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3 Hard-Hitting Reasons The Blog Isn’t Dead (And You Should Start One!)

I’ve been blogging for almost three years now and since 2016, I’ve seen the most benefits from having a blog than any other aspect of my biz (including Instagram!). While I truly believe in the power of Instagram, I’m still 100% about blogging and preach it to my coaching clients every damn day. 

There are some whispers going around that the blog is dead. That there’s no need to have a blog anymore — that you don’t need to be a blogger in order to get clients cause… Instagram! Well, I want to shred that to pieces today with this hard-hitting blog on why the blog isn’t dead. If you’ve been on the brink of starting one, I believe this post is going to get you going, boo! Let’s get to them!

A blog is your own real estate, that you own with a website URL and a blank canvas to fill. You’re going to need a space that you personally own, especially if you have a personal brand and business. When you have YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, and all those fabulous sites, you’re not in control of any of them. When they update, shutdown, or no longer matter, what you create won’t either. Your blog is your own place for what you do!

I remember when I first started my Shanna Tyler brand with this blog. I’ve always been able to access it, write to it, and publish content to it without any error. It’s been my canvas to share the photos I want, write as much as I want and do what I need. In the time of Facebook and Instagram, I’ve faced many things that have reminded me that I don’t own those spaces like unexpected shutdowns, deleted posts, and limited characters. These frustrations serve as a reminder that I am in a good space in owning my own blog. 

We can love on social media and use it for sharing what we need. But nothing is like a website URL and having our own space that we own. Admist the shutdowns, characters, and unpredictabilities, a blog will give us the space we need to share without limit and without fear that one day, it’ll become obsolete. But there is another key benefit to a blog that we underrate.

Having a blog shows that you have discipline in your consistency and expertise in your speciality. If you’re in the phase of wanting to start a brand and business, a blog is the way that you do so. There’s nothing like a blog that shows people that you’re about business. Whether you have a personal brand or a brick-and-mortar, your blog can be the way to establish your brand in the best ways possible: in discipline and expertise.

In my time of having a blog, I’ve noticed that many visitors (including larger brands and coaching clients) are in awe that I have a blog that has content for dayssss. What has happened in these past three years is I’ve been able to establish that I’m disciplined enough to show up every single week and make a blog happen. These blogs also affirm my expertise in what I do an offer for all my visitors! I’ve attracted so many opportunities for myself with brands like Blink Fitness, Mindbodygreen, and Well + Good, all from my ability to be consistent and specialized in what I do from this blog!

While a social media account is also wonderful, there’s nothing like a blog that shows that we can get shit done. Literally! A blog will inform people that we’re not playing any games and you’re showing up on a consistent basis on a website to do so. Not only that, but our blogs have the ability to help us create specialized content for those who we want to attract into our brand + biz.

If you’re looking to attract clients and customers, a blog is the way to get people onto an email list. There’s nothing like a blog to get people to one of the most amazing places to be: the email list. Your ability to build an email list from your blog will be the most important and surefire ways that you can make sure that you have the most permanent way to contact someone: via the email.

I’ve created something for you if you’ve been wanting to get your blog done and want some inspiration on how to do it. It’s a 5-Step Guide: Getting Your Blog Done + My Top 10 Favorite Headline Titles. This is something I share with my very own clients that I’ve decided to share with you! 

Download below and you can start taking advantage of these reasons the blog isn’t dead. And not only that, you’ll be on my very own email list where I share inspiration every Sunday along with resources, articles, and my favorite people to follow on the gram. Cause I still love IG, I just know that a blog is important too!! 

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