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My Biggest Secret to Getting The Opportunities that You Want

A few years ago, I used to watch in jealousy when other people got opportunities. I thought those opportunities were supposed to mine. That contract? Mine. That sponsorship? Mine. That relationship? Mine. However, I began to realize my thoughts were all wrong. 

I wasn’t getting the opportunities that people had not because they were supposed to be mine. I didn’t get those opportunities because I didn’t manifest them. I was so busy comparing myself to other people that I wasn’t focusing on my damn goals and inspirations. 

Today, I’m completely different. I don’t experience jealousy. I root for someone else who gets an opportunities that I wanted. Why? Because that means it wasn’t for me. What’s for me will happen. The opportunities I want will come my way because of my practice of manifestation. 

 Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

Photo taken by Diana Davis Creative

Manifestation is the biggest secret to getting the opportunities you want. To manifest is “to make to appear distinctly, usually to the mind; to put beyond question or doubt;” When you manifest an opportunity, it first appears in your mind. You visualize that success, dream, and vision. It happens for you mentally before it happens for you physically. 

When I first started my fitness Instagram account in 2016, I saw so many influencers and instructors killing it. They were getting these sweet brand deals and moving into these awesome apartments in NYC. I used to get frustrated and focused on what they had and what I didn’t. Keeping my mind on others and what they had didn’t make anything happen for me. Instead, I stayed stagnant. 

**I’ll talk about collaboration versus competition in another post. Oh boy, I’ve learned a lot on that topic.**

When I decided to focus on my own growth after a few months on focusing on others, many opportunities started coming my way. Instead of asking why I wasn’t getting opportunities, I started visualizing meeting with brands, negotiating deals, writing articles, and making contacts. This act of manifestation led to actions that led to opportunities. 

Within our mindset, we can manifest or we can suffocate. We can allow opportunities to come into our lives with a simple thought. We can make the atmosphere bend to our will and succumb to our dream with our mind. It definitely sounds like the movie “Hocus Pocus” I know, but bear with me. I’m gonna use an example! 

When you begin to manifest your opportunities, they will come to you. Your opportunities come to you when you set your mind to them. When you fix your mind on what you want, you will eventually align your actions toward them. Then, that’s when the opportunities come. Simply, the mental does become the physical, I can definitely testify to that, sister (or brother!). 

In visualizing all of those awesome things I mentioned, I began to align my actions toward them. I started walking with a different confidence. I started talking with a certain conviction. I started pitching with a different faith. I started interview with a certain belief. It was all because of manifestation.

In May 2017, I started with Athleta as a brand ambassador for their Flatiron location. I never would’ve received that opportunity if I didn’t begin my manifestation practice. Before I signed that contract, I visualized working with a brand that aligned with my values. When I least expected it, I received an email from the community coordinator that the Athleta team would love for me to apply and become a part of their Ambassadorship program. 

I’m living proof that we will attract what we fix in our minds. We can and we will get those opportunities. They are already ours. The first step is to visualize, then the opportunities will actualize.

In your manifestation, your opportunities will not always come the way you visualize. It is important for you to keep in mind that while manifestation does work, our mind is not always going to align with what happens in real life. Sometimes our opportunities are in disguise. Sometimes our opportunities are in a form we don’t anticipate. You still have to be open for it. 

Self Soul Sport is the perfect example of how manifestation can take a different shape than what you think in your mind. I thought about starting a community when I first decided that competition wasn’t the way to go in our lives, especially as women. I realized that my own idea of competition was extremely flawed and even hurtful to the advancement of my peers and colleagues in the fitness, wellness, yoga, and health industries. Thus, I decided to foster a community that was founded based on love and collaboration. 

Today, Self Soul Sport as a community, event, and podcast is completely different than I visualized. I thought the events would be me teaching yoga and hosting a short discussion afterward. I then realized each member, including me, valued discussion-only events more. I thought the events would be hosted at retail establishments with some light shopping. I then realized that none of us liked the format of having to spend money and not being able to fully network with one another. 

We will not always anticipate how our opportunities will manifest. Our minds are not always the best crystal balls, but they are the best starting points for what comes our way. In order for our opportunities to happen, we also must be open to how they actualize. 

How will you use this secret of manifestation for opportunities in your life? Will you shift your thinking? Will you start your visualizing? Will you start your attracting? 

I believe that my story can lend itself well to the biggest secret of each opportunity that has come into my life. Manifestation. 

Each of us have the opportunity to get the opportunities we want with manifestation. What will you start manifesting in your life? Share below to make it happen in the mental and, eventually, physical. 


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  1. Amanda Lee says:

    I love that you’re sharing this, I love that this is working for you. I’ve personally manifested a trip to Morocco, that led me to two more countries on that same trip. Recently, I manifested booking a destination wedding for my photography work.
    With that said, it’s lovely having these reminders that we’re so strong and capable!

  2. Amanda Lee says:

    I love that you’re sharing this, I love that this is working for you. I’ve personally manifested a trip to Morocco, that led me to two more countries on that same trip. Recently, I manifested booking a destination wedding for my photography work.
    With that said, it’s lovely having these reminders that we’re so strong and capable!

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Thanks for sharing Amanda! Isn’t manifestation the best? I love that you manifested not only one trip, but two more to other countries! This is just amazing how manifestation can translate into travel and into work. Best to you in your journey. And it’s lovely to hear from those who live in their truth!! <3 Shanna

  3. Shaniqua says:

    I love this. I have recently be getting in tuned with manifesting my goals. I had not thought of some dreams coming in a form I didn’t anticipate so I appreciate your point of view on that. Thank you for your encouragement. I see I need to make my way to one of your events.

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Thanks Shaniqua for sharing! Isn’t it amazing to get tuned in to manifesting? It’s so powerful and our dreams definitely come in so many different forms! You’re very welcome 🙂 I’d love to have you at one of the Self Soul Sport events! We’re having one this month and I’ll be sure to keep you updated either on here or we can chat on shanna@shannatyler.com!! -ST

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