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26 Lessons I’ve Learned and Bringing to 27 Years Old

Today’s post is a birthday post!! My 27th birthday was this past Friday, June 1st. And I must say, a huge thank you to everyone for all the love. It was amazing to receive every comment, message, email, text, and call. You all are the absolute best!

There’s so much to be grateful for. I’ve had so many blessings and so many lessons that I’m bringing into 27 years old. I’d love to share a special birthday blog post with the 26 things I’ve learned in all of my journeys from entrepreneurship, romance, social media, food, family, friendship, and money.

  1. Your personal story can help so many others – In sharing more about my history of depression, I’ve noticed how many others have been resonating with my words. I’ve really learned how much my story can benefit others! Yours can too!
  2. If you’re doubting it, don’t do that shit – Yup, if you’re second guessing it, don’t do it. I’ve learned throughout being 26 that I just have these deep feelings I shouldn’t do a project or go out on a date, and I still do that shit, I regret it. I’ve realized if I’m doubting it in my heart, I gotta not do it.
  3. There’s no such thing as too much ice-cream – I mean, do I need to explain?!
  4. Some friends are for different parts of your life – Well, this was a tough one to learn, but I’ve learned that I cannot expect someone to be everything to me. There will be friends for dinner, for coffee, for workouts, for birthdays, and for church.
  5. Being your own best friend is pretty awesome – Yup, this may sound selfish, but I’ve been really befriending myself this year. Saying nice things about myself and to myself. Being my own best friend has even helped me cultivate great friendships.
  6. Make time for the people you call friend – Time is something I don’t have much of and I saw dips in my ability to really commit to my friendships at one point. I decided to really shift that and put my time where my heart is, with friendships.
  7. You’ll need to let go of friends to move forward – Wooooof, oh yes. It’s gonna have to happen. I’ve let go of a few friendships and my life has become so much better because of it.
  8. The “family comes first” motto is real – My family has showed out for me this year. My mom and dad accepted me back into the house after I moved out on my own (quite unsuccessfully for many reasons). They had my back for sure and invest in me professionally. I have to say, family does come first. I’ve seen it and have been practicing it with my folks too.
  9. Your family can extend beyond your blood family – Self Soul Sport has become my family. It literally is full of sisters that I love and has extended well beyond just friendship. Family doesn’t only have to be those who I share the same last name or genetic pool with.
  10. You won’t like your family all the time, but you love them – Oh yes, and this goes for blood and extended family. I won’t like what some of my family does all the time, but I always keep in mind that I show them love just the same. That’s what family does.
  11. Being single doesn’t mean you’re ready to mingle – I was single for most of being 26. I went through cycles of actually not wanting anyone at the time. My schedule was just so busy, my business goals weren’t exactly clear to me, and I just couldn’t deal with the dating scene. I was single and not ready to mingle. And that’s okay!
  12. Going on dates with multiple people isn’t wrong – Ladies, I have been a dating queen lately. Dates on dates on dates. It’s fun! It allows me to put my own terms on what I want and really explore different personalities until that right one stumbles into my life. It’s allowed me to get crystal clear on what I want and don’t want.
  13. Tinder ain’t so bad, actually – So this might be a controversial one but hear me out. I actually met two exes off Tinder and they didn’t end of being half bad. They’re both very kind men who we just ended up not being 100% compatible with each other. Tinder really ain’t so bad!
  14. Social media can become crucial for your business – Social media has played a huge role in 26 years old. I’ve been able to collaborate with brands like Blink Fitness and write for publications like mindbodygreen. All of this was due to social media. It’s now become crucial for me to stay consistent!
  15. You will want to use social media wisely –  The time spent scrolling, tapping, liking, commenting, posting, and writing captions really adds up. I’ve gotten better at drafting the dreaded content calendar and being more streamlined with how much time I spend. I’ve even just gotten over my social media break where I decided time to really focusing on time management with social media.
  16. You can foster amazing relationships through social media – I learned that I could meet people from social media at 26, but I have been able to foster amazing relationships that have lasted for a year or so now.
  17. Money is not your enemy, you are – This was the toughest lesson for me in 26. Learning that I was my own enemy and not money was tough. I learned that money really has no attachment to it, it’s just money. I was my own money enemy.
  18. Your manifestation of money starts with thoughts – I used to doubt myself, but now I think of myself as a badass girlboss here in NYC and valuable to those who are interested in yoga teaching, coaching, speaking, or community building. You know what? It’s been paying off! Not say I don’t have moments of doubt just like anyone else, but this driving thought has done a lot for manifesting opportunities.
  19. If money was a person, you’d look at it differently – I like to imagine money as a person sometimes. I imagine it as a shiny, good looking chocolate man that I want in my life. It really helps me think of it differently haha! So serious!
  20. Seeking financial help if you need it is important – I’ve mentioned this place so many times with good reason. The Financial Gym came at a time where I really needed financial help, and to be honest, I still do with student loan debt and all that dirty credit card debt from shopping sprees before I was diagnosed with depression. It’s so important to admit and recognize needing help!
  21. Live a life full of passion and it won’t be work – One of the biggest decisions I’ve made in 26 was being my own boss. I quit my full-time job on April 18th and since then, I haven’t looked back.  It’s been such an exhilarating road that actually surprises me that it doesn’t feel much like work!
  22. Treat yourself as you would your own employee – I’ve began treating myself as I would someone who worked for me. I would be nice to them, give them encouraging statements, write out an agenda on projects, set realistic timelines. So that’s what I’ve decided to do for myself!
  23. It’s okay to give yourself a break – I’m taking my very first break from Thursday, June 7th to Monday, June 11th. I’ll be traveling to Atlanta for a summit and I’m just so excited! Though I’ll be networking, I won’t be answering any emails and I’ll be completely off the grid. Like completely! I’ve had to tell myself that it’s okay to take that break.
  24. You don’t have to say yes to all opportunities – Oh yes, this is true, yo. If it isn’t something that gets you really excited and pumped, don’t say yes. If it isn’t someone that realizes your worth and wants to pay you it, don’t say yes. These are hard truths I have embraced but have loved realizing along the way!
  25. You’re not alone in this entrepreneurship journey – In my very little time in this journey, I’ve been so embraced by many fellow entrepreneurs who have been doing this for years. They’ve been giving advice, lending hugs, and being so supportive. I’ve found so much love via social media and workshops when I say I’m my own boss! I’m not alone!!
  26. You can and you will – This is the last and final lesson that I’m still learning. I can do this and I will continue being my own boss. No matter what happens along the road, I will continue preserving. Why? Because of my passion, because of my hustle, because of my grit, and because of my love for every single part of what I do now.

This is quite the list of learnings! I’m so happy to have shared the top 26 things I’ve learned in my life thus far. It isn’t even more wild to look back at my 26th birthday post where I outlined goals. Most of them I have achieved, some of them are still goals.

A bonus 27th learning is that seasons will change and goals will change. Take a look at this blog post from my 26th birthday last year for how much I’ve grown! Fitness has changed in my life to being a celebration of movement without a hardcore routine, and yoga has become a weekly class schedule with an option for privates. I’ve become my own boss with a coaching practice, and I’ve learned so much in relationships, family, and friendships thus far.

Have you learned anything that you have taken with you into your birthday? Doesn’t matter if it’s just passed or still on its way! Let’s share what we’ve learned!

**Huge shoutout to Diana Davis for the awesome photoshoot for my 27th birthday. It was just what I imagined and more!**

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