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5 Limiting Beliefs that are Keeping You From Your Potential

Do you remember one of the first times you decided to move toward your potential? I do. 

The first time I thought of hosting events I was terrified, but I made it happen. I remember planning the very first Self Soul Sport event in June 2017. I was scared as hell when I sent out the invitations by text, email, and DM via Instagram to the ladies that I was inspired and encouraged by.  

I literally broke into a sweat before inviting each lady to an open discussion event with yogurt, tea, and three discussion questions. I didn’t know how the hell the event would be received.  I had nightmares of me showing up with absolutely no attendees, sitting at an empty seat, and eating all the yogurt by myself. 

What on happened the day of the event? On June 25, 2017, fifteen women showed up to chat all about their lifestyles and ready to discuss their #selfsoulsport lifestyles. This month, I’m hosting the tenth Self Soul Sport event and gaining confidence in my hosting abilities. 

There are beliefs that we tell ourselves that limit our potential. There are narratives that we come up with that block our passion. There are thoughts that we accept that foster our procrastination. I have them. You have them. We all have them.

I believe there is power in calling this shit out. So today’s post is shedding light on the five limiting beliefs that I’ve been through, that you’ve been through, and that I hear on a consistent basis, especially from all my girlbosses. 

Please note that this is all love. I have to talk myself out of these too, and trust me when I say: I’m here encouraging you as much as myself. That said, let’s get really real about these top five limiting beliefs that are keeping us from our potential. 

 Photo taken by Shay Paresh

Photo taken by Shay Paresh

“I can start later like next week, next month, or next year.” When you succumb to this belief, you limit your ability to get shit done. Starting later eventually becomes starting never when we don’t set clear goals, deadlines, and timelines. When’s the perfect time to start? Now. 

As I write this blog post, I procrastinated. It was on my Passion Planner to-do list for the whole week since Monday, I’m here at 11pm on a Saturday night working on a blog post that is set to launch in less about 12 hours. But I’ll tell you this, I have a deadline I need to meet and I’m abiding by it. 

When we set clear goals and deadlines, we get it done. That belief of starting later will become never for us if we don’t set time in our schedule to get it done. What helps us in our journeys and reaching our potentials is the steps that we schedule out. By X date, we need to get X done. BAM. That’s it. Non-Negotiable. 

“I’m not good enough at (fill in the blank).” There is no room for perfectionism when you are reaching your potential. The road is going to get messy, and you’re going to need to just get ideas out there. You’re good enough because you’re doing it and because it’s your potential to reach.

Sometimes I think I’m a fraud. I literally feel like I’m Ashton Kutcher and I’m punking all of you, especially in writing. I don’t feel like I’m a good enough writer sometimes. I feel like my writing is too conversational and not formal enough. I feel like I’m not good enough at story telling and introducing blog posts. Blah blah blah. This is when I tune in and tell myself to cut the crap. My potential will be reached by the way that I write and the way I tell my story on these blog posts and my articles for mindbodygreen. 

When we keep up our ideas that we aren’t good enough at something, it keeps us from actually getting better at it. When we start practicing and stop perfecting, that’s when we build confidence. If you look at my past posts like this one from 2017, my writing has strengthened dramatically. Why? Because I keep at it. We all can keep at it too and become so good that we even suprise our damn selves! 

“I won’t make money once I reach my potential.” You are capable at making money at what you do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a chess player, a fashion blogger, or a damn trophy maker, you’re able to make money at what you do. That belief just keeps you from living your potential as a side hustle or full-time thang (if that’s what you want!). 

I remember when I had the idea that I wanted to be self-employed and didn’t listen to myself for a while. This was all due to this belief that I couldn’t make money at it. But I started realizing that I could by seeing other people doing it and by believing my damn self. I could make money from yoga, I could make make money from writing, I could make money from event planning. I could even make money from posting on Instagram. Once I changed that belief into “I won’t” to “I will.” That’s when all the opportunities came my way, and I was confident enough to make the decision to quit my full-time job to follow my passions

When we tell ourselves we cannot make money, we definitely won’t. When we start saying we can make money, we definitely will. From there, we will strategize and figure out how to make our potential profitable. Our potentials can turn into actions, which turn into profits. The first step is letting go of that belief. 

“I don’t have enough time.” You make time for what’s important to you. I repeat: you make time for what’s important to you. There’s no magic formula to getting more hours in the day. Beyonce is not magical; Beyonce just gets shit done in the 24 hours we all have in the day. 

I’m gonna be honest — I cannot relate to this one. I make time for the things I love with my work and personal calendars (Tiny Calendar is my life). I’ve always been in the mindset of making time for what matters because if I don’t dedicate the time, how in the hell am I going to reach my potential? 

When we keep telling ourselves we don’t have time, we’re really telling ourselves our potential isn’t important. Instead of saying we don’t have the time, how about we make the time? How about we invest in a planner? How about we schedule out time for us to brainstorm? How about we invest in the time we have, even if it’s just thirty minutes? We have the time, we make time work for us. 

“I’m all alone in this.” There’s no way that you’re alone and the only person pushing through to reach their potential. Did you know there’s about 7.442 billion people in the world? Shout out to Google for that data. With all those people in the damn world, there’s got to be (at least) two or three people who can keep you company in your journey.

I used to think I was alone in my depression and still wanting to function as a professional, especially as an entrepreneur. I used to think I was the only one struggling with this disorder and still pushing through to doing some awesome shit. But I’m not. How do I know? Because I surround myself with people every single day who remind me that I’m not alone. I’ve joined networking communities and even founded a community that reminds me that I’m not alone. 

We all are more connected to each other than we even know. There’s so many people that we don’t talk to, that we don’t say hello to, that we don’t meet with, that are going through the same exact thing. It will help if we put ourselves out there. Either by going to new events that are targeted toward we’re looking to do or networking on social media sites for people who are just like us. Either way, we are not alone with about billions of people on this earth. 

Do you have any of the limiting beliefs above or have any others that you’d like to share? If you’ve gotten this far and are nodding your head or resonating with this post, share what belief you’re letting go of today. Today, I’m letting go of the belief that I’m not good enough. 

I’m good enough to write this blog post and to write for an awesome publication like mindbodygreen. I’m good enough to be chatting with girlbosses on a weekly basis because I have so much to offer. I’m good enough to be doing what I do because I have you along with me on this journey. 

What are you letting go of today? Comment below and let’s talk about it. 


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  1. Great post! I LOVE discussing limiting beliefs and I definitely know what mine is lately… feeling like I’m not good enough to do video posts, whether they are live (as in IG stories or FB live) or scripted (YouTube, etc). I’ve always been comfortable writing and I feel like I hide behind that sometimes. It’s so easy to take your time, craft the perfect (there’s that sneaky perfectionism coming through!) words and know they will be received well (most of the time). I really want to start doing more videos but kind terrified… what if I mess up? what if I say something that sounds stupid? what if everyone just hates the way I look? So, I keep putting it off… I think creating a deadline around a video is a good idea, or even a deadline to have whatever I want to say drafted, so my first time is not off the cuff. I welcome any and all thoughts 🙂

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Thanks so much for sharing Valery! I used to face the same thoughts about videos, and what helped me in the beginning was setting a to-do list for them (i.e, what are the points that I want to discuss, how long of a video do I want, will it be an ongoing series?) really laying out a plan for sure! And yaaaas deadlines, if it’s a time sensitive project or content that you want out by X date, prepping yourself emotionally and strategically for the video content helps! 🙂 lmk if this helps girl!

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