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Would You Quit Your Job To Follow Your Passions? I Just Did.

I started Shanna Tyler in June 2016 when I was working full-time at a nonprofit. Shanna Tyler started off as a side project with an Instagram and Squarespace website with little to no direction.

I knew a few things going into it. I knew I loved fitness. I knew I loved to write. I knew I wanted to make an impact. I knew I wanted to connect with women. What I didn’t know was that what I wanted would lead to quitting my full time job. 

My journey toward my passions began with a photoshoot on a hot summer day. I remember it like it was yesterday. I was so nervous to meet Henrietta aka H.B. Media in June 2016. I wore a H&M shift dress for professional, lifestyle photos and packed one activewear outfit to change in: a matching black Victoria Secret sports bra and leggings set. 

The photoshoot ended up going great! I loved the activewear portion and loved being able to bring life to poses that I practiced. After that, I decided to make my very first blog post on planking

That was back in June 2016. I’ve evolved so much since then. 

 Photo Taken by Shay Paresh

Photo Taken by Shay Paresh

The journey toward my passions have led me down paths I never imagined. I’ve become a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher, founder of the Self Soul Sport community, host of The Self Soul Sport Podcast, contributor for mindbodygreen’s Movement Section, speaker on panels including the most recent, F.I.T 4 All. 

I’ve stayed on my Instagram and been humbled by the many opportunities along the way on @shannatyler_. Just this week, I got to shoot with Blink Fitness for their National Stress Awareness campaign this month.

A few weeks ago in March 2018, I decided it was finally time to quit my full-time job and commit to Shanna Tyler. My name is now registered as Shanna Tyler, LLC and Self Soul Sport is undergoing the Trademark Registration process. In almost two years, I’ve decided to embrace my passions. 

So what are these passions? I call myself a multi-passionate person. I love teaching yoga. I love connecting with women. I love encouraging girlbosses. I love writing articles from my heart. When living my daily life, I could no longer see myself working a job that didn’t 100% align with those passions. 

Was this an easy choice to quit my full-time job? Hell no!

I’m fearful every day until my official last day on Wednesday, April 18th. I’m afraid of the people who don’t understand the girlboss journey. I’m afraid about the usual salary that won’t be coming in. I’m afraid of being my own boss and in charge on my own income. 

The choice got easier when I thought what would happen if I didn’t go for it. In the face of fear, I still decide to go for it. The time is now to go for my passions. Doing it afraid is still doing it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited as hell. 

I’m excited about the people who I will support throughout this girlboss journey. I’m excited about the income that will be coming in from passion. I’m excited about being my own damn boss. I’m excited about my own schedule with my own choices. 

After I fully quit my job and commit to my passions, my life will be completely different. I’ll be teaching Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursday 7am and 8:15am for Just Like Om, a breathtaking studio in the heart of Chelsea, Manhattan. 

I also have an amazing offering that I’m excited to give to all my girl bosses. The big announcement is tomorrow on my Instagram. But all the subscribers in the new Sunday Soulday Newsletter already know what I’m talking about (hehe). Have you subscribed yet? If not, click here

Lastly, you guys know how much I love the Self Soul Sport community. I’m also now able to commit more than ever. I’ve started Self Soul Sport Newsletters on Fridays and planning the very first event at The Little Beet later this month. If you’re interested in joining in on the newsletter with updates on the community, feel free to sign up here

I’m sharing this story with you because I believe you, too, can follow your passions. It might not be quitting your full-time job, maybe your full-time job is already one of your passions. Maybe you need this post to hear that you can stay the course and great things will happen. 

This website and blog will soon transform. It is still about self-love and self-worth, however you’ll see how much I’m going to offer all of you who’ve been on this journey with me. We’re going to have more conversations with each other and more opportunities for me to offer you my own gifts.  

Are you ready for this ride? I’ve got some more time on my hands to share with you every single week and become more dedicated in this Shanna Tyler journey.

Have you quit your job to follow your passions? Have you wanted to do so? Are you still discovering your passions? Let’s chat below! I’d love this to be an open dialogue between all of us on our struggles and triumphs throughout our journeys. 

Also, stay tuned each Sunday and don’t forget to sign up for Sunday Soulday Newsletters. I’ll be sharing weekly quotes, blog posts, and announcements that only subscribers get. I cannot wait to share with you! 

Have a great Sunday and all the days in-between! 


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  1. Shelleah says:

    I love this post and resonate with it so much! I recently had this burning, literally BURNING, desire and gut feeling that I was not where I was supposed to be professionally. After 1.5 years slaving away in a company that overworked me into the ground and seriously underpaid me, I decided to call it quits. There were times over the last year where I was so sick from stress and having migraines multiple times a week. That’s when I knew I was in the wrong place. I knew I had to get out because this job was affecting me physically, mentally and emotionally. At one particular point, I had to be put on bedrest because I was so overworked and overstressed. I switched to part-time earlier this month before handing in my full resignation letter. However, quitting hasn’t been as easy as I hoped. Going through some really crazy stuff with them claiming I have an "indefinite contract" out of nowhere but I am determined to get out and make my dreams of launching a beauty subscription box in the Czech Republic, writing and self-publishing my first book and starting a website/consulting group for people recovering from eating disorders. It’s this strange mix of fear and excitement but I never had such a strong feeling in my life and I told myself "now is the time to make shit happen!" So, that’s what I’m doing. I just wish that I had done it sooner! Anyways, thanks for this lovely post, I totally relate and I’m a new reader here – love your style and vibe 🙂 Keep up the amazing work!

    • Shanna Tyler says:

      Hi Shelleah! Thank you so much for your thoughtful and open note. It’s amazing to have you as a reader on here. Congrats to you on making such a scary decision on quitting your full-time job. I totally am with you that it’s not easy and it has its moments of being so frightening. However, it also has its moments of being amazing and exciting and you’re going to be so rewarded. Best to you in your dreams of launching a beauty subscription box in the Czech Republic, publishing your first book, as well as starting/consulting for people recovering from eating disorders. You’re on the road to such amazing work and I’m so happy to welcome you to this community! Please feel free to reach out to me at shanna@shannatyler.com if you’d ever like to chat <3 all my best, Shanna

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