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3 Clarifying AF Questions to Build Your Brand’s Mission Statement

In June 2016, I started this whole blog and Instagram thang. I had no idea what I wanted to do with this, just that I wanted to do it. I wanted to share my really real story and cultivate a community that fostered self-love, self-care, plus so much more.

In 2018, I decided to take myself seriously as a personal brand and create a mission statement that I went by. I read that it helped to have a mission statement in a branding book so I made it happen. From there, I realized the power of a mission statement and how it’s been able to positively affect my biz (which I’ll get to a little bit later!!).

So today, I wanted to share the three questions to ask in building your brand’s mission statement. I recommend building a mission statement for everyone reading this with a personal brand or a professional biz. It’ll help you get clear AF with what you put out in the world, concise when you share your brand with your community, and how you move forward with all your decisions to offer services.

First off, I do want to say: a mission statement is clear, concise description of a brand’s purpose for being in existence, boo. Okay, now that we know what a mission statement is, let’s get to these questions!

What do you do? In your mission statement, the first thing you have to do know is what the heck you do. Whether you’re a writer or a photographer, you must have a clear idea of what you’re doing in order to first build the structure of your mission statement.

Before I talk about this first step in building your mission statement, I think I should also share my mission statement with ya’ll! My mission statement is I share my really real story and encourage + inspire other entrepreneurial women through influencing, coaching and podcasting. When I was first constructing this sentence, I thought of what the heck it is I do.

I do a few things as a multi-passionate lady. I influence through my Instagram with previous and current sponsorships. I coach entrepreneurial women in my Shanna Tyler LLC’s 1:1 coaching or group coaching. I also podcast on a seasonal basis for The Self Soul Sport Podcast. Those three are exactly what I do. But most of all, I do this through sharing my story and keeping it really real. Thus, I had what I do for my mission statement.

Once we know what we do, we can then build a mission statement. The beauty of this part of the mission statement is that it also keeps us streamlined and focused in moving forward with our services. We’ll get clear on what we can do, but we also need to know who we do it for.

Who do you do it for? It’s so important to know who the heck you’re doing the above for. When you know what you do, it’s necessary to know exactly who you do it for. Knowing your client will allow you to get even clearer in your mission statement.

I didn’t know exactly who my brand was for when I first started my blog and IG. I knew that I wanted to share my story but I didn’t think of my audience and get super clear on it until 2018. I played around with ideas of only having my brand for yogis, fitness enthusiasts, creatives, and multipassionate women. While those were helpful, I realized who my brand was really for.

With some brainstorming for my mission statement and looking at my natural brand audience, I saw that all of the ladies that were in my DMs, comments, and follows were entrepreneurial. They either had side businesses or full-time passions that they pursued. That’s when it hit me. My brand resonates with the entrepreneurial woman.

When we know who we create our brand for, that’s when we are almost complete with our mission statement. We’re able to articulate exactly who our brand is for. Then, we have to answer the most important question of all.

Why do you do it? Your why is one of the most important questions to answer for anyone in or outside of your brand. Your reason for creating this brand in the first place will guide you in not only the creation of your mission statement, but in fully building our your brand in the future.

I never thought of the the Why behind my brand until I read Simon Sinek’s Start With Why last year in 2018. When reading it, he stresses this importance of being guided with a why more than money or fame. He essentially states that answering the WHY is what will guide you in all decisions in your brand. So I got to thinking of why I created Shanna Tyler in the first place.

The words that came straight to mind were to encourage and inspire. I believe in encouraging other entrepreneurial women on their journey through my coaching services, as well as through my professional expertise. But I also believe in serving as an inspiration for other women while keeping it really real. I aim to inspire other entrepreneurial women on this journey that they, too, can do this. BAM! There goes my why.

When we answer the why of our brand, we’re able to answer any questions that follow and make any decisions that come. We know we’re guided by our principles behind our why. So now we’re ready to get this mission statement together!

Download the below mission statement worksheet to fully build out your mission statement. These questions are the base and the whole structure still needs work. Get this worksheet to get the template of how to fully put together all of the questions you answer for your brand’s mission statement.

Do you have a brand mission statement or create one after this blog post? Let me know your mission statement below or any challenges you’re facing with yours!

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