and community-building can be just what you need, boo.

Want to go from confused to curated with me? Click HERE for to find out more about my C2C 101 Confused to Curated program. There’s more info on the 4Cs, the benefits, and even some awesome client testimonials. I can’t wait to serve you, boo.

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